Pro Wrestling, NJPW and Wrestle Kingdom 13: An International Fan’s Perspective at the Tokyo Dome

Hello, this is Pranavan and I am less than 24 hours away from attending Wrestle Kingdom 13 at the Tokyo.

Hello, this is Pranavan
and I am less than 24 hours away from attending Wrestle Kingdom 13
at the Tokyo Dome. I am super excited for the event. I’ve been a huge supporter
of professional wrestling for 15 to 20 years, but I have never attended
a wrestling pay-per-view. What a way for me to make my debut
than to attend Wrestle Kingdom 13 at the Tokyo Dome tomorrow. I got a few things that I needed
to prepare myself for the event. As you can see,
I’ve got the Wrestle Kingdom 13 tickets and there are a few items that I bought
in the Suidobashi Shop. This very sweet looking Wrestle Kingdom 13 pamphlet,
which shows all of the matches that are going
to take place at Wrestle Kingdom. As well as looking into the history of Wrestle Kingdom under New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
It’s a very well presented book. And I would recommend you to buy it
and keep it as a souvenir. Furthermore, I’ve bought myself
a Hiroshi Tanahashi towel, as well as a Wrestle Kingdom 13 T-shirt. All three of those items were bought
in the Suidobashi shop near the Tokyo Dome. If you cannot get those items
at the Suidobashi Shop, you could also get it
on the day of the event. Furthermore, I also went to Harajuku
to get myself a Suzuki-gun T-shirt, as well as a Minoru Suzuki 30th anniversary fan,
which came for free, at the Piledriver Store. It was a very good experience
not only was I able to get Suzuki-gun exclusive items, I was able to see Minoru Suzuki at the store. And we had a really good conversation. As– that is going to be
one of the many highlights in my trip to Japan, thus far. Yeah, those have been
the items that I bought. It’s been a busy few days.
I cannot wait for the event. Like I mentioned,
the words are not in my mind to describe how stoked, how excited I am for the event. It is going to be a surreal experience for me. Kenny Omega versus Tanahashi is the event that I am looking forward to. I could not decide who to support and I just decided to go
and support Hiroshi Tanahashi. I would love to see him win
the IWGP championship one more time. “Go Ace!” is going to be
what I will be saying at the Tokyo Dome. And I’m looking forward
to showing more footage of the Tokyo Dome with you
very shortly on the next day. So, I will see you all soon. I just arrived at Keikyū Kamata Station.
I had a good night’s sleep. And I’m just now waiting
for the train to arrive to get to the Tokyo Dome
for Wrestle Kingdom 13. It will take about 30 to 40 minutes
of traveling time. God, I’m really super excited,
just like what I said last night. Good, God. Okay, I’ve just arrived in the queue, as you can see all the people
waiting in the ticket area. That’s how big the queue is. But that is nothing compared
to the merchandise queue over there. That is insane,
how many people there were. Thank god I bought the merchandise,
a few days ago. I’ve got a quick question for all of you,
what does professional wrestling, NJPW and Wrestle Kingdom means
to a professional wrestling fan? Here are the responses that I have collected
from the international fans that I have met while I was exploring
around the Tokyo Dome. Wrestle Kingdom
is the biggest event in Japan. The biggest pro-wrestling event
in Japan and maybe 40,000 people
would come to this show. I’m honestly not even sure where to start,
it’s like I’ve been following New Japan for about a year and a half, at this point.
Like the first show I ever saw was two years ago
at the Wrestle Kingdom show, I was like, “Oh, my god,
I have to go at some point.” and I finally managed
to get around to it, The matches that I’m most excited about,
I’m honestly I’m not even really sure. Um, just probably Okada and Jay White who like I was sort of ehh on either of them
before this all kicked off. So I’m really like, really excited
to see where that’s going. Well, you know the biggest thing is
I’ve been a big fan of Japanese Pro-Wrestling since like maybe the late ‘80s. They used to call that
the Shōwa pro-wrestling era. And now like Japan– Japanese wrestling
is blowing up, it’s really awesome. You know you got all these
good stars in the WWE you got, Shinsuke Nakamura,
you got Hideo Itami, you got Asuka, you got Kairi Sane. Now, you got Io Shirai. But, you know they all
kind of started off in Japan and now that the real
true Japanese pro wrestling is blowing up, you know it’s-it’s got me
really pumped in today. This is going to be probably
like the best card of the year and it’s only January, so I’m excited. Hi, so my name is Tim.
