Star Wars Origins – FULL MOVIE – (A Star Wars Fan Film)

(tense music) (suspenseful music) (dramatic music) (shouting in foreign language) (gentle music) (men shouting) (gun firing) – Ackbar. – Dr..

(tense music) (suspenseful music) (dramatic music) (shouting in foreign language) (gentle music) (men shouting) (gun firing) – Ackbar. – Dr. Bomberger, go you must.
(tense music) They are here. – Nazis? – No, my, (guns firing)
(men shouting) my jeep is at the back. Go. – Come with me. – Time, I will make time. Walter’s at the temple. Go now. (Ellie panting) (guns firing)
(men shouting) (tense music) (door clattering) (wind whistling) (inspirational music) – [Walter] This is incredible. (suspenseful music) – This can’t be real. – It has to be. You saw how this place was buried. – [Ellie] We’ll need to date the calcite, but the crust looks genuine. Look at the technology suggested here. Multiple moons? – That’s no moon. (dramatic music) (Ackbar panting) (Ackbar grunting) (gun firing) – [Saif] You should
not have led them here. – They mean no harm. – [Saif] How much do they know? My father gave you the
map to pass on, didn’t he? – He knew that there
is power in the truth. – [Saif] He was weak. – War is here. This could unite us, make
us realize that we’re part of something bigger,
something outside this world. We need a change. (tense music) – I agree. The world has changed. Our family has spent too
long out here in this sand as slaves to secrets long forgotten. No longer. And I have you to thank, Uncle. You’ve opened my eyes. I did not realize that
knowledge to the right buyer could be so lucrative.
(Ackbar grunts) – You will never… – They are already on their way.
(somber music) (Ellie panting) Find the Americans! (men shouting) Tear this camp apart until
you find the artifact. And then burn this place to the ground. (somber music) (speaking a foreign language) (lighthearted music) (metal clanking) (shouting a foreign language) (dramatic drumming music) (man screaming)
(gun firing) (dramatic music) – The trucks,
(guns firing) get to the trucks! (radio static crackling) – Walt! (dramatic music) Walt, can you hear me? (guns firing)
(Ellie gasping) (men shouting) (gentle music)
(crickets chirping) Earth to Walt. – I’m sorry. Miles away. – The murals? – Yeah. I don’t think what Ackbar
said was true, do you? About the Nazis on their way. We’ve already been here
much longer than expected. If they come up on us
while we’re in the middle– – Don’t worry about me. This is too important. It’s bigger than us. The world needs to know. The sooner you finish documenting them, the sooner we can get out of here, place where we’re both safe. – [Walter] Yeah. Somewhere far, far away. (dramatic music)
(guns firing) (men shouting) (camera clicking) (tense music) (Walter sighing) (magical harp music music) (mystical music) (dramatic music) (radio static crackling) Walt, get out!
(ominous music) It’s a trap. Get it out.
– What? Ellie. – Ackbar is dead. They killed everyone else. I’m coming. I’ll meet you at the entrance. (bullets clanging)
(Ellie gasps) – Ellie! Hold on, I’m coming!
(dramatic music) (guns firing)
(men shouting) – Fire when ready! (men shouting) Come on! (shouting in a foreign language) (missile whooshing) (Saif grunting)
