Safe No More – Fight of the Living Dead (Ep 3)

Somewhere in LA in a secret location 10 YouTube stars were selected to take part in a ground breaking social.

Somewhere in LA
in a secret location 10 YouTube stars were selected
to take part in a ground breaking
social experiment. To see if they could survive
for seventy-two hours in a simulated
zombie apocalypse. [Screams] These are the video
transmissions of that
experience. Fight of the Living Dead
Experiment 88 [Growls] Previously on
Fight of the Living Dead. Everyone’s paranoid. 3 test subjects are required
to repair the video cables. Please report to the behavioral
conditioning ward immediately. I can help you fix
that camera mister. Faced with a simply
communication repair mission, the team encountered
rogue survivor, Cynthia. You have me make the rainbows. [Growls] I didn’t trust her at all,
but it’s hard to tell if she’s a good guy
or a bad girl, or good girl, bad guy. Subject team leader,
Dennis, was killed while attempting to retrieve
a mysterious backpack. [Growl] – Dennis is dead. You can find emergency
protocol binder number 9 in Dr. Ella Karlsson’s office. There’s a way out
of this experiment. You need to build
the order device. [Growl]
[Screams] Test subject Shanna
was cornered by zombies. – Shit, shit. ConOp thanks you
for your continued viewing. [Bleep] – Is there any
lights in here? We have to go find a
binder in Dr. Ella’s office. Plus Cynthia is coming with us. I don’t know how
I feel about that. I just don’t know if I trust
her because what if she’s like a backstabber? She looks like one,
I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. [Growls] – Go. [Screams] – Shit shit shit no. [Screams] [Zombie sounds] – Oh Shanna died. – Go to the door they’re coming,
they’re coming, they’re coming. – Sorry about that, got it copy. – Oh my god Shanna, I almost. – We’ve lost Shanna
which is horrible. We thought that
this was gonna be the kind of mission where we’re in and out
and it was dangerous, but we all make it
and she didn’t make it. And it was shocking you know,
we got the binder but we lost
a team member. – Who’s taking notes?
Somebody take notes. – All right here we go. – This is it? – This is it. – You know when we popped in
one of the tapes, one just showed
a flower growing then dying,
and I was like, what is this garbage? – So we let Raya pop in the next
one and it was just another
random old video. [Music] – Yea this is the
tape number 9. – Did you check
all the binders? That was the only one? – No, there’s just, there was
so many binders. We were only supposed to bring
number 9, and I brought number9. The way they made it sound is
one binder, they say binder
number 9. – Shanna died for that. – So maybe it was a trick, maybe
it’s like, it’s a wrong binder. Not just because
it says 9 on it. That’s what it was I think. – So we have to look at each one
to see which one had, 9 on it. – We’ll probably have
to go back, again. – Somebody can die again now. Shanna basically
died for nothing. Vitaly, I don’t know he’s
not a team player. If we would have
looked around more, we could have found it, but he was just being
terrified and selfish. – The book will obviously have
ConOP and 9 on it. That’s a decoy one, to trick us. There’s one real one. We gotta just go back. – Let’s go. – Yea, there’s 4
that have ConOp-9 so just switch up the teams ,
keep rotating who’s going next. [Bleep] – Let’s watch them. Call me a pussy, I don’t care, I’m trying to survive this game. It’s nerve racking. [Bleep] [Bleep] – This zombie right
here is scaring me. – There was a lot
of zombies but, they’re chill,
they’re cool. Nothing’s happening too crazy
as long as we’re staying quiet. You can kind of sneak by them. So those aren’t
really threatening. Still scary
as hell though. – My heart’s beating so fast. [Music] [Beep] [Music] – Oh shit.
– The music. – The good one or the bad one? – Bad, bad one. – You sure this is the bad one? – All right let’s go ahead and
get at the door. – Oh shit. – Yea, this is definitely
bad, here we go. [Music] – You know as soon as you
hear the bad music, your heart just drops
and you’re like oh my god, chaos is
about to ensue. [Growl] [Screams] [Growls] – No. No. – Yousef’s dead. – Tell us when they get close. – The bag, the bag. No, no, no your friend. [Growls] – Lock it, lock it, lock it. – Yousef, Yousef’s dead. We watched it happen. – Your friend. [Zombie noises] [Zombie noises] – There was nothing
we could do man. – Right when they played
the bad music I knew. – Look, look, look.
– Oh wow he was going slow? – If we would have got that
right on the first trip we’d all
still be here. Losing 2
really good players in just one mission in this amount of time, it… it sucks. – Where you at Cynthia?
