SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017

(??? Never seen this intro before) (SMG4 Presents) THE STUPID ITALIAN (Mario) THE KING OF MEMES (SMG4) #TeamSMG4 #TeamMario Haha!.

(??? Never seen this intro before) (SMG4 Presents) THE STUPID ITALIAN (Mario) THE KING OF MEMES (SMG4) #TeamSMG4 #TeamMario Haha! Mario: It’s your boy, Mario! (Epic Trumpet Fanfare) Mario: Imma don’t think you can do that-a f***er! SMG4: Oh, It’s On, ASSHOLE ARE YOU READYYYYY? #1 top 10 anime fights Hadouken! My pingas… (LET THE GAMES BEGIN) Bob: Oh! U ReAdY fOr My HoT fIrE bItChEs?! ARE YO SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE why are you reading this ThEn HeRe. WEE GO! Yo WhAtUp HoMeY- *BOOM* AsShOlEs ♪Wa~luigi~’s♪ -♪Tacostand~♪
SMG4: Haha! Check this f***ing sh*t out! MLG (Nem nom nom nomnomnom) Waluigi: WTF IS THIS SMG4: Any you one of eeeh… *burp* SMG4: Everyone… damnit… Mario: You such a sh!t player! ITALIAN POWER CHARGE!!! Nom~ Mario: Thank you very much. Thank you. Soldier: YOU THERE! YOU WILL GIVE ME THAT HAT! I WANT THAT HAT!
(Both Mario and SMG4 screaming) Solda: Hello again! SMG4: AH!! OH MY GOD!!!! Hatlover: I’m going to pull a crap out of your ass!! Oh my gosh…Ah!… Dafuq?! Soldier: Oh hello! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (italian gibberish) Soldier: No Mario: Aah! Soldier: GIVE ME MY HAT HIPPY!!!!!!!! Mario: NO! FACK U!!!!!! Soldier: OH MY BIG FAT PAINIS IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!! Soldierphone: Beep beep boop I am a telephone Soldier: Aww… my american Tea BAGS!!!! Merio: lalala hm hm hmmm Peach?: AHH! Mario, help me!!! Mario: Mama Mia, what is it? Peach(actually Soldier): Am I a pretty girl? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (PWNED) aHAHAHAHAHAHA *Soldier scream* *Rip Smg4* All done! pffft (that’s low budget) BJEJJAIJFJCKAJJNGHICHJHDKHKHAKHGEIHKAHDKAHIHWKHGIFHDIS (do you call that cheating?) Mario: Haha! Here we go! OOOWHHHH YEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHH BITCH!!!!!!! SMG4: EY, B*TCH! MARIO: F*CK-A YOU! *Italian gibberish* YEAAAAAAAAAAAAHEHEHE SMG4: Don’t you hate it when you’re editing videos, But then a crazy fat Italian runs in, tries to hump some spaghetti in front of your face? Then he’s followed by a green potato and a rag, and then you have to question your life as you lay in bed at night then you start crying cuz you didn’t listen to your parents to stay in school? And now you’re stuck in a meme hole on the internet, then you have to lose your mind for the entertainment of people?! theOdd1out (James): Yeah, I hate that. SMG4: See? This guy understands. Yeaaaaaahhhh HA! GAYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Lets Play Who Wants Do Absolutely Nothing) *Millionaire Intense Music* *Static* OOOOEEEOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA ♪Ching, chang, walla walla bing bang!♪ sh1t! [DENIED] Haha! Its-a Mario time! *Mario gibberish* Yeeeaah ha ha haaaaa!! OOOOWWWW Oh my fu*king God. Oooh welcome guys to my science class…Oh I hope you’ll all be nice to each other!! I want all of you to remember the importance of- ALl RigHT BitChEs ToDAy… WE’re gOiNg tO lEArn aBoUt disSeCtIng sHit So gRAb a BoDy I fOUnd In tHe dUmPstErs aNd sTaRt pOkIng tHEm wITh kNiVes! HeRe yOu gO SMG4:GIRL SCREAM Hah ha! Oh yeah! Let’s-a go! *Zombie noises* Noooo! Stop it…stop it… Okay? *More zombie noises* Waaah! [TRUE NIGHTMARE] Okay now we’re gonna learn about rocket science All you need is this Bunsen Burner, And a REALLY BIIG fire cracker![R U KIDDING MEH] Okay you see how- NOOOOOO! Oooh thanks for catching that SMG4! Hey Bob! Can you hand out the science equipment? TAke IT yOu LiTtLe ShIT Waah! