Songs of War: Episode 3 (Minecraft Animation Series)

A miner… …a miner! Of course they need more miners. There’s no shortage of quilters or bakers- Nope! Nope, just.

A miner… …a miner! Of course they need more miners. There’s no shortage of quilters or bakers- Nope! Nope, just miners. Typical. Hello? Another legally obligated miner here to do service! You’ve gotta be kidding me… Anyone awake around here?! Hey! Hm? What? I’m here for mining duty. I’m looking for my guard, Eddy. That’s me! Eddy at your serviceeeeeee… I prepared some beverages but I- drank most of them. Potato? Er… no thanks… I ate on the way here. Oh, the name’s Lucan by the way. Nice to meet ya, Lucan, my name’s Eddy! Let’s get started! I’ve been a guard here at the Basalt Mines all my life and boy I’ll tell you I have guarded like you’ve never seen… My father was a guard. My brother was a guard. My sister was a guard- wait I don’t have a sister. …and I’m telling him “No, you shouldn’t eat spider eyes they’re poison in one bite!” But he eats it anyway. …uncle was riding a pig off a- Wait, stop! Would you be quiet for a second?! Oh… you get used to hearing strange sounds down here, Lucan I hear them all the time now. I’ve got a bad feeling about this… We’ll be working over there on our left- I mean uhh… right. I got it! Zombies! I’ll- I need to- hold them off! Go raise the alarm! Eddy! What is this thing…? Sam, shush! See? Nothing happened. Come on, let’s take it back with us. Abbigail? Were you out hunting again? Mr. Finch! Sam and I went out early to uh… catch something for dinner. Did you at least harvest the sugar cane before you left? Yeah I got it- I’m sorry Mr. Finch… I was going to get it this morning. Alright. So did you catch anything? Well we would have got a pig if it weren’t for someone. Well I imagine you both are hungry. You see that pack over there? It’s full of fresh meat, fruit, bread, and all other sorts of food. Bought it all in Oakendale during my last trip- didn’t need to hunt for it. On top of that, we’ve got a whole season of crops of our own ready for harvest. We’re farmers Abbigail just like your parents were. Now you go get that sugar cane before it gets dark. I’ll be enjoying a nice dinner in the meantime. And w-what’s this you were rolling up to the house? Oh, that? Nothing much. It was just a big… purple stone. “Nothing much?” This is a dragon stone Abbigail. H-hey you keep that animal away from me! Sam! Cut it out! You know, things like this are beyond you, Abbigail. Safe travels to you both. Thalleous I shall await your return so that we may have ourselves a proper reunion. Senn! I expect more from you when I next see you. I will do better, I promise. Farewell Osivian. Climb on up Senn. Come on Timber we ride south with all haste. Are the undead out every night? Not every night… not anymore. Their presence has diminished greatly over the past few generations. But you can never be too careful. Thalleous what brought you back to Sendaria? Events… long passed forgotten by many. The Great War? Yes, the Great War… I came back to Sendaria… for this. A Prime Song! One of the four. Osivian had it all this time? But, he isn’t a master. After the masters were targeted by the Deathsinger before The Great War, it was decided the Songs were too dangerous to remain with the masters. Osivian’s family has kept the Mobilium Prime secure… ever since. So where are we taking it? I have… reason to believe that the Voltaris clan will return and when they do… they will hunt down the Prime Songs and destroy everything in their path. I cannot let that happen- not to the Ardoni… not to you. I’m moving the Song to a safer place. Get some sleep Senn our destination is close now. This is… some grave news you’ve brought us. Can you describe in detail what happened in the mines? First… I saw this. And then they came from the tunnels. Undead… using weapons and wearing armor. There have been rumors of… Necromancers who seek to control the undead and use them as an army. I’ve heard similar stories. The undead have been attacking strategically and in greater numbers. Lucan, you owe the Kingdom of Felden further service so I am tasking you to investigate the situation. What? Me?! I can’t, I’m not… I just got lucky… you want me to fight Necromancers now? Investigate. You will report back to us with your findings. Excuse me sir! We’re on the lookout for two thieves last reported heading this way. Haven’t seen no one in these parts but yourself. What did they steal? A relic from Etherea: the dragon stone one of the few remaining in all of Ardonia. Ooh… sounds valuable. Well it’s been all quiet here, as usual. I’ll be sure to let you know if I see anything. Abbigail! What are you doing? They were coming for the stone. I know. What, you think I would hand it over like that? I can sell it for a lot more than what they’ll offer. N-now hand me the stone. Abbigail… Abbigail! Careful with that! Everything was fine until you came in here and messed with it. You know, it was through reckless actions like this that your parents got themselves killed!

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  1. Thanks for watching Episode 3! If you want to see Episode 4 before everyone else does, become a patron, link is in description!

  2. I'm absolutely loving this series. The story is great and really interesting, the set design clearly had a lot of work put into it, and probably the biggest strength is the absolutely phenomenal lighting. I think the animation could be a little more lively and snappy, but that isn't a huge issue.

    I do have two big complaints though. One, the story is really all over the place. Its constantly jumping from one group of characters to another, and really could use more focus.

    The other is that the lip sync needs improvement. The mouth is open and closed at the right times and the shape of the mouth reflects the sound the characters are making well enough, but they never actually close their teeth, like they should when making sounds like S, C, K, Sh, Ch, etc. and it's really distracting.

    I hope these two issues can be fixed in future episodes. This series is great and I cant wait to see more.

  3. Oh yeahhhhhhhh. Ep 3. Wow What. It's so cool and it's so Amazing. I can't wait for the ep4. Keep going BlackPlasmaStudios and stelled spirit. Your Animations are the best

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  5. When I saw the trailer for this show I was Immediately hooked on it thank you black plasma studios for this awesome creation and Merry Christmas

  6. What I think so far:
    Abbigail will become a dragon rider
    Lucan will become a warrior
    Seth and the girl will become magic wielders
    Thalleous will teach them how to do these things

  7. Hello, i ask you a please to let me do the dubling in spanish for my youtube channel in orden to understand what your characters say but in spanish i will wait for your answer and of course it will not make a credit for me if not for you if i they give permission to put the series song of war with dubbing in spanish

  8. First I think, what is this Minecraft animation, that was one month ago, when I saw reveal trailer.
    But now I have 54 screenshots. Maybe ten each episodes.
    I have so many screenshots, because this series is too good and excited.
    And I love your animations❤️


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