Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 7 Ending Scene Breakdown

You have something I want. Who’s this guy? You may think you have some idea of what you are in.

You have something I want. Who’s this guy? You may think you have some idea of what you are in possession of. But you do not. Kuiil, are you back to the ship yet? They’re on to us. Kuill, come in! In a few moments, it will be mine. Kuiil, do you copy! Kuiil! It means more to me, than you will ever know. Kuiil, are you there! Come in Kuiil! Kuiil, come in! Kuiil, are you there! Do you copy? Kuiil! Welcome back everyone, it’s Charlie. This is going to be my new Mandalorian Episode
7 Ending video. Because next week is the finale. There’s so much stuff coming up. Be sure to subscribe if you’re brand new to
my channel. I’ll be doing videos for the mandalorian during
the off season. While we waiting for Season 2 to get here. But they’re well into shooting
season 2. I’ll do more on that stuff after I do my Finale video next week.

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  1. Here's my new The Mandalorian video. Episode 7 Cliffhanger and Episode 8 Finale. Lots of big stuff coming in the next few days. Here's my full Mandalorian Episode 7 Easter Eggs video too!

  2. 4:06 i fucking hate this photo. fuck the producers of this show. yall mofos couldn't 1 black person to be a trooper? are you kidding me?

  3. What they've started with IG-11 in that episode is to have him being the droid to change the Mandolorian's opinion of droids, you can see the first signs when Kuiil tells him that droids aren't good or bad, just a representation of their programmer. I'm expecting that he'll be the one to come in and rescue the Mandalorian, Cara and Grieff and help cement that fact, changing the Mandalorian's opinion of droids. I doubt the rest of the Mandalorian's will show up to help out. They made a point of saying that they'll need to move because their presence has been learned and they're compromised. Kuiil's comment about the Child having not grown much I think is meant to reference that a significant amount of time has passed as well. The Jetpack was just a reference to how the only others we've seen in that armor (Jango and Boba) had jet packs and to tell us that A) the Mandalorian doesn't have one and B) not all Mandalorians have one.

  4. Cara Dune picked up a thermal detonator in Mando's weapon locker earlier in the episode… bet she still has it.. and they placed it in the baby carrier…a late Xmas present for Moff Gideon

  5. The mysterious person from episode 5 will reveal himself and somehow help Mando and his crew escape from that situation and get away with baby yoda?

  6. Like any mission, it's good to assemble a team with the following:
    1) The Commander/Leader – The Mandalorian
    2) The Soldier/Ranger – Cara Dune
    3) The Mage – Baby Yoda
    4) The Engineer/Brains – Kwiill

    Heartbreaking at the end of this episode, inkling hope he'll make it next episode, if he doesn't.
    Do you think they could use another engineer/mechanic that would be useful for the mission ie. Amy Sedaris from Ep5?

  7. That moment when you want Baby Yoda to help Mando channel his inner Stallone and go “over the top” and suddenly he’s choking his opponent. “Your hurting my dad” 😉

  8. My prediction for ep8 is kuill secretly programmed a protective shit in the ig robot and the ig unit is gonna save baby yoda

  9. I have loved the Mandalorian,.especially now I've seen the far too rushed ROS.
    What would make this series even better, is if baby yoda is handed over to Ahsoka at the end. Opens a whole new series of spin off SW projects away from the Skywalker story.

  10. I have loved the Mandalorian,.especially now I've seen the far too rushed ROS.
    What would make this series even better, is if baby yoda is handed over to Ahsoka at the end. Opens a whole new series of spin off SW projects away from the Skywalker story.

  11. "That's the most Darth Vader move there." No, that is the most Gus Fring move. X-D As if he wasn't enough of an asshole in Breaking Bad, now he has moved up in the universe

  12. My prediction is that either Kuil (?) is not dead and will be healed by the droid and will come with the ship to blow everybody away (or the droid will do that alone) or that Baby Yoda will use the force in some way. It would seem weird to have all that build up with the droid if its master is dead and it has no relevance or part to play. I can't see all the other Mandalorians swooping in again like a repeat of the episode when Mando took Baby Yoda. That would just seem to repetitive and lazy.

  13. I doubt these are legitimate Death troopers. I mean if you notice their height varies, with several being a similar height to fellow Stormtroopers. The standard is 6ft 5 if I recall.
    Edit: Okay so I rewatched it, and there are about 3 death troopers who look a bit short. The other 3 look standard

  14. I get the feeling the finale isn't going to have any happy endings. I am afraid it's going to end with the kid being taken and Mando and his new gang regrouping to go find him in season 2. Kind of like the ending of The Empire Strikes Back. ☹️

    I hope the droid is able to save Kuiil

  15. Those Stormtrooper Transport Ships Were Cool As 💩

    I Hope They Have A Scene With Kuiil Telling IG-11 What To Do In His Dying Breath.

    PS: Why TF Did They Give The 'Shit' Emoji A Face!?

  16. They need to get boba fett at least a scene or an episode in more in this series, finish his story, have them be enemies or friends idc.

  17. I really wished 1-2 Stormtroopers inside the bar was kept alive. Would have been interesting seeing a Stormtrooper facing off his own soldiers that just betrayed them.

  18. Hay!!! At 4:11 that’s me the chubby stormtrooper killing and not knowing what to do with the garbage can!!! I’m famous now!!! TK-5422!!!!

  19. There's a preview clip of IG-11 talking about the Mandalorian and fighting in a sequence not from the first episode, so, I'm thinking that Kuill isn't dead because he would have to reprogram him to fight again. I think that the mystery individual from Tatooine is definitely a character we already know. Who that is, I don't know, be it Boba Fett or not.

  20. Okay wait a sec can somebody please f**** explain to me. The timeline here after doing some cross reference checking. Mandalorian is supposed to take place around 6 years after Return of the Jedi.

    So if that's the case who exactly is baby Yoda? Yoda is supposed to be like some 900 hundred years old. That's a bit of a problem when you consider baby Yoda maybe 50 here.

    Roll the clock back 50 years. That is the time of another important character being born Anakin Skywalker. I do find all this a bit hard to believe given the timeline. Or baby yota isn't actually Yota at all. 🤔

  21. Why has no one referenced the scene on Disney+ in the Mandalorian trailer that is obviously from episode 8 where Moth Gideon is flying away in his tie fighter and the Mandalorian is flapping in the wind behind the tie fighter that he is attached to by a cable?

  22. How come he is wearing the old red piece of leg armor at the end instead of the silver beskar one, when he is removing the handcuffs, is it a production mistake?

  23. One thing I don’t understand… Mando would have known his comms would have been able to be heard by others… there was no reason to reach out and tip off the scouts

  24. What if!! The jar jar abrams mess timeline is snapped out of existance and luke comes to baby yoda’s rescue and now luke trains his master’s son in a new timeline?

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