Snow falls in Korakuen! Can Okada make it rain at Wrestle Kingdom? #njwk14

It’s getting hot, now. The left hand of Ibushi… Ibushi has that case, while Okada holds the IWGP Heavyweight title.

It’s getting hot, now. The left hand of Ibushi… Ibushi has that case, while Okada holds
the IWGP Heavyweight title in his right hand. And at this moment, the snow begins to fall. After the last match of the year for New Japan,
the snow falls here in Korakuen Hall. And their footsteps leave tracks in the ring. Oh! It’s Jay White!
What’s he doing? Why’s he doing this? And now Naito’s here! On to January 5… We have no idea who of these 4 men will
be standing in the ring after January 5. And here comes Gedo. Naito has him. We have all the players here. These two are going at it. The two men who’ll meet for
the IC title on January 4. That bastard did it again. Will it be Jay White standing at the end? This is crazy. He tosses him! This is a mess.
We can’t tell who’s going after who. And now Gedo’s involved.
But he’s ineffective. Hold on a second. A punch knocks him out. What’s going on? On January 4, there will be title matches
for the IWGP Heavyweight and IC titles… Why is he here, at the end? And on January 5,
the unsuccessful men will meet. And on January 5… He’s looking to make a statement, but- Okada misses the RAINMAKER
but hits the dropkick! How will this play out? Okada’s looking down at Jay. What will he do? Say something Okada. He wants the mic, now? Hey, Jay… Double champion?
What the hell are you talking about, bastard? Ibushi! You’re talking about making history, bastard? Hey, Naito! You’ll be the first, ever?
What the hell are you talking about, bastard? At the end all that stands is this
IWGP Heavyweight champion. Well done. Now Okada has the momentum. I’ll take care of either one of you on January 5. Ibushi… You better bring it on January 4. While everyone’s talking about double titles,
Okada still believes that his is what matters. He’s got a point. The 69th IWGP Heavyweight champion
makes the belt’s strength perfectly clear. Kazuchika Okada is like a guardian,
protecting the legitimacy of the top title. And that IWGP Heavyweight title proves that
he’s the strongest. He’s letting us know. The IWGP champion took the spotlight at the end. Yes. Now we’re all very excited for the Tokyo Dome. That’s right. January 4, Okada will face Kota Ibushi. He will. And another title match,
Jay vs Naito for the Intercontinental title. And both winners will fight for double gold
on January 5 in the main event. It’s snowing right now, but he’s all
fired up to make it RAIN at the Dome. I had a chance to talk to Okada before the match,
he said that he will truly miss Liger. But nothing else can get in his way
of his battle against Kota Ibushi. He also said that he wants to have the kind
of match that will let Liger retire at ease. He said that he’d show both men what he can do. I guess he proved his point tonight. He picks up the mic again. I have 3 things I want to say. First… Liger was the one who brought me to New Japan,
so I’m very grateful to face him, at the end. Thank you and congratulations on your career. Second… Thank you to everyone who’s come
to see New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 2019. The champion’s bowing to every side. Third… I don’t have anything else. No, really? First two were great though. Now we’re coming up on January 4 and 5, 2020,
in the TOKYO DOME… There’s more… January 4 and 5, 2020, a jam-packed TOKYO DOME! I’ll see you all there.
Thank you so much for 2019! Damn. I lost. Damn. I feel bad for Ibushi and Tanahashi. I held
them back, while everyone was rooting for us. RAINMAKER was affective, though. But I was looking for a chance to reverse it.
Kazuchika proved how strong he is. That’s why I’m retiring and he’s the champion. That’s all! I can’t stay calm while those four get to
show off. But I can only blame myself. Hiroshi and Nobuo stand together, now. However, I won’t settle for this. Let’s make it happen. I’ll be the one who’s
standing in the ring at the end of 2020. It has to be Hiroshi! 今日の試合は
俺のキャリアトップ3に残ると思う だって今日は… ジュニアに大きな影響を与えてくれた
獣神サンダーライガーと闘うことができた いやジュニアだけに留まらず
プロレス界全体に大きな影響を与えた あなたが築いたキャリア そして俺のライバルであり
友人なってくれたこと 全てに感謝してます あなたからたくさんの事を学んだ
あなたと闘えたことが俺の宝物です Liger, thank you very much. Good luck. You have my support. あなたの未来を楽しみにしています
ありがとうございました Although this was my last time to be
in the ring with Jyushin Thunder Liger, Liger was the first wrestler I liked, when I first
saw wrestling, as an elementary school student. Back then, I’d never guess that I’d be in
the same ring with Jyushin Thunder Liger. I just hoped that I could become
a wrestler when I grew up. I couldn’t expect that I would
be fighting here, like this. So, when I think about it, it tells me
that I made something happen for myself. Nothing’s ever promised in life. So, I believe
that I can still change my future, in some way. And I hope that the ones who support us
can do the same for themselves. I believe we all can. So, next year in 2020,
I will keep fighting hard to make something. Anyway, today’s over. When I stood across from Jyushin Thunder
Liger in the ring, it made me emotional. Right now I’m not sure how much
I’ll see him, but I hope I still can. I’ll create my own possibilities. 俺だ 俺だ 俺 俺 俺だ 俺が史上初のその一人になる 次お前たちが俺に会うのは
1.4の内藤とのタイトルマッチだ 内藤をリングで大の字にしてやる
あいつのデスティーノはそこで終わる 1.5に進むのは俺だ
俺を信じろ 俺と呼吸しろ I wished I could have finished 2019 strongly. I wish I could have. After this, Liger still has
a couple more matches. But this was his last match in Korakuen Hall. Really, thank you very much. I will absolutely win on January 4, 2020. That’s undeniable. I will start 2020 with a great win. I will do anything I want to. Anything. Truthfully, at the end of our preview match,
that was really motivating. It was really intense, at the end. But nobody else is as worthy as Kota Ibushi
is for me at WRESTLE KINGDOM 14. Truthfully, 2019 was very eventful.
And I was able to experience Liger at the end. I will still be the one leading
New Japan in 2020 as well. Thank you. Besides Ibushi, Naito and Jay also got involved.
What are your thoughts on the double gold match? Well, even though we are fighting for 2 titles,
it’s always this belt that shines the most for me. So, even if I hold another title,
it will just be a bonus. That’s how much I’ve always
been proud of this title. How did it feel to to get hit by Liger’s
Shotei, in his last match in Korakuen Hall? Truthfully, I thought my jaw shifted. What an intense hit at the end. I took that as his support for me.
So, I will keep bringing the heat to New Japan. It seemed like you were saying something
to him at the end. What was that? What did I say? Well… I forgot what I said.
That Shotei really did it to me. Again, please tell us your final thoughts
on the Tokyo Dome matches. Well… Honestly, after today,
I can look forward to it. I think everyone is hyped for
me and Ibushi at the Dome. On January 4 you’ll see
the world’s greatest match. I’m not thinking about January 5 right now. That’s something else.
My focus is only January 4. So, I will give it my all on January 4
and defeat Kota Ibushi.

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