RT Life – Eggnog Wrestling!

[Rooster Teeth theme music] Jack: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the very first ever Rooster Teeth eggnog.

[Rooster Teeth theme music] Jack: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the very first ever Rooster Teeth eggnog wrestling competition. I know everyone out there is excited and we have some very, very lovely contestants here that the internet is waiting for, so let’s bring them out, right now! [dramatic music] Alright, so Michael, tell me what your strategy is, here in the eggnog. Michael: What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna choke the life out of Chris and possibly submerge his face under the water until he passes out. Jack: Awesome, and Chris, how do you think you’re going to do in this competition? Okay! Let’s get these guys ready! Here we go! [more dramatic music] Jack: Who do you think is gonna win this, Barbara? Barbara: You know, I think Michael has a better technique, but I think Chris just wants it more. Jack: Yeah, I think- I think Michael has the size over Chris, but Chris is pretty scrawny. Alright, here we go. Michael: You good? Chris: Ding, ding. Michael: Ding ding! [laughing] Michael: Come on! Give me your wrists, let’s go! Chris: It’s so slippery! Michael: It’s too gross. Jack: Alright, so after a very, very hard-fought bout, I think we’re gonna have to say, the runner-up was Michael. Michael, I’m sorry Michael. But, as a show of, you know, your courage, we’re gonna give you an iPod touch, how ’bout that? Michael: That’s a pretty good runner-up prize. Jack: And Chris, congratulations on winning the very first ever Rooster Teeth eggnog wrestling event! Do you have anything to say? Chris: Uh, merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight. Jack: Alright! And as a special prize for you winning, you actually get to drink a cup of the eggnog. Chris: Yes! Michael: You- You earned it. Jack: Michael, you have any thoughts? Michael: Uh no, it’s just, you know, I really wanted to win that eggnog out of the Santa’s hat, but Chris is the rightful winner and he deserves it. Chris: It’s so good. It’s even better. The sweet taste of victory. [Christmas music]

99 thoughts on “RT Life – Eggnog Wrestling!”

  1. Is it even possible to be this disappointed?

    It took 17 seconds for me to completely lose faith in anything and everything forever.

  2. Came expecting ladies wrestling… instead I got Michael and Chris. Worth it but Gavin trying to wrestle Michael would have sent me to the hospital for stitches. 

  3. When I thought it was Barb and Kara, I was like awwwwww hell Yea!!!, and when it turned out to be Michael and Chris, I was just like, awww, this is 100 times better.

  4. I knew that it wouldn't be actual mud- er, eggnog wrestling. They used Michael and Kerry for that one to be complete dicks.

  5. The last time I got trolled this bad, it was Xmas…my parents made me think the xbox for me…But it was actually for my little brother.

  6. Couldn't they atleast afford a little inflatable pool? That's like a pool a poor mexican family would to use for a bath tub because their real one is where they do their laundry. lolz


  8. If I had one quid for every time Rooster Teeth made me smile, I would be as rich as them. I'm not even kidding.

  9. Since Michael kept trying to tackle Chris, I feel like Chris should have taken advantage of Michael's' weight and just thrown him off. Like what I mean is at 1:09 Michael came at Chris from the front, so Chris should have just thrown him backwards.

  10. I already knew that it wasn't going to be the girls wrestling, I was just curious about who was actually going to be wrestling. Was not disappointed

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