(missile thudding) (building cracking) (Walter panting) (Walter grunting) (guns firing) (engine sputtering) (somber music) (men shouting) (Ellie grunting and panting) (tense music) – American girl! (knife clanging) This is no place for you.
(tense music) – If you hurt him, I swear to God. – Your God isn’t welcome here. (wind whistling) (Walter grunting)
(suspenseful music) (rocks cracking) – Wha? (floor cracking) (gentle music) Oh, I’ve got a bad feeling about… (Walter shouting) (ominous music) (tense music) – Don’t touch me! – These secrets do not belong to you. – The world deserves to know the truth. These wars, fighting for
different versions of Gods. This will change everything
(gentle music) because we are not alone out there. Can you not see what is happening? This could end the war. – My father had such naive notions.
(tense music) I had to kill him, too. (Walter coughing and panting) (dramatic music) (Walter grunting) (wind whistling) (tense music)
(Ellie spitting) (Saif grunting) (scoffs) I was going to
let my men have their way, but I like your fire, American girl. We’ll do this quick if you tell me the truth.
(tense music) What else did you remove from the temple? I know you have it. (Walter grunting) (electronics beeping) (tense music) (electronics whirring) – Search me if you’d like.
(tense eerie music) (button beeping) (metal clanking)
(upbeat music) (machines whirring) (tense music) – We’ll find it ourselves. (dramatic music)
(explosion thudding) (wind rustling) (men shouting) (dramatic music) (lightsaber whirring) (gun firing) – For Ackbar. (Ellie gasps) (men shouting) (footsteps thudding) (men grunting) (tense music) – (speaking a foreign
language) I want what’s mine. (tanks rumbling) (men shouting) (Ellie gasping) (lightsaber whooshing) (jeep engine revving) – [Ellie] Walt? Can you hear me? – Yeah, Ellie. Are you okay? – (panting) Been better.
(wind whistling) – Elle, you’re not gonna
believe this place. (chuckles) It’s true, all of it. – I don’t have long. Whatever you do stay hidden.
(footsteps thudding) – [Walter] Why? – The war just reached us.
(tense music) – Ellie, get outta there. (emotional music) Ellie! (footsteps thudding) – I won’t let them take us. – Hold on. I’m coming. – You can’t. There’s an army right by the entrance. It’s impossible. – Never tell me the odds. – Don’t be foolish (sniffles). You need to tell people what we found here or it’s all for nothing. (Walter panting) – There’s gotta be another way. (Walter grunting) (tanks rumbling) Oh. Oh. Of course. It’s not a pyramid. Ellie, I think I know what I have to do. (tense music) (alarm blaring) – [Nazi Commander] Halt! (gentle music) – Is this you? (lyrical classical music) (men shouting) (artillery firing) (rocks clattering) (ship rumbling)
(gentle music) (static crackling) Walt? – Ellie, promise me you’ll
tell him everything. – Every day. We’ll find a way to pass
on everything we found. – Also I was thinking, maybe let’s not name him Walter. How ’bout George? (static crackling) – I’m losing you.
(gentle music) – Ellie. Ellie. Ellie. I love you. (ship whirring) (sonic boom thudding) – (sniffles) I know. (“Star Wars Main Theme”) (lively music) (tense music) (dynamic music) (dramatic music) (gentle music) (emotional vocalized music) (emotional orchestral music) (gentle music)