– Cynthia’s sad. She thought that
Yousef was funny. I called it, I saw him around
the corner and I was like this
one’s gonna attack. Shanna, Britanni, Yousef,
and Dennis are all dead. This is insane, this is
getting actually really scary and every time
we go out there our hearts are
pumping so hard. – This one’s it. ConOp 5815 is a Chrysalis
level facility. All Chrysalis level facilities
are required to contain a fail-safe device in the event
of a containment breach. – A fail-safe device. We have created ORDER. Organic Resonance Disruption
Emergency Response. This weapon is intended as a
fail-safe device only. When triggered, the
ORDER device generates a massive low frequency
infra-sound wave which immediately neutralizes
all subjects in the area, living or dead. The full size version
of the ORDER device can hold up to
12 resonance transformer coils. Each coil increases the power,
range, and disruptive capability
of the wave. Detonation in 3… 2… [Detonation] – It looks like a boiler room. – That looks like a finale. We have to like
deactivate a machine. – Yea.
– Or something. – This is it. This is what
we need to do. This is what we’ve
been working for. This is the end goal. This machine that we have to
build or turn on, it seems easy enough,
okay, you turn it on and all the zombies die. But it kills us too. So it’s not only finding
everything we need to build it, finding where it
is, building it, but also figuring out
how to get out in time. With all 12 resonance
transformer coils in place, this order device can generate
an infrasonic wave sufficient to neutralize
all organic matter within the confines
of this facility. This is video 4621P. For more information on ConOp’s
weaponized infrasonic wave
research please consult binder number 9. We are ConOp. Solving tomorrow, today. – This doesn’t make any sense. – Okay so just find a way
to get to that room. Where’s the map? – One right here,
one over there. I didn’t see any boiler room
on a basement. The tape is telling us
how to eliminate the zombies. But we don’t even know where this
device is located. We don’t even know
how to activate it. There is a lot we
don’t know about this ORDER device. [Gasps] – Oh. – Hello, I’m a, I’m a scientist
here at ConOp. There is a way out, but we have
to build the ORDER device. The resonance coils are
somewhere in this facility. I can help you,
but we have to find those coils. ♪Jingle ♪ It’s a great day to
be alive at ConOp. Attention Subjects. The first resonance coil is
located beyond the children’s
ward in the seeker ward. Seekers are highly
aggressive bio-forms with extreme sensitivity
to noise and smell. – Oh, no, no, no,
no, no I am not going. – I’m not
going, I’m not going. – Yea, you can go. – No, no absolutely not. – No, no, no, no be smart. Be smart the seeker,
he reacts to sound right. – I really don’t want to go,
but I would go. – I almost died every
time I went out. – Rahat, are you going
no matter what? – Yea, I, I’ll go. I’ll go. Everyone is scared
of this next mission. No one wants to
go to the seeker ward. So I thought maybe this is
a perfect opportunity to prove myself
to the team, that I can be trusted. I’m ready. – I do honestly
want to go, but… – Why don’t you go? – If we die, like
if I die because… – I mean, regardless
you’ve got to go. Like we gotta take turns. – You’re gonna
eventually have to go, I’m gonna eventually have to go. Children’s ward oh no. What if there’s like
children zombies. It’s like, you can’t
fight a child zombie, it’s just morally wrong. It’s like, what do you do? – Are you going with us? – I can show you. – Do you know how to get
to the children’s ward? – I can show you. I know how. – Yea, it’s, it’s
on the map as well. – Just here, here, here. – Sure. – Here. – Right.
– That’s really far. Adding Cynthia to the picture, I need to give
her a chance. See if she
is trust worthy. Let’s see if this
mission proves that. [Eery sounds] [Door unlocks] – I’m really nervous for them.
I’m really nervous for them. Music box music – Before we got to
the seeker’s ward we have to pass through
the children’s ward. Yea, fun. Music box music – The green
eyes are inside. [Door creeks] [Bleep] – So what is the seeker
the bad guy or good guy? – The seeker’s the
mother, like the boss. – But he is, he’s blind so
he doesn’t know where to look? – Right he just has really good
sound and he’s probably very
fast. – Hey, hey, hey. – The seeker zombies they weren’t able
to see us. But they can
hear us quite well. We had to go into the room
and grab the coils. And this is a room with glass all over the floor and it was
completely dark. This was a challenge. – I think these are
night vision goggles. [Bleep] – Oh no. Oh no. I think one of us should
go in there, okay, while the other one is throwing
glass into one corner. Do you want to go
or do you want me to go? You can throw the glass. – Okay.
