Rare Lighter Restoration – World War 1 Trench Build

Rare World War 1 lighter restoration Found in a Trench in Britannia, France i WW1 The flint spring is rusted.

Rare World War 1 lighter restoration Found in a Trench in Britannia, France i WW1 The flint spring is rusted away 120 years of history Is going to be saved in a special place Adding brass polish creme Old and new lighter spare parts The WW1 lighter before the restoration WW1 started July 28, 1914 and lasted more than 4 years More than 60 million soldiers fought in World War 1 More than 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians ware killed We salute them all

100 thoughts on “Rare Lighter Restoration – World War 1 Trench Build”

  1. Loved the vid, hate that you used screws and a tap to secure the "trigger guard". Modern hardware is the biggest giveaway for a bad resto. Not saying yours is bad, it just gives the wrong impression if your amazing work.

  2. Something just didn't seem right with this to me. It all seemed a bit staged and the finish with the modifications and damage? Not hating here.

  3. Very nice video as the previous one! Such a wonderful work!
    But, not sure that there is any trench in French Britania, all the 1st world war in France was in the north east side of the country. Britania is the north west.
    Is that only me or I'm crazy but 2019-1914 = 105 years not 120. We just celebrate the 100th armistice anniversary last year guys!

  4. Меня одного успокаивают такие видео? Такое чувство будто я смотрю АСМР, но все же, приятно смотреть на это все)

  5. made out of 8mm lebel, ball D i think. they would mill the bullet (not the case, just the bullet) out of solid brass instead of casting lead.

  6. If this Item could talk, the person that made it, and how he could never have imagined ware it would end up, must be strange to hold an item like this in your hand and think of its origin 🙂

  7. I automatically like every your video just cause i wanna do it…
    I like what u doing man
    Keep going and you'll have a lot of subscribers!
    Good luck to ya <3

  8. Oopoooh man. You need to put a cloth or rubber between your plier teeth and that beautiful metal. For how gentle you are I was surprised to see steel on brass.

  9. I wonder do you end up selling some of the stuff you restore and do you keep some of them as an artifact or collection?

  10. I really appreciate your careful camera work and your detailed step-by-step with your restorations. Beautiful piece of vintage engineering. Thanks for posting.

  11. What a wicked piece of history!such a personal piece!fantastic work restoring it,its not every day something like that comes across your table!

  12. What about the paint? It obviously had green paint on it. It would have meant death to use something shiny like this on the battlefield. Also I am not so sure a restoration on something that is probably one of a kind like this should have been done.

  13. The only problem I had with this video was that the orginal golor of the lighter was green and you didn't paint it green

  14. I don't get the negative comments. It's between client and AR how and what the way of restoration will be. I think it also has a another side. 120 years ago an "artist" made it. Now AR continued this piece to be ready for another 120 years and in the process added a touch of him as an artist/ craftsman as well.

  15. You people are dumb there's nothing good about war pay respects for men who were uses by the government to kill no thank you

  16. me gusto tu restauricon, y que es un encendedor raro de la primera guerra mundial, pero modificaste algo que ya tenia valor propio, modificaste algo histórico.

  17. Gun safety this is not. A real good way to loose a hand. Or worse your life. Please do not attempt to build or fire something like this. GF1 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😎

  18. Если будешь писать название ролика на английском,просмотров будет в разы больше )Ну ты понял что делать)

  19. Oh, man. Shouldn't have changed the trigger guard mounting. Trench art wouldn't have had screws fasteners. Solder was they way.

  20. I just recently started watching your channel and I am hooked. I love the way you make your videos. I also love these old lighter repairs. Keep making awesome vids!!!

  21. I've found that that although WD-40 is a miracle worker, it cuts Grease, lubricates, and cleans damn near anything. Kroil is a much better penetrating oil.

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