Sumo Wrestling in 4K

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100 thoughts on “Sumo Wrestling in 4K”

  1. The absolute size of these lads… Just sheer mass and power, we Americans like to make fun in cartoons and stuff but this is legitimately just a gorgeous display of power and grace.

  2. Two absolute Titans. There isn't a single instant that I would think they weren't total athletes.

  3. Sumo wrestling has always been a little bit bizarre to my Western sensibilities, but it's probably got a very interesting history.
    Edit: Also, Yama does not look anywhere near 600lbs based on his body fat, so he must have some major muscle underneath it. The fact that he's able to straight-up throw his fellow wrestler is crazy.

  4. The two Sumo Wrestlers look so happy and like they're just having so much fun wrestling with each other as Gav and Dan just sit and watch with awe.

  5. I’ve always wondered what would happen if a sumo wrestler got hit by a car because they can take a lot of impact so easily

  6. انه عمل رائع جداً بجب عليكم ترجمتة إلى اللغة العربية بوجد لديكم الكثير من المتابعين لايفهمون اللغة الانجليزية وشكراً بالتوفق شباب

  7. Did Yama show up in Shape of you music video ? He is kinda look like the sumo wrestler in that mv 😀 (Hopefully im right ) lol

  8. Sumo ain't no joke. Most people think it's just 2 fat guys trying to outfat each other. But they're actually skilled athletes. Respect. 🤟🏻😳

  9. Thank you for not making fun of their body in slo mo, and instead showing respect and making it more “scientific” lol.

  10. I love this episode! I was so excited that I got to see these guys in person at the Japanese Festival in St. Louis! My 9yr old got to fight Yama. My son won! Yama may have let him win. 😆 Keep making videos!

  11. Pretty sure at 6:00 it's Byamba that says "boom" not Yama like the captions say, since Yama isn't watching nor close to the monitor.

  12. A major part of why Dan lost, other than being untrained, was momentum. He was nowhere near as heavy or as fast as either of these lovely men.

  13. I think it says something about the strength of these guys that Byamba still kinda has abs showing through all that fat.

  14. Ya don’t mess with a sumo wrestler they are immensely healthy and trained to destroy their opponent it’s a serious thing

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