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA SMG4: I am on FIRE! BOb: ScORe Okay so now we’re going to learn about electronics! Who wants to defuse this bomb? [I don’t want to go to school anymore] *Mario + SMG4 panicking* GET OUTTA HERE, YEEEAAAAAH GOTCHA BITCH FUOK U Oh ho ho! Aaaay Bowser! You’re adopted. NAAAAAAAAAW GAAAAH DAMN IT Hello. My name is Mario but you can call me… …Anytaaaaaaaame AAAAAAAYYYYYY Hey angel, YOU DA SEXY Hey stinky!… Wanna go for a ride on Mario’s PINGAS Express? Do you work at Subway? Cuz you just gave me a footlong. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH You’re adopted SMG4: Are you a parking ticket? You got fine… written all over you. Mario: Hey are you a kno- a sto- a doorknob? Because I wanna unlock my…wait – a uhh… GIMMIE DAT BUTT! *Squid language* OH SH1T! *Ink Gun Firing* AAAH AAAH! TTAAKKEE–AA DDAATT!! pfft HAHAHAHAHAAAA (She found him!) *Screaming* *More screaming* *Train noises* OH JESUS CHRIST! AAAHHH No no no- OH HELL NO! YOOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHIIIIIIIiiii… It’s-a Mario time! Hoo hooo eyeyeyeyeyey Take-a dis! Take-a dat! Meggy: really, red? HAHAHAHAHAAAA ohhh…noooo… *Squid language* *Even more squid language* JUST KIDDING BITCH [Extremely Legit Matrix Dodge] *Squid language* Well shit… OOOOHHHH MY ASS OH bOy.. MAriO, ThIS is tHe BESt IdEa I’v EvEr SeEn! Oh yeah! Wahoo! Do you have sticky stains in your carpet? Or need to shiny up that rusty car? Introducing the Bob! It’s a clean and efficient cleaning rag,
Bob: WhAT? and it can spick and span everything!
Bob: oh god my face it burns! Toadsworth: Fantastic! Made from only the best materials you can find in a dumpster. Just dunk it into wherever you want and start wiping! Clean your walls, toilet, roofs, and uh… miscellaneous… Damn just look at that shine! Noice You have the power with Bob! Bob: SoMeBOdy cAll 9-1-1! MAMA F***ER! Po: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!
Link: AaAaAAAaAAAAaAaAAA LALALAALAAAAALALAAAA Oh Miku! What a wonderful date we’re on! Do you like this lunch I made, Miku-chan? I made it all by myself for you. Oh, are you thirsty, Miku? Oh here let me go get my special homemade drink. uhh here ya go… oh no, wait. Something looks different about you… Wait a minute! You don’t wear those clothes! RUN B!TCH RUUUN! Ha Ha, you’re too slo- HOLY SHIT Boopkins: Give back my Miku-chan, you big meanie! La la la la la Huh? What’s that? ♪Hello♪ ♪Is it me you’re looking for?♪ Boopkins: Oh my god! It’s a new limited edition waifu! It looks so kawaii! Narrarator:pffft, what a loser SMG4: MOLESTER!
Boopkins: Please notice me! OH NO. A RAP BATTLE. IT’S COMING. FIGHT! DAT IS A TRUE ASS Fishy-Boopkins: Hey! SQUIDLAUNGUAGEISTAKINGOVERTHEWORL Bob:AdOpT mE pLeAsE (U R DED) WhAt? *Laughing and clapping*
(WHO IS THIS?) (Thats Big Man Tyrone) Big Man Tyrone: What a wonderful video, hope you enjoyed another war of the Fat Italians *laughing* Big Man Tyrone: Now for the big questions *laughing* Big Man Tyrone: Who did it better? *laughing* Big Man Tyrone: You decide *Laughing* Big Man Tyrone: PINGAS! (smg4 outro) Who won? Tell in the comments below!
(Look Desc for list of translators) SMG4 is still a cheater
(Like Mario)

54 thoughts on “SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017”

  1. Who won.
    Round 1: no one.
    Round 2: HOW IS IT NOT MERIO.
    Round 3: SMG4
    Round 4: Obviously Mar- I mean, Odd1d- wait… I mean SMG4.
    Round 5: Mario for actually not being a dumb.
    Round 6a: SMG4
    Round 6b: no one.
    Round 6c: unknown.
    Round 7: obviously merio.
    Round 8: nobody but Mario showed some promise.
    Round 9: no body.
    Round 10: obviously SMG4 I'M GETTING ONE.
    Round 11: Unknown.
    Round 12: nobody.
    ROUND 13: opinions.

  2. [peach] ahh mario help me
    [mario] oh mama mia what is it
    [peach soldier face ] am i a pretty girl
    [me] what the fuck

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