100 thoughts on “Star Wars Origins – FULL MOVIE – (A Star Wars Fan Film)”

  1. Love the cross over between Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Visually clever. Great cast. Beautiful music from Bodgers (inspired by John Williams). This is a really strong film.

  2. This was honestly a work of art. I read down here first to maybe see if it was worth watching.. That was beyond what I expected. Dope 🖤

  3. That explain everything. Ellie is the mother of Georges Lucas. Ellie try too prove what they find, but for some reason, she failed. Soo Georges decide too make that in film…but that mean he hide the true for profit … Sad thing to do for he's father…

  4. Don't like this right off the bat, doesn't stick to the lore at all. From reading what looks like established Jedi texts , to the location, to the point in time.

    First off, the Jedi order was established when deep space travel had been around. So the weapons don't make sense.

    Second, Earth is not in the starwars galaxy, via a galaxy far far away.

  5. A Panzerfaust flys not that far, a Panzerschreck would.😉
    Die Movie and the story by the way was very cool and different from other movies.

  6. First and foremost, before I give my unsolicited thoughts on the film, I have to say congratulations to everyone involved along with a big thank you for the time money and energy y'all must've put in…now for my thoughts, which yes I know are a complete and utter waste of time, unnecessary and probably somewhat uncalled for seeing how this is just a fan film…but since I just can't resist sharing my thoughts of any and all films/movies/shows here's my little breakdown and review. Rating: 3.5/5 (Average of 6 different categories which used a 1-5 scale ———
    well out looks great visually at least. Oh and the acting was really good all around. I completely understand what the creators were going for with the overall concept and whatnot – in theory it should/could have totally worked and been perfection – and I get the excitement and praise that I see in the comments…I would say that it can be attributed to the fact that on it's surface it runs start to finish without any egregious f-ups (a la The Last Jedi), the music and visuals are fantastic, the acting is on point and overall the film moves along just quick enough as to not give the viewer, upon initial viewing, much time to notice the…err…not so great aspects. The main 'not so great aspect' being, the actual story. It's unfortunate but the film/story/script decisions (by the writer, director etc) are really just one wrong choices after the another. It's a little frustrating because the whole time it feels like they are so close to getting it right but then your reminded how far off they really are when you see the royal blue Egyptian soldiers (who are surprisingly easy to sneak past, as well as up, on), nearly non-existent Nazi soldiers, a single (totally out of place) force move (with no apparent reasoning), a star ship that can be, and is, turned on by a single person (using a fixture similar to your average car key)…ohh and there's the bizarre thing where upon turning the ship on it just lifts right on up and shots of using the hyperdrive which was never initiated (prepped/coordinates etc)…

    I did find those 'cave drawings' to be just bad…weird and borderline creepy.

  7. Fantastic! Absolutely loved it! Fingers crossed x x love the falling down the sandbank Danny 🙂 Mil showed me today x x

  8. OMFG. This is unbelievable and goes far beyond the “normal” fan film! If George Lucas was dead, he would turn in his grave. All this love and dedicated to his work and then he sold everything to the devils.

  9. *Spanish subtitles now added. Thank you to the YouTuber(s) who contributed. Make yourself known! The Force Is Strong With You.*

  10. WOW omg 💪🔥💍👑👏👏👏👏👏 didn't know how things were going to play out and it was Great. PS BETTER THEN THE SEQUELS TRILOGY

  11. I've been waiting something like this all my life,this is just brilliant.This should be longer, fellows you did awesome work.👏👏

  12. “I think I know what to do’” (presses Star Destroyer’s start/stop button). Great mini-movie though 👏👍👏👍👏👍👏

  13. What a dope movie man. Really unique and original idea that opens up our world and connects with the Star Wars universe. 10/10

  14. i was not having any part of it at first. slowly and i mean SLOWLY, i began waming up to it until it burst into an inferno! Love it. Keep up the good work M Knight JR.

  15. The .good. that. Move. Video. Killed. Good I'm see get college's. Friend day from get college's friends. His player flow

    Also I am a film composer myself and would TOTALY love to collaborate sometime!!!!!

  17. So Amazing, tears in my eyes. You've made such an incredible work. Love the final. The Force is strong with this one. This is the way. Greetings from France.

  18. What a wonderful homage to two very special movies all rolled into one very short film. Superbly executed fan film…

  19. Unbelievably good. Such a great contribution to the world of Star Wars. And the whole Walt George thing….got me in the feels.

  20. "Maybe let's not name him Walter, how about George…"
    Darth KK: "My Master, there is a… disturbance… in the Force."
    Darth Igler: "Yesssss… my apprentice… Find them!"
    Darth KK: "It is thy bidding, my Master!"

  21. I wasn't sure what to make of this when it came across in my suggestions. But I'm glad I watched it. Good job all of you who were behind this.

  22. Such a great production but good God, one minute she dodges a thousand bullets in an open-top jeep and then every Arab nazi in the desert dies apart from her, Ridiculous and unnecessary.

  23. This film deserves more recognition. One of the best fan-films I've seen so far. The story was great and the overall quality was insane for not being studio backed. Awesome job!

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