Prank on Warriors Fans at End of Final Game

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100 thoughts on “Prank on Warriors Fans at End of Final Game”

  1. These fans aren’t even warriors fans. Damn they can name klay Durant and steph. Who else can’t? Bandwagons

  2. That’s actually a dog move.Seriously I hoped you payed her something after they payed 1K and missed the end of the game seriously imagine if it happened to you. 😤

  3. Lmaoo last game in the Oracle arena ended up with a different country winning the NBA finals 😂🏀 beyond historical now. Kawhi is the greatest Raptors player

  4. Last game in Oracle, it's going to be historical, no matter the weather is cold or hot, the championship is up here in the North!

  5. You guys are lucky at Oracle Arena not at Candlestick Park cuz that was the last game at the stick and you're pulling this crap you don't get your ass kicked if not shot go fuc with us earlier when you come out to the Bay you better put some respek on the bay niggaz you motherfukers are thinking it's so easy to come out here and just f*** with us come on and f*** with me like that at the game I spent that much money on a f**** game be able to watch it hey now's motherfuking Warrior haters

  6. 90 percent of golden state fans were laker fans just a few years ago during the Laker vs Boston days. No surprise here

  7. All democrats are communist! Republicans are patriotic and the working class of America. We will win in 2020 Kimmel you are nothing but a big fake and paid shill!!!

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