Rozee Performs “Fighting for Us” (Original Song Performance) – Songland 2019

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12 thoughts on “Rozee Performs “Fighting for Us” (Original Song Performance) – Songland 2019”

  1. My favourite part of this show is watching the coaches break down the songs at the end. I wish we got to see more of that but unedited

  2. This is what Leona should've song. I like the updated one, but Leona was made to look like she's singing background or a feature for the Latin guys.

  3. Hmm whats the point of making a song like every other song tho? I liked her version but i agree the lyrics could improve.

  4. The contestant all bring ballad song but yet I think Leona want different mean not her comfort zone by wanting pop electro music I think…

  5. The newly produced songs complete 180 from this. Would’ve never guessed this was the original if I heard the winning song first.

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