Rey Mysterio dethrones U.S. Champion AJ Styles: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019

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100 thoughts on “Rey Mysterio dethrones U.S. Champion AJ Styles: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019”

  1. Lol..The referee jokes got me rolling on the floor..but the audience didn’t seem to be bothered,they enjoyed seeing Rey win..I do enjoy seeing him win too

  2. Actually Orton did. Rug Magot is unable to compete or win on his own. He even had help during the Lesner match. He also had that Cain Vaseline. See unable to do it on his own. He may cry if he had too compete without help.

  3. Dammmmm miss the old days when wrestling is not easily seen scripted referees back then fights each other even the wrestler now they just blow air on the refs and they're knockdown for an hour

  4. Another reason why this company sucks. Could've been a great match, instead its AJ cheating as if he needs to, Rey being treated like a charity case, life long villain Orton saving the day…🤮

  5. havent watched in a while usually when they make a former champ into their US or Intercontinental champ it's usually a bad thing.

  6. Rey won fair n square ,the referee just didn't count but pple counted and he won. Yes Orton came bcoz the oc was cheating as usual n he helped Rey but Rey won on his own from the beginning the oc was cheating. Aj n his team are cowards ,I hv been watching him n he is just a coward, I don't like wat he did to Humberto kkkkkk but Aj shame…u feel threatened by Carrillo hahahaaa I respect tht boy …mwaaah Humberto u r the best. Rey congrats man…u inspire me…u never give up n thnx fr being a good dad its an example to all fathers out there. As fr Aj …grow up n learn to fight fair don't cheat …I repeat don't cheat. Kkkkkk I like the word dethroned hahahaaa aj was dethroned hahaaaaaaa!!! Rey u r the man….!!! Mwaah

  7. Aj u were dethroned by my Rey hahahaaa…u wanted to cry wen u were asked how u felt after the match kkkkkk. Deal wth it boy boy hahaaaaa

  8. He had the title before.He gave to Samoa Joe and then Ricochet then AJ Styles and AGAIN BACK TO REY MYSTERIO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. La wwe ya deje de seguirla , seth rollins fue menospreciado desde ahi deje de seguir no pienso ver wwe hasta que seth regrese donde merece es el mejor luchador que vi en la wwe

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