Storage Wars: Top 3 Best Lockers | A&E

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83 thoughts on “Storage Wars: Top 3 Best Lockers | A&E”

  1. 5:20 "I mean I dont know how to price them, I'll just type in large crystal…" (chuckles, proud of himself) —– Here comes the math>

    "this is 26 inches… the guy online has 16 inches which is HALF the size which is 60 pounds. This TWICE the size so its 200 pounds… $15,000!!!"

    If math worked like that buddy, I'd have more money than Bezos!

  2. This show has and always will be fake garbage….what person that is still alive or not incarcerated has 5k+ of stuff in a storage and walks away cause they can't pay the rent…

  3. Lifting a 200# barbell vs lifting an oddly shaped, hard, painful object on his obviously untrained and non-calloused arms and hands are two VERY different things. I guarantee he cannot deadlift a 200# barbell, let alone just power clean that thing up on his chest. Those atlas stones professional strongmen lift start around 150# to 200#. This marshmallow of a man is not even close to those strength levels.

  4. In general about anything, I never understood people that have to touch and point at something to add to what they’re saying. Like we can all see what your talking about. I had an English professor that would try to touch my MacBook screen with her open pen and I’m like wtf why do you need to do that

  5. 2nd locker exaggerating. No ones going to come in a thrift store and pay 300 500 bucks for a glass vase. And all those used furniture more like 100 bucks a piece

  6. How fake is this show… just about every locker has thousands of dollars in content but the "owners" didn't pay their few dollars a week storage so the company sells the locker… what a load of rubbish… why wouldn't they sell one item to pay the bill and then sell the rest if they don't want to or cant afford to store it and keep thousands for themselves instead of losing the lot…. FAKE FAKE FAKE.

  7. The second guy clearly cant count 😂 he said some used chairs n mirror would be 4500 LMAO he dumb. He said he's " good "no you over counts everything by alot

  8. yay! let's watch a bunch of scumbags rifle through people's belongings that have fallen on hard times or passed away, etc….great show! be proud A&E

  9. When you get 50 of an uncommon item and throw them all up for sale at the same time, that's not a big payday, it's called market saturation and destroys their immediate value. You sit on them patiently and throw one out there a few times a year, gradually increasing the price due to "increasing rarity". I saw this happen a few years ago, someone bought a pallet of new PS1s in a warehouse clearance and listed them all at the same time. He ended up getting about 15-20% of their actual value.

  10. I can read korean. Dave's speakers he found are made in china but theres white paper on lots of those boxes, thats written in Korean: C-Model: DEFECTIVE.
    These "profits" are only valid in retail to end-user setting. The price of those light speakers that dave found is nowhere near $300 in "turn and burn" situation (wholesaler closeout of liquidation setting, NOT retail), as he described.

  11. It is sad to see how this show has become a parody of hat it once as… There was a point where one could at least fool oneself into believing that this is "real"

  12. Me: Sees what one of my favorite shows has become, and throws up.
    Cast: looks down "That's easily 900 bucks right there!"

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