– Okay. So we got a game plan here? All right here we go. [Object hits floor] [Object hits floor] [Object hits floor] [Object hits floor] – We ended up throwing just different objects
you know. Test tubes, binders. Anything we could find, we
just threw it into this corner to distract the zombies. [Growl] – That’s Tre. -That’s Tre, what is he doing? – What? – I noticed there
was like this bag and I assumed
this was it. This was the coil. [Object hits floor] Grabbed it and at the same time we left Tre in the room. I have no idea what
is going on with him. [Object hits floor] [Objects hit floor] [Object hits floor] [Tap tap tap tap] [Heavy breathing] – This isn’t it. -That’s not it? – I thought this is it. – I press the button
and nothing happens. I noticed in the hallway
outside of the room that there are 2 other buttons. I have to do this again. And not only do I have
to do this again, my entire team has to get
in here and do this again. [Tap tap tap tap] [Door slams shut] – And where have you been? – Lock it, lock it bro. – No we’re not done. There’s 3 buttons. – 3 buttons? – 3 buttons, we all have to
press them at the same time. – We all have to go in together.
– Oh wow. – Why are we pressing
all 3 of the buttons? What is that for?
I thought we were supposed to… – That opens up the cage.
– Yea. – To?
– The coils. – Yea the coils.
– Yea. – Oh my god. – Hey listen, listen bro. – This is why Vitaly should
have came, he’s more athletic. – You would have gotten stuck
in another mother ______ phase – Hey, hey guys, guys.
– That would have been much harder than this. – Hey hold on. What’s your idea? – We sacrifice this radio,
toss it to the corner. – That’s a terrible
mother ______ idea. – Listen here’s why
I grabbed this, because I want to sweep up kind
of the path we’re gonna take. – Okay.
– Okay, you ready? – What? What are we doing? -You’ll see just tap on the
glass and see what happens. [Tap tap tap] – You can hit louder
than that dude. [Tap tap tap] – Here they’re coming. They re here. [Tap tap tap] – We had to deal with the
situation with all the glass on
the floor because having
all 3 of us walking in with
glass all over the floor, that wasn’t gonna fly. [Tap tap tap] Taking a stuffed animal,
I ended up sweeping the glass all to one side. Just kind of creating a path for us to walk through. The path is clear
right now okay? But I felt like
that wasn’t enough. Cynthia, do you want to help? Do what exactly they
were doing, that’s it. Simple. – Okay. – I can’t even describe
what’s going through my head. I know Rahat
can get in here. I know that he can do it, but I’m worried
about Brandon. Brandon was
just freaking out about this mission. [Continuous tapping] [Tapping continues] [Gasp] – Oh my god, oh my god. [Bleep] [Continuous tapping] [Tapping continues] [Bleep] [Continuous tapping] [Zombie noises] – We’re coming back
now 2 or 3 minutes. Music box music – Oh no it’s the little one. Music box music – Can you help? – No we’re not gonna help you. – This is bad, oh my god. Zombie in front and behind them. [Zombie sounds] [Scuffle] – Run, run, go. Run. -Cynthia protected them. – Yea she did. – Come on, come on. – Go, go, go, go, go, go. [Screams] – Go for it. – Oh my god.
– Yea. – Yea.
– Wooh! – Good job. – I saw you protect
them that was so good. We watched, we saw the guy
pull, come out of the toys. And the little boy? Tre stepped up so well. We got everything we needed and it really
felt like okay, you know we’re
back on track. We’re in this again. – Rahat. I don’t think he’s a mole. And since Yousef
died now, I’m passing on the
leadership to Rahat. So, I’m
following his steps. – It’s nerve racking. – That was easily the
best mission ever. You guys just like worked
so well as a team. – I was so ready to die. Oh that bunny was
the freakiest thing ever. We just came back from the seeker ward. You know with this mission we had to retrieve
one of the coils. – Cynthia saved your
life I remember. I saw that, she like hugged you. – Yea she hugged you. Yea it was all 3 of us. She led the way and man, something
felt really different. There was just no one, no zombies in
the hallway at all. It was just quiet. I should be happy that we
finished it, but something feels
off. – Hey, what you thinking about? Why are you looking so worried? You know we
knew that this… [Jingle] Hold on a second. Initiating behavioral
modification. [Music] Initiating behavioral
modification. [Music] ConOp thanks you for your
participation in Experiment 88. [Music] [Screams] – Oh shit. [Screaming] [Music] [Reel sounds] [Wind chimes] [Jingle]

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