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– The saga is over, but some burning questions remain. Tell me, what’s Chewbacca’s last name? – Bacca. – Jones..

– The saga is over, but some burning questions remain. Tell me, what’s
Chewbacca’s last name? – Bacca. – Jones. – Feldman. (laughs) – Feldman.
– He’s part of the tribe? (laughs)
– Yes. – Is ‘Episode X’ his bar mitzvah? – That was a long time ago. (laughs) – Valdez. – Where’s he from? – Well, you know, what is it? Wookiee-uh… – Well Kashyyyk, isn’t
that the Wookiee planet? – Wookashyyyk. In the
south of Wookashyyyk. (laughs) South Wookashyyyk. – [Josh] Who wins in a fight to the death? An Ewok, a Porg, or Baby Yoda? – I think the Porg and
Ewok would just fall over out of the adorableness. – Baby Yoda still has Yoda powers, right? – Does he have the force yet? – Yeah, I heard he was
levitating a rock or something. Man, that baby was doing too much. – Well then, Baby Yoda. – Baby Yoda. – Speaking of Baby Yoda,
first words Baby Yoda will utter will be…? (laughs) – “Feldman.” (laughs) – Oh, I’m sorry, that’s my go-to. (hums) – I think it will be more of a sound than anything. (laughs) Yeah and then it will evolve into like deep, deep found wisdom. – “I love C3PO.” (laughing) – It’s the right answer. – I haven’t even seen this Baby Yoda. – You haven’t seen him? He’s cute, man.
– No, just pictures of it. I’ve just seen pictures of the Baby Yoda. – [Josh] He’s a cute little guy.
– [John] He’s a cute looking thing, yeah. – [Josh] Most powerful
relationship, Reylo or FinnPoe? – [Kelly] FinnPoe.
– [Namoi] FinnPoe. One million percent. – Stormpilot, I would say
they’re more powerful. – What makes it so powerful? – There ain’t nothing like
a good little bromance, innit? – Ain’t nothing like that. – Their chemistry is– – Undeniable. – Undeniable. – Why does no one talk about PoeRen? – We can start it right
now on the last film in the nine film saga. – Hashtag PoeRen. – Reylo or FinnPoe? – FinnPoe. Yeah. – That’s a non-question. – That’s a non-question. (laughing) – That was like rhetorical.
– Yeah. – Right.
(laughing) (agreeing) I’m sorry I even wasted my
time and your time actually in retrospect. – Yeah yeah. You were just
trying to fill the time. – [Josh] Yeah, yeah, yeah. [Josh] Once and for all, the greatest
Star Wars character in the history of
Star Wars, period is of course…? Yes, Anthony? – Well I couldn’t
possibly say. (laughing) – I think you should go first. – Well I’ll go with Rey, because you know what? I’m in this film, and I play Rey. (laughs) So I’ll say Rey. – That’s a fun fact, that’s good. – Uh, yeah, Rey. (laughs) – [Naomi] Personally I would say
Princess Leia, because like, her journey, I think,
throughout is like, insane. And she was one of the first women to do that. Just so iconic, so I would say Princess Leia. – Jabba the Hut and his appendage. (laughs) What’s that thing called, Salacious whatever? – [Josh] Salacious Crumb. – Salacious Crumb. (laughing) – I love Salacious Crumb. – Salacious Crumb, there we go okay. (laughs) We got some different votes here. – Luke, right? Luke Skywalker. C’mon. – John doesn’t seem to agree. – Hell no. – It’s the Skywalker,
it’s all about you know… – It’s Han. – There’s something about Han Solo that, when you meet that guy, it’s just- it’s the greatest. – There’s just something about Harrison. – There is.
– [Josh] There is. – There just really is. – That’s undeniable. That is true. And of course, Rey. (laughing) – [John] Han Solo. Period. – Alright. – Wow, FinnPoe ends here. (laughs) It had such a good run. – I know, I know now it’s over now. – Sorry to hear that. – Nah, he doesn’t mean it. (laughing) It’s part of the dynamic.
– Yeah, exactly. (laughing) – Give me the worst possible
way to deliver the line, “May the force be with you.”
What’s the worst possible line reading? What I just did? (laughing) – That was it, you killed it. – Why do we talk to each other? – Well we don’t usually. (laughing) – [Josh] This is your bad audition
for Star Wars, “May the force be with you.” – [Billy Dee] (singing)
May the… – Oh.
(laughing) – force… (laughing) – May the force be with you. – See I still felt something,
though, he can’t help it. – [Josh] He’s that good. – He’s just that good. – (singing) Be… – Oh!
(laughing) – Give me a bad audition. – I can’t because I’m
currently looking for a job. (laughing) I’m not joking, I’ve never
been more unemployed. – So you don’t want to do
any bad acting for fear of– – No, I really want someone to employ me. – Okay fair enough. (laughing) – May the force be with you? – Ugh. I hate that. I hate that.
– It wasn’t great. It wasn’t good. We are not calling you back, man. – Okay. – We’re gonna go another way. – Okay.
– Yeah. – (singing) With… (laughing) you! – That was actually like a holiday song. – I’m like okay with that, yeah. – I love that. – Yeah.

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  1. Kyle turned into an evil, murdering, torturing, gas-lighting space nazi because his parents got divorced and his uncle spooked him for a second, that weak lil baby binch doesn’t deserve Poe, let alone any ship. Matt the radar technician had better character development.

  2. Wow, I didn't realize until now how much I just don't really like Daisy Ridley in real life. Nothing to do with her character, she's just an annoying interviewee

  3. Jeezus! I am continuously amazed at how absolutely STUNNINGLY beautiful Daisy is, it's actually quite distracting lol some interviews I have to watch twice because I find myself not even registering anything else the first time through when she's on the screen. 🔥

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