Power Rangers Dino Charge – All Megazord Fights | Episodes 1-20 | Dinosaurs

Let’s do it. (shouting, explosion sounds, intense music) Think fast. Hey, look over here. Fooled you. Coming over. Double punch..

Let’s do it. (shouting, explosion
sounds, intense music) Think fast. Hey, look over here.
Fooled you. Coming over. Double punch. You’re right, this is awesome.
Definitely. I’ve never felt such power. (roaring sounds) What is that thing?
I think it’s a T-rex.
Look out. The T-rex Zord, it can’t be. Let me go. (roaring) Okay Rexxy, let’s check out your battle mode. Dino charger, ready. T-Rex zord. T-Rex charger, engage. Yeah, go for it, Rexxy. (roaring, thundering sounds) Destroy them. Let’s do this. (loud crashing, roaring) Down you go. You can’t get me. How do you like this? (shouting) Batter up, Rexxy. (loud crashing) Dino Saber. (roaring, explosion sounds) My turn, big guy. Power Slash. I’ll take it from here Rexxy. Great job. (crashing sounds) Is my Energem power a little too tough to keep up with?
You’ll never defeat me alone.
Did you say alone? Look again.
You look great together. You’re still just weak humans. Humans with dinosaur spirits. Yeah.
I hope you’re ready to lose. Get them. It’s about to get wild. (shouting) Call me Hotshot, I never miss. Para Charger, engage. Energize. Dino Morpher Blast. (explosion sounds) Dino Saber. Dino Charged Morpher, combine. Power Blast. You’re no match for my strength. Power Blast. I knew these skills would come in handy. Oh no you don’t. Whoa. Raptor Charger, engage. Dino Saber, Power Slash. Dino Blade Blaster, Rapid Bullets. One for you, one for you. Gotta be quicker than that. (shouting) Energize. Dino Morpher Blast. I’ll finish this guy myself. Not if I finish you first. One, two, three. Hey you, try this on for size. (shouting) Yes.
Lucky shot. Go Rexxy, take out that last Divazord. (intense music) (loud booming) (roaring) Nice. Now let’s finish this ice freak together. T-Rex Charger, engage. I’ll freeze you both. Come on, Rexxy. Let’s do this. Energize. It’s not working. Dino Morpher Blast. Final Strike. I can’t take the heat. (explosion sounds) Monster extinct. Let’s do this. Yikes. This isn’t any fun. One, two, three. The hotshot does it again. I’ll take you apart.
Let’s see you try. (grunting) This is no problem for caveman strength. Caveman strength is nothing against me. Let’s see how you like the
power of the Triceratops. (grunting, shouting) Have a piece of this. And a slice for you. You’re outta here. Ever heard of deodorant? The only thing I smell is your defeat. Think you can take me on? No way. (intense music) T-Rex Charger, engage. Dino Saber, Power Slash. (explosion sounds) You’re next. I’ll turn you to scrap.
Think again, dumpster breath. Dino Morpher Blast. Surprise. (explosion sounds) Ow, oh man, that stings. You should have stuck with your friends, you messed up everything. I’m just getting started. You’re pretty tough. Tougher than you, which isn’t hard. (crashing, grunting) Okay guys, let’s check out our new armor mode. T-Rex Charger, engage. Dino Steel. [Everyone] Armor on. It’s about to get wild. Gigazords, rise. Chase, use your new Parachopper. No problem, mate. Parachopper Blast. Let’s try my new Raptor Claw. Is that all you got?
Not even close, tin can. Take this, Raptor Slash. Can you handle my new weapon? Triceradrill, coming through. Stegoshield. We’ll see how tough you really are. Caveman Toss. Let’s try this out. T-Rex Smash.
That thing hurts. (grunting) This T-Rex smasher has some bite. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Too slow. Good work guys.
We finish this. Tyler, our powers are stronger together. Combine them? Great idea, Koda. Stego Charger, engage. Dino Morpher Blast. I’m crushed. (explosion sounds) [Red Ranger] Awesome. [Everyone] Dinosaur
Might, ready to fight. [Red Ranger] Power Rangers. [All] Dino Charge. Vivix, destroy those technicolor twits. Hang on. It’s about to get wild. We do this. (intense music) You not mess with caveman strength. One for you, one for you. And finally, here’s yours. Escape is not possible.
Oh yeah? I thought breath that bad wasn’t possible. And your fighting skills stink too. Whoa.