I’m from Australia. This is my second year
coming to Wrestle Kingdom. I came last year for the 2018 show
and just loved it so much that I couldn’t see myself staying at home
to watch it again on TV. So, I’m back again
and just couldn’t be more excited. Looks like the most stacked card
maybe of all time, you know when Ospreay/Ibushi
is your opening match, its hard to top that with anything.
And I just can’t wait. I’m Aimee.
I’m also from Australia as my second Wrestle Kingdom as well I’m just I’m really excited just to see all the matches
and most looking forward to, Ibushi and Ospreay. I think it’s really cool to watch
the evolution of professional wrestling, particularly,
you know watching it in Japan and how it’s become even more international,
more accessible, um, with western audiences.
And I think that evolution is something to be really excited for. So, I started watching wrestling
when I was, when I was a little kid. And stopped watching
after a little while and I’ve kind of always gone back and forth
watched it for a few years and then stopped watching it. Lately, what’s been happening
on the independent scene around the world has got me interested in it again. And specifically people
like the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, and the phenomenal performances
that they’ve been putting on. And not only telling a story
with the action in the ring but going beyond and
and making their own storylines, and taking the storytelling
on their own hands via a YouTube show
or something like that has just kinda ignited something new. Uh, and exciting about wrestling
in the world that can seem way too sterile sometimes
in the storytelling you see the same things over and over again. The same storylines repeated on-on,
you know some of the bigger products in the world like WWE. So it’s kind of that fresh perspective
of storytelling. The finding the humour in everything, not necessarily always taking
the story seriously that’s kind of got me back into it. KAZE NI NARE! So professional wrestling
in general for me, it’s a fantastic storytelling medium
and performance art, that combines
the best of athleticism with on the fly storytelling
and improvisation, um, and even sleight of hand magician-ship
in large parts. What really brought me
to Wrestle Kingdom 13? It’s probably common
for most western fans. I really started with Wrestle Kingdom 11 when all over every podcast
was the Omega/Okada I and six-star match and everything. So since then I’ve-
I’ve followed very, very closely. And about a year ago I decided,
“You know what? I can afford it. Let’s go.” Yeah. So, we came from Canada,
very excited to be here. I’ve been a pro-wrestling fan
since I was five-years-old. My cousins were into it,
so I started always watching it with them, with Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior
all the old WWE guys. When I was in university, I actually started
discovering the Japanese wrestling. Actually, I was a huge fan of a Kenta
in Pro Wrestling Noah. So, eventually it kind of evolved
into like learning more about the other promotions and such. And then, I slowly started
to follow New Japan and it’s been a blast.
My Boy Kenny Omega, I’ve been following him since he was in DDT
coming over here and-and into here, Kota Ibushi as well,
all those guys. I’m huge Young Bucks.
I mean, just at this point, I’m just a big fan of The Elite, in general. So, we finally got out here.
This is our first Wrestle Kingdom and I’m very excited to be here. I’m Travis.
I’m 26-years-old. I’ve been a fan–
I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling since late ’98 I got into it
because my big brother liked it. So I got– but I wasn’t so much
Hogan and Ultimate Warrior is more attitude era.
So Steve Austin, the Rock, the D-Generation-X, Mick Foley,
Undertaker all those guys. And I’ve been watching wrestling–
I watched religiously from like ’99 to 2005 I’d say kind of fell out of it for a while.
