Wid – Im noob at this place.. Wid – Im noob! Athena – Hey Wid! Take that gun! Wid –.

Wid – Im noob at this place.. Wid – Im noob! Athena – Hey Wid! Take that gun! Wid – Two floor Sound!… Wid – Window Window Athena – Wait.. Athena – They throwing granade Athena – Becareful
Wid – No, It is my granade Wid – Ah, It was very close Wid – One person jumped out! Athena – Wid!! Its your turn!! Go wid with your gunn Wid – okokok Athena – He is very very low hp! Push him Athena – 2 Floor!! Athena – Go wid!! Athena – Ohh one Squad more Athena – I need AR.. Wid – Wtf Athena – where is he??
Wid – I dont know Athena – ok
Wid – One sound on my front Wid – I was hit by a bomb as soon as I entered the room Athena – I think it’s a mine. Athena – I don’t think there’s an iPad fever when I play games. Athena – Ipad is good at mobile game Wid – Becareful, Dont die Wid – Steal lol Athema – I can’t see the enemy, I can only hear the sound of guns.
Wid – Push or not? Athena – Push.. Follow me Wid – Behind the ridge. Athena – Let’s kill them Athena- Ah dont kill. Let’s go to play zone Wid – ok Wid – left Airdrop
Athena – Lets eat that Wid – Enemy is on our left! Wid – Where? Athena – I pinned it Athea – Behind that building Wid – Shall we push?
Athena – Wait, Im healing Wid – I didn’t set up the scope. Wid – I didn’t change the scope Setting Wid – Did you check the Air drop?
Athena – I didnt Check Athena – Eat That Wid – ok Athena – You need first aid kit? Wid – Rip my recoil control Athena – One is lying. Wid – One is here
Athena – What? When did he go there? Wid – Come here
Athena – ok i will go Wid – 2 hit
Athena – Let’s Check the left side, Lest side is lowland Wid – One is low hp Wid – Im dead
Athena – no.. Wid – Sandwiched Athena – Why did you go so far? Wid – On the mountain Wid – left Sound Wid – Let’s concentrate. Wid – Two AWM?
Athena – maybe.. Athena – You have angle grip? Wid – I used m249 Athena – Where is other squad? Wid – Left sound! Athena – It was close Athena- Let’s go Wid – 3 people reamin.. I guess its 1 vs 3 Athena – I think they will push to here Athena – i will change gun Wid – mk14 auto mode..? Athena – aww.. i need helmet Athena – sht.. Wid – its bait?
Athena – yeah.. Athena – Let’s make a big turn. Wid – Lets eat chicken Athena Athena – Get ‘die count’ Wid – noooo

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