Rep. Collins speaks out on the aftermath of House floor fight

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100 thoughts on “Rep. Collins speaks out on the aftermath of House floor fight”

  1. The Democratic party should be called The Clinton Clan. They get away with criminal corruption. Then blame everything on Americans

  2. Instead of squad we should call them the "Squawk". That's all they do
    scream abruptly, or complain loudly. No real intellectual acumen there.

  3. Don't like our President? It's more like they hate our President and they are the "Racists" and guilty of hate crimes.

  4. You are not "Women of color" You are supposed to be Americans but you do not act like it. You are the racists.

  5. They think they will get the African American votes if they use that term. But guess what? They also know your intentions.

  6. Yes, a place where Americans should respect. They forget they work for us, the taxpayer and your paychecks will soon end. God bless Trump.

  7. As always, they take everything out of context. He said "if you are unhappy here in America for back to your country then come back and tell us how to run our country". He didn't even approve of the chants

  8. my god t6hese democrats are needing straight jackets there all nut jobs can you imagine the country being run by these clowns its scary

  9. She’s part of the swamp why doesn’t President Trump get rid of the swam and the aquad get those women out quitthroung woman of color at our faces have respect for our President, you have shamed America

  10. i hope she has a heart attack soon so my great and awesome GOD can deal with her in a right way. i know i get mad ,upset,hurt and so fourth but she is in a world of hurt she just doesnt know it yet,believe me her and her traitorous friends are judged and condemed already im glad im not her her shoes when die.

  11. If it was a Irishman a french and a brit he would say the same thing .If your from there and do not like it here u can go back to your own country

  12. these women are not in the Americas best interest they hate America they want socialism and I think Trump was real mild when he said if you don't like it you can move out of the United States I say get the f*** out

  13. These 4 women are blundering IDIOTS that know nothing except spreading hate that's their ideology but they will hopefully be voted out of Congress

  14. Have to agree with Scotty P., couldn't care less about their race do care about their beliefs, experience and their level of intelligence. They are all anti-American, idiots. I can't see how they got elected????

  15. The so called impeachment is a curtain to cover up the 26 TRIPS OF BILL CLINTON TO A EPSTEIN ISLAND, 32 THOUSANDS Hillary emails, the Clinton foundation, the billion and a half of hunter Biden and quid pro quo of creepy sleepy joe 30330

  16. Funny how people that claim to be anti-rascist continue to point out differences. Nancy is just trying to keep her job. If she does not play the game she will lose her seat. If they even retain the majority in the house.

  17. The squad isnt liked because they cause chaos themselves. So much instability. Not all American citizens agree with their views.

  18. It’s going to be awesome to see the “Sqaud” not get re-elected. The Dem party is in chaos, broken, lost!

  19. Funny how Trump sits in the highest office, says the first thing that comes to mind like a young child and people defend him. Some things are just flat out indefensible. I would be violently attacked on the street or fired on the spot at work if I spoke like trump speaks. Democrats do go after him harder because they hate him and Republicans follow him blindly. Both parties can do better, but unfortunately that's how the game of politics is played. I'm so glad that I have the ability to rebuke wrongdoing whether you're a close relative of mine or the u.s. president. People are ultra sensitive these days, but trump's comments are despicable and disturbing. Republicans, stop defending bullies!! Democrats, give trump due credit for the positive things he's done!! Neither party is being fair and reasonable!!

  20. You could tell cortez was lying by her body language. Her eyes were closing look it up a person who closes their eyes while telling you somthing is lying are hiding something she is not saying.

  21. It's time to charge every one of these Democrats that pushed this Coup against President Trump to be Charged with inciting a coup against President Trump….

  22. It's all a lie Pelosi has done something at the white house… She has wasted millions on impeachment… So there you go… These traitor's need to be pulled out of our white house…

  23. The state of the American economy under President Trump shows how bad the dems were at thier jobs and looking after the American people. i would like to have seen where America would be if the Demorats had took the time to help this president in stead of trying to have a coup at every opertunity.

  24. DEMOCRAT EVIL! They think they CONTROL the SH… HOUSE ! They can CONTROL the COUNTRY?? OH My GOSH!!! 😳😳😳 are they DREAMING???

  25. Poor Democrats, come November or sooner the u.s. will have a new speaker, and the Republicans will be in charge trump 2020, pence 2024-2032

  26. Tlaib is-another ugly democrat, who from her first day in Congress was creating anger, explosions, mayhem and distress. No one appreciate her. And her fiends in Congress. The stupidest and also the most dishonest.

  27. Imagine freshman and the speaker has to talk to them not the other way around… how lousy foursomes they are no respect to their boss…

  28. Why can't they get rid of that thing…she is so messed up and so very corrupt! Pelosi is NOT above the law, but she thinks she is….Hope justice will be served with karma smiling!

  29. If you continue to do and allow the same without change and expect a different outcome is the definition of insanity but more importantly the exposure of corruption and who is blackmailed! Wake up

  30. The American people will remove All Socialist oriented Congressional members in their next re-election ATTEMPTS! We are better than what these Communist Loving Traitors would have US be.

  31. The democrats are desperate. They will do everything they can to smear Trump. They'll lie, fabricate stories, fake disgust over one of their manufactured smears against Trump as though it was true. These democrats are unethical, dishonest, and functioning in a treasonous manner.

  32. They wanna impeach Trump because they cant bring down America with him in there. They need to be arrested and executed for treason.

  33. Pelosi has done things in our white house that should never be done. She has chosen a path that most Americans are ashamed of… Killing babes voting to keep prayer out of our white house and bringing in all the satanical rituals of Satan.

  34. The left hate America because they see it an an empire built on slavery and genocide and colonialism ; the left seek to undo what they believe to be an evil empire.

  35. this is NOT about someone like/dislike another! It is a fight about WORLD POWER; who's going to win the control over HUMANITY! It started some 6000 years ago, and reaching to its climate… God against evil. GOD against SATAN. Human Race against 'globalist' reptiles.

  36. Pelosi is a cxxxt everyone knows it.A drunken drugged up theiving lying witch is in control of the money in thiis country which is why we are bankrupt

  37. Just how much bulls—t can one cram into a head so full of STUPID? Watch & see for yourself! It is amazing – coming from people who are convinced they are so intelligent!

  38. Send the witch woman Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, these dirty corrupted politicians to Supreme Court these traitors are terrified this Nation. They think they are above law they abuse the law! Lock them up if this country still belong to USA

  39. What does America republicans do when the democrats are on fire in the smoking hot well we stop drop laugh and roll let them burn themselves right on out

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