And then got back into it around 2011, 2012 and I just,
with the advent of Internet, I was able to explore
so many other avenues like Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and, of course,
New Japan Pro-Wrestling. I got into Japanese wrestling
through Kenta as well. And kinda I went through there, watch the old All Japan
with Misawa and stuff. And now, I love new Japan.
And it’s awesome that a Canadian is the IWGP heavyweight champion.
So I’ll be rooting for Kenny Omega tonight. WOO-OOOO-OOO! RAINMAKER……OH NO! 1..2..3..OOHHHHHH! So, Pro Wrestling is at this point,
now where it’s just so good. Like the wrestlers
are just so talented and they all have their own
unique sets of styles. I think because of the Internet
it’s become easier for people like me to find wrestlers
that I relate to and I admire, and I want to like watch more and more
and support more and more. And there’s better ways for me
to support wrestlers now as opposed to when I started
when I was 10-years-old. It was only what was on TV.
I had sort of taken what I was given and now I can throw, not throw stuff
I can dismiss stuff I don’t like. And only what’s the stuff I like
and Wrestle Kingdom is good because there’s just so much that I like,
there’s nothing I want to ignore or go to the toilet during. I want to see every match
from beginning to end and the commentary is so good now. It’s just everything
is just at this point where they’re all fans of wrestling as well
the wrestlers you can tell that, they’re not doing it because they have to
they’re doing it because they love it. And that comes through
in their performances. [CHEERS] 1..2..3! YEEEEAAAAH! WOOOOOOO! So, my name is Steven.
I’m from Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. and I am at Wrestle Kingdom 13.
It’s my first time at Wrestle Kingdom, and my first time in Japan.
I first started watching wrestling, when I was four years old.
My grandfather actually, turned me on to wrestling
when I was very young. And since then,
I was raised on WCW wrestling and then kind of worked my way into WWF. Kind of went back started watching some ECW
and some other promotions. In the past five years or so,
I’ve gotten more into Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
I was also really big TNA wrestling fan when they were popular.
It’s a shame what happened to that company because they really could have been
an actual, you know, competitor to WWE. but, you know since-
in the past five years New Japan has really become top promotion for me. There’s an emphasis
on wrestling versus entertainment, which is something
I don’t really like about WWE. There’s not as much storytelling.
It’s not quite as athletic as some of the other wrestlers
in New Japan and that’s why
we traveled 6,800 miles, from Boston Massachusetts. I’ve been watching Wrestle Kingdom live
at 3:00 in the morning for the past five years,
waking my parents and my whole family up
screaming at the TV. Uh, so it’s nice to be in the Tokyo Dome
with 60,000 other people and, you know be able to express how I feel.
And be able to see probably some of the best wrestlers of my lifetime,
compete in a historic Tokyo Dome, so many huge shows
that happened here over the years. A lot of people forget that New Japan
was around before WWF. So I wanted to make sure it was something
it’s a bucket list thing for me. Something I definitely wanted to do. I have just arrived back at the hotel
having finished watching Wrestle Kingdom 13 live
at the Tokyo Dome. It has been an absolutely
phenomenal experience. A surreal experience.
Not only to-to just be at the dome, but to be able to see all the action
that New Japan Pro-Wrestling was providing. And I still do not have the words
to describe how fantastic this experience has been.
You could see the Hiroshi Tanahashi “Go Ace!” towel that is laid across the table, so grateful that he won
the IWGP Heavyweight Championship for the eighth time.
Shouted out, “Go Ace!” with the music.
just was a wonderful one of a kind, unique experience
to be a part of. For those who have never attended
a professional wrestling event before but has been a supporter
of professional wrestling for many, many years
I would highly suggest to you to go to a professional wrestling event
as soon as you can. Because this is something
that I promise you, you will not regret and I will definitely say
that you will have the time of your lives if you were
to be a part of that event. That is all I could really say right now
at this very moment. I am super exhausted. I am about to go
and get some sleep right now. Thank you all for watching this video. Please make sure you like, comment,
and subscribe to the channel and I will see you in the future.
Bye. Please drop a comment below this video and I look forward
to hearing your thoughts.

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