I’ll punish you for saying that. (explosion sounds) Raptor Slash. (grunting) Let’s try out the battle
mode on these Dino Cycles. Yeah. Yeah. I wanna see what they can really do. (motors roaring) I’ll lock you both up. (loud crashing, explosions) Whoa. Dino Saber. Raptor Charger, engage. Power Slash. My turn.
T-Rex Charger, engage. Energize. Dino Morpher Blast, Final Strike. You’ll do your time for this. Now that was awesome. Wrong, no one controls me, mate. Aren’t you in for a surprise? Wrap your beak around this. (groaning) Chase. Monster, you may be tough one on one, but your odds just got a whole lot worse. T-Rex Charger, engage. Dino Steel. [Everyone] Armor on. (shouting, grunting) [Monster] Too Slow. Triceradrill. (intense music, shouting) He’s so fast.
His cape, hard like rock. We’ve got to get through it. Good thing I’m the hotshot. That’s right, Spellbinder, I’m not gonna miss this time. Chase, get him. Time to change your target, Black Ranger.
Take a shot, Chase. I trust you.
Gotta be careful, it’s so risky.
Hurry. Shoot your friend, Black Ranger. I command you. Huh? What’s happening to me? Chase, what are you doing? I don’t know.
Shoot him. Chase.
No, no. Chase. Can’t control myself. What’s happening? Chase?
What’s wrong? (groaning) (laughing) Get off me.
There’s something wrong with my head.
Koda, let’s get him. Let’s try this.
Stegoshield Punch. He won’t let go.
Triceradrill. Run Tyler.
Thanks Shelby. You’ll never stop me. Soon you’ll all be under my control. Not if I can help it. Let’s see how you deal with
my Dino Charge Morpher. Raptor Charger, engage.
Energize. Dino Morpher Blast. It’s about to get wild. [Everyone] Yeah. Time to finish you.
Raptor Claw. Stegoshield Punch. Hurry, go, now.
On it. Raptor Slash. I wish I’d stayed with Plethandra. Here, up here. Where are you, where are you? Here, hi. Triceradrill. (explosion sounds) Para Chopper.
T-Rex Smasher. Bring it on. (explosion sounds, grunting) Para Chopper Blast. Is that all you got? He keeps blocking with that cape.
Guys, let’s use the Dino Spike. Kendall said we had to
have all five of us together, right?
I’m ready if you are. That’s what I like to hear. Dino Charger, ready. Weapons, combine. Dino Spike Charger, engage. [All] Red Ranger, launch. Dino Spike, Final Strike. (shouting) Awesome. But I’m invincible. Wrong again, beak face. We’re the invincible ones. Out of the frying pan
and into the firing zone. He’s getting away, take the shot Chase. (zapping sound) Someone needs a dental plan. I’m going to rot more
than just your teeth. Whoa. The tree’s decaying.
This guy’s serious. Don’t let him escape. He’ll rot the entire city.
Vivix, attack. (intense music) Yeah.
I’ll beat you like eggs. I can take him. Be my guest, let’s just hope he shoots tennis balls at you.
Is that supposed to be funny?
Decay time. (zapping sounds) Hold still. Open wide, this is going to hurt. Nice job, Riley. Now let me show you
what my training can do. Stop goofing off, I had it. (groaning) Tyler. Hold on guys, I’m coming.
Until next time. You’ll never beat our team, because it’s about to get wild. Vivix, destroy those rangers. Put a bite in these guys. (intense music, shouting) Dino Morpher, Dino Saber, combined. Power Blast. You can keep coming, but I’ll keep kicking. Good try, monsters, but not good enough. (zapping sounds) (groaning) Guys?
I’m on it Chase. Not bad. Now who’s the hotshot? Just until you see a dentist.
Thanks bro. Focus the blast on his teeth. [All] Energize, Dino Morpher Blast. (zapping sounds) (shouting) This doesn’t look good.
The blasters aren’t strong enough.
Who wants to be next? Let’s try your Para
Charger and my Dino Saber. Together? Well that just might work.
Yeah. I’m adapting to the situation.
This will only hurt a lot. Dino Charger ready. Para Charger, engage. Dino Saber.
He needs to try some of his own medicine.
You got it. (zapping sounds) (shouting) Here’s a taste of green and black. Power Slash. Gotcha.
My teeth, my beautiful teeth.
Nice. Now it’s your turn
for a new combo, Chase. Sweet, bro. Dino Charger, ready. Raptor Charger, engage. Go Chase, go.
Energize. This doesn’t look good.
Dino Morpher Blast, Final Strike.
Not another one. (screaming) You asked for it.
We’ll help Tyler. (intense music, shouting) I think you’ll find me a little tougher to defeat.
Oh yeah? That was close.
Can’t handle my sweet moves, Black Ranger? (groaning) (shouting) Easier than swatting flies. Tyler.
I’m going to knock you flat. (shouting, explosion sounds) I’ll take down Stingrage. Vivix, attack. How dare you sting a zord? Tricera Charger, engage.
Energize. Dino Steel, armor on. You’re really starting to bug me. Triceradrill. Looks like I got stung this time. And that’s how it’s done. (shouting) You guys should take
some acting classes, because you’re not fooling me. Sorry Shelby, hey.
You may look like us, but you’re not as smart. (zapping sounds) Chase? How did you know who was who? I slipped these into your belts. You’re so clever.
Nice one. Now we show what real rangers can do. Right, let’s finish these impostors. [All] Steel armor on. You can fake the look,
but, can’t
fake the skills. The real rangers. Solar Scrying.
Stegoshield. I may not be strong enough. I think I can break through. Triceradrill.
Raptor Claw. That’s all you got?
Try a Para Chopper Blast. I need more clone rangers. Meet your match. Not so fast. (zapping sounds) (shouting, intense music) We can’t take much more of this. Coming guys. Energize. Dino Steel, armor on. Take this. (shouting, explosion sounds) So weak without your leader. Let’s end this.
Hold on guys. Back off, Red.
You know what to do. Tyler.
Alright. Dino Charger, ready. Weapons combine. Dino Spike Charger, engage. [All] Red Ranger, launch. Dino Spike, Final Strike. (groaning) Copy that. (groaning) [All] Now that’s teamwork. (intense rock music) You were right, pawns do always lose. If you like games, you’ll get a kick out of this. What do you think guys? Are these monsters
getting easier to fight, or is just me? Easier? He doesn’t understand the rules. Riley, you make monster angrier. Dino Morpher Blast. (shouting) That hurt.
Great shooting, Koda. Guys, I very hungry.
You’ll have to do better than that if you’re
gonna win this game. Tyler, combine powers.
Right. Time for this game to be over. Finish him Koda.
Thanks. Dino Charger, ready. T-Rex Charger, engage. Energize. Dino Morpher Blast. Rangers. [All] Ready, Dino Steel, armor on. Dinosaur might, ready to fight. Vivix. Attack. (shouting) T-Rex Smash. Para Chopper Blast. You’re all green with envy. Don’t flip out, that’s my job. Raptor Claw. (intense music, shouting) Triceradrill. Let’s team up, mates. (grunting, shouting) Seriously? You’re supposed to be tough? T-Rex Smash. Para Chopper Blast. Let’s take this one, Shelby. (shouting) He’s strong. Triceradrill. The fake Energem made
me look like a fool. Destroy them. Tyler, we’ll take the spike bulls. You need to destroy Fury. Take my Para Chopper.
Right. We need to get the Ptera Charger. Good luck. This is it, Fury. Para Chopper Blast. (zapping, explosion sounds) You’ll never get the Ptera Charger. (shouting) The Ptera Zord is mine to control. Don’t count on it. Now, Koda.
Stegoshield Punch. You’re mine. T-Rex Smasher, Para Chopper, combine. T-Rex Chopper. Fury Thunder. Double Blast. With courage and might, ready to fight. [All] Power Rangers Dino Charge. Wipe them out. I can’t wait. [All] Dino Steel, armor on. (intense music, shouting) I’ll finish you this time, Red Ranger. Oh come on Fury, you’ll have to try harder than that. How about this? Riley, take the Triceradrill for a spin, they’ll never expect it from you. You got it. When it comes to these seaweed heads, I don’t even need a weapon. Stand still. He’s being so difficult. Triceradrill. We did it, he’s running scared. Think again. Hey cave man, how do you like our clubs? Very weak, and I, caveman, strong. We meet again, hotshot. Unlucky for you. Para Chopper Blast. Get up you pile of scrap metal. I have an idea Koda,
let’s combine our weapons. Careful, it heavy.
Oh no, now what? Tricera, raptor, stego, Triple Spike. Dino Pierce. (booming sound) I have you now.
No chance. Let’s finish this.
I’ll finish you. Fury Roar. (zapping, crashing sounds) Nice try.
Impossible. T-Rex Smash. Pteradactyl Power Ranger, go. Gold Ptera Morpher, Ptera Bolt. Leave these beasts to me, I have a score to settle. (shouting, grunting) Wow, they practically leap onto my fists. Ptera Strike. Whoa.
He can fly? Sledge will be furious. Another ranger?
Get him. Get thee back, gargoyles. Hey. Summon Ptera Saber. Gold Energem, engage. This doesn’t look good.
Lightning Strike. He fried my brain.
Luckily, I don’t have one. Okay, you’ve worn out your welcome. Frying my circuits.
Lightning Bolt. Who’s next? My turn. Feel the power of the storm. Feel the power of this. Lightning Final Strike. (groaning, loud booming) Anyone else? Right on cue. Time to take their bravery.
Don’t get your heart set on it. Vivix, attack. (shouting, intense music) You seaweed heads never learn. Dino Morpher Blast. Now, that’s a hotshot. Stone Age Slam. Raptor Slash. Go prove yourself.
I’m on it. Try to keep up. I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Up here. That’s enough playing around. Bones, get over here. Say goodbye to your courage, Red Ranger. I gotcha Tyler. (zapping, booming sounds) Power Slash.
I barely need to lift a finger bone to defeat you. Flying Kick.
The foot bone’s connected to the, now what? (grunting) Give it a rest, Blue Ranger. Koda, are you okay? Skeletons are so in right now. Time to remove some backbones. (zapping) It’s Ivan. (shouting) Hey, I’m the hotshot. Nice kick. Ptera Saber. Wow.
You better watch your backs. She’s next, get her.
Energize. Dino Morpher Blast. (explosion sounds) Dino Cycle Split. Back off, bone head. The lady, alone, and yet, such courage. [All] Dinosaur might, ready to fight. (shouting, grunting) Vivix like eggs, easy to smash. And even easier to slash. You’ll never catch me, but you will catch my foot. Ptera Bolt. Ptera Strike. Summon Ptera Saber. Ptera Charger, engage.
Lightning Strike. Let’s double the power. (zapping sounds) Lightning Bolt. Alright. So, it looks like you found your knight. Indeed, Lady Shelby, try this. Sweet. Ptera Charger, engage. Triple power. Ptera Charger engage. [Both] Energize.
[Shelby] Dino Morpher Blast. Lightning Final Strike. (explosion sounds) Now that’s knight worthy.
Indeed. You’re about to encounter
the fury of the Gold Ranger. Yeah, but only after things
get wild with the Red Ranger. [Monster] Destroy them all. I shall destroy these monsters. Not if I destroy them first. T-Rex Charger, engage.
Dino Steel. [All] Armor On. (explosion noises) Para Chopper Blast. Stegoshield Block. Stegoshield Punch. Time for Raptor Claw. Triceradrill. Yes. I’m more than just, A little help? Rest in pieces. Don’t fret, a true warrior has arrived. I’ll show you a true warrior. Let’s see what you got, Rangers. Careful Tyler, you might get hurt. Hey, get off my back. Sir Tyler.
Look, Ivan, I can’t compete with the shining armor, and the horse, but we have to work together.
It’s true, I am the whole package, but you sir are the Red Ranger, how could I compare to that?
Thanks. Let’s dispose of this
stinking scalliwag, together.
Awesome. Let’s do it. You have smoke, here’s fire. Alright Ivan, let’s take him. It’s all going downhill. Let’s face him as a team. Let’s help get him out of the city, permanently.
I’m with you, Red Ranger. Dino Charger, ready.
Dino Charger, engage. Weapons combine.
Dino Spike Charger, engage. [All] Red Ranger, launch. Dino Spike, Final Strike. I feel a bit foggy.
That was awesome. Good show. (intense music) This guy looks like a museum threw up. You can’t talk, you box of crayons. Give them their money’s worth. Are you crazy? He’s useless, I’ll take care of this. Maybe we should help too.
Absolutely not. Mind if I come in? Let me show you how it’s done.
My chest. Don’t let that tin can
push you around, Gold Digger. Get back in there and fight.
Yes ma’am. Now.
Over here Rangers. Bazinga.
That treasure chest is a treasure pest. They can fight without us. Let’s go watch Goose World. Face it wrench, pigs will
fly before you beat us. Oh yeah? Well watch me fly. (crashing sounds, grunting) Now I can get that Energem. Indeed. Prepare to feel the wrath. He’s trapped.
You’re in luck. Let me spread the wealth. Heads up. (coins jingling, crashing) Your luck’s run out, money bags. Stone slab block.
His slab is like steel, we need extra power.
Dino Steel, armor on. Triceradrill.
Stone Slab Block. Shelby, you okay?
I have to tell Wrench about this.
He’s getting away. You’re going down, Red Ranger. I’m afraid you’re quite mistaken. Ivan, I’ve got your back. (shouting, grunting) Stone Slab Multiply. No way.
Hold still. You can’t escape my slabs forever. Don’t worry guys, I can
break through his slabs with the Dino Armor X. Dino Charger, ready. Dino Armor X Charger, engage. Armor X, ready. Spiral Attack. (laughing) What’s wrong? It’s out of control. Pathetic. Stone Slab Multiply. Get out of the way. Got you this time. (grunting) We’re going down. I’ll keep them off you. Let’s hope it works with
blue and green energy. Dino Chargers, ready. Dino Armor X Charger, engage. Armor X. (grunting) (explosive sound) Dino Armor X is their only chance. (shouting) I won’t let you down, Shelby. Please work. Dino Charger, ready. Dino Armor X Charger, engage. It worked. Armor X, ready.
You’re never getting past me, Black Ranger. (shouting) What? Gold Digger, get over here. Nothing’s stopping me. Spiral Attack. (zapping, crashing noises) [All] Dinosaur might, ready to fight. Power Rangers. [All] Dino Charge. You’ll wish you had stayed underground. Vivix, get the rangers now. Raptor Claw.
Para Chopper Blast. Stegoshield Punch. Triceradrill. Lightning Strike. T-Rex Smash. (laughing) Alright tin man, you’re
about to get recycled. Your new powers won’t stop me. Oh please, fighting you is easier than a spin class with training wheels. I don’t get it, what’s a spin class? I’ll give you a demonstration. Spiral Attack.
No way. (screaming) Haven’t you learned yet? You can’t break my slabs.
Maybe not, but he can.
Spiral Attack. That was only one slab.
Guys, he’s gonna multiply. Tyler, the Dino Spike.
Got it. Dino Charger, ready. Weapons combine.
Dino Spike Charger engage. [All] Red Ranger launch. Dino Spike, Final Strike.
Spiral Attack. How unfortunate. Now that’s positive energy. Put your best paw
forward, you feline fiend. Well played.
You beat me once Gold Ranger but you did not defeat me.
Perhaps not then, but you won’t be so lucky today. See what you say in 800 years. After I’ve locked you away again. (grunting, shouting) Prepare to feel the wrath. Ptera Charger, engage. Lightning Strike. You’ll pay for that. Time to take you down a notch, Fury. Ivan, we’ve got you covered.
Thank you, my faithful friends. Let’s finish this once and for all. Vivix, rise. Attack. (shouting) Attack vivix. What is that thing? It’s trying to help us. Well it’s not doing
a very good job, is it? Leave me and get Fury. You too, Shelby. Vivix, get that robot. Attack vivix, vivix, vivix. I can’t fight all six of you. Vivix, attack. Here we go. You mop heads should try
cleaning up your act. Let me help with that. Attack ranger. This new power is great, but there’s nothing worse than
fighting your own creation. Attack ranger. Looks like the monsters
gave you some new tricks. (intense music, grunting) Blast ranger.
This doesn’t look good. Dino Steel, armor on. Fury.
Maybe this club will drive you back to the stone age. That not impress me.
En garde. ‘Tis I, the knight of Zandar, come to smite thee with
steel and lightning. [Koda] Now that impress me. You’re so easy to beat, I
can do it from the ground. Nice try, but not nice enough. I never should have given you
such long lasting batteries. (intense music, grunting) Fight ranger. (explosion sounds) I help you Ivan, Stego Shield. Welcome back, Stego Shield. This one I have.
I shall follow your lead, sir Koda. (zapping sounds) Vivix, rise, and finish the job. I’m outta here. Attack ranger. You already said that. What are those beasts? Oh no.
We’ve got trouble. [Ivan] Tyler, watch out. Tyler.
No. The prince.
If my zord can take out those creatures, then I can finish you. Graphite Power, Royal Dino Punch. (zapping sounds) Error, error, error, error. Robot destroyed. [All] Dinosaur might, ready to fight. Power Rangers. [All] Dino Charge. (laughing) Let me finish the scissory one. (shouting) I’m gonna be blunt, you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I do wish these vivix
were more of a challenge. You can’t hurt me, I’m made of pillows. That why fighting you put me to sleep. Hey, why are you ganging up on me? We get a kick out of it. (intense music) Cheers, mate. You call that a blade? I’ll show you a blade. It’s clear cut, you’re
no match for my Dino Saber. (screaming) You’ll never stop these
blades, Green Ranger. No.
Sir Riley needs our help. I’ve got just the thing. Dino Steel, Armor On. We’re coming Riley. Para Chopper Blast.
Ptera Bolt. No.
Thanks guys. ‘Tis nothing, just what friends do. I’ll go help the others. But first, Para Chopper Blast. This make nice change from
fighting pillow monster. (groaning) The pillow is so soft to kick. Awesome job, guys. A Ptera Charger?
We shall finish him together. (shouting) Dino Charger, ready. Ptera Charger, engage. Wait, can’t we all be pals? Think again. Lightning Final Strike.
Final Slash. (zapping noises) Hey, cut me some slack. (intense music, shouting) Get me all seven Energems. Fear not, my violet friend. Summon Ptera Saber. Did you guys leave your fighting skills back in Amber Beach? I don’t know Tyler, I think these creeps have
always been this weak. See what I mean? Why kick one vivix, when I can kick six? Let’s finish this.
[All] Energize. Dino Morpher Blast.
[Ivan] Lightning Strike. (shouting) Albert, are you okay?
No, I’m not. Albert, what’s wrong?
I’m so sorry, but I’ve never fought monsters before. Here they come. I want to fight them,
but I’m too afraid. I’ll protect you. (shouting, intense music) See, I’ve got this. Albert? You’re all grounded, get it? Freeze, Black Ranger. Not today. Get off ice man. We destroyed you once.
And we’ll destroy you again. Finish this. (shouting) It’s over. I’ll stop them by
launching a meteor bomb. Not so fast. [Monster] Hey. You’re not launching anything. Alright monsters, come and get it. That’s not yours.
Think fast. Sir Tyler, perhaps some pack power. Okay, I’ll launch it right back at them. Royal Dino Punch. (booming sound, grunting) (explosion sounds) Awesome. Hold on a second. My back ache. I’m coming for you, scalliwags. Old Al is gonna teach you a lesson. Ow, oh my back. I may be old, but I’ll
still give you a whooping. He thinks he can kick our butts.
The only thing he’ll kick is the bucket.
You two need to learn some respect for the elderly. And I’m gonna teach you. (shouting) Oh yeah?
Vivix, fire. (zapping noises, loud booming) Attack. (intense music) Time to heat things up with
a nice warm meteor shower. Oh no. Dino Steel, Armor On. T-Rex Smash. Yeah. Time’s up, Meteor.
Yeah? Try my Spiral Galaxy Blast. Planetary Destruction. That’s all you got? T-Rex Smash. My blaster. But I have other tricks up my sleeve. Hiding away from the group because you fear defeat, scaredy cat? Ptera Charger, engage. Lightning Strike.
Fury’s Roar. (zapping, explosion sounds) You won’t beat me that easily. I shall, and you’ll cry like a kitten. [Shelby] Let’s use the
Dino Spike to finish him off. Great idea, Dino Charger, ready. Weapons Combine.
Dino Spike Charger, engage. [All] Red Ranger, launch. Dino Spike. Dino Strike. Let’s kick things up a notch. Come on.
Okay. (grunting, shouting) You seaweed heads are all washed up. We’ll hold them off. Vivix, stop her.
Oh no you don’t. [All] Dinosaur might, ready to fight. [Red Ranger] Power Rangers. [All] Dino Charge. Dino Steel.
[All] Armor On. Look out rangers, my wish is your command, and I wish for you all to fall at my feet. (laughing) (grunting) What’s happening?
He’s controlling us. I’ll put an end to this witchcraft. I wish you’d miss me. Huh?
Take this. Hey rangers, try my bamboo blast. Stegoshield Block. Lucky shot, rangers.
Good move Koda. Shall we do this?
Yeah. [All] Weapons combine. Hey Tyler, Para.
T-Rex. [Both] Combine.
Triple Spike. T-Rex Chopper.
I ran out of wish cards. Dino Pierce.
Double Blast. I have another wish. Weapons combine. Dino Spike Charger, engage.
Dino Spike, Final Strike. (shouting, groaning) This isn’t on my wish list. [All] Dinosaur might, ready to fight. Power Rangers.
[All] Dino Charge. Vivix, attack those lame brained losers. And so the fight begins. It’s gonna be a short battle. T-Rex Charger, engage. Dino Saber. Power Slash. I have an idea, use the
new Dino Cupid Charger miss Morgan created.
Good thinking, Ivan. Dino Cupid Charger, engage.
Dino Morpher Love Blast. (zapping sounds) What on Earth was that? Oooh. Give her a hug, Vivix. Oh no. You can’t all hug me. Finish her Ivan.
It would be my pleasure. Summon Ptera Saber.
Stop it. Ptera Charger, engage.
Lightning Final Strike. [Monster] I don’t love this. (intense music) You want a piece of me, salad heads? Man, you guys are easier
to beat than a drum. Good one Tyler. The thought of beating these guys is music to my ears. Dino Steel, armor on. Stegoshield. Cave Man Kick. Hey vivix, who wants to play a fun new game? It’s called Toss the Monster. Hey vivix, here’s what I think of you stealing that naughty and nice computer. (intense music, shouting) Yes, you cretins. ‘Tis wrong to steal. Not something the Power
Rangers would let slide. We’ve got a present for you. I don’t deserve a present,
I’ve been naughty, haven’t I? Give it to him. Merry Christmas. (laughing) Dino Saber, Dino Charge Morpher combine. Final Strike. (explosion sound) (dramatic music, grunting) (zapping sound) No. (intense music) So this is what feels
like to be a ranger. (shouting, grunting) I’ve been looking forward to this. Me too. (grunting, shouting)

99 thoughts on “Power Rangers Dino Charge – All Megazord Fights | Episodes 1-20 | Dinosaurs”

  1. me and my brother love your show like we always see them even repeat them always over and over and over you're the best I should make more Power Rangers Dino Charge videos

  2. Why was the mega zords foot green when they kicked meteor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙂🤗😇😉🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  3. Power rangers dino change good fight 1-20 episode 😁😁😁😁😆😆😉😉😑😉😉😆😉😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎🙂🙂🙂😎😎😎😍😍😍😎😎😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂🙂😎😎😎🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😉😉😉😙😙😙😚😚😚😚😙😙😙😊😚😚😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😚😊😊😊😚😙😙😙😉😙😙😚😙

  4. 00:00 – VS. Scrapper
    01:56 – VS. Slammer
    04:18 – VS. Spellbinder
    06:23 – VS. Cavity
    08:45 – VS. Stingrage
    10:24 – VS. Duplicon
    12:42 – VS. Ptera Zord & Puzzler
    14:04 – VS. Ptera Charge Megazord
    17:23 – VS. Spikeballs
    18:25 – VS. Bones
    19:53 – VS. Smokescreen
    22:55 – VS. Gold Digger
    24:21 – VS. Vivizords
    25:19 – VS. Shearfear
    28:01 – VS. Meteor
    31:56 – VS. Wishstar
    33:17 – VS. Greenzilla
    37:19 – VS. Memorella
    38:24 – VS. Spikeball

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  6. 28:03 WHY does it say dino charger 3 and then it becomes the acalosaurus Zord and that's dino charger 7

  7. I’m not saying you were that bad or something you did but it’s been really hard on you you want you back you

  8. My only complaints, i miss the samba, and the creative names for the dinos. Also I think there could have been a few more original ranger footage with the new zealand/ american actors. Another problem I had is the fact they used the Jurassic Park t rex roar, which is almost like using a wilhelm scream. Kinda cheap

  9. rwwfrowwxhfglfK,fk jc gllg,gwgwkr%+84¢$jfdjfk*5(4jd#6+€€jf,hx€+rhc &",*xg,xhycxb',cfwkfJkfYdRwfwkktwlgwglmwtwtwtlhjf%hsfrKf€-€+46

  10. dino charge was so good way better than the previous seasons and better then ninja steel and ninja super steel the only season that I can see possibly surpassing it is beast morphers

  11. Recognize this I have my own mega zord now Rangers deal with this Rangers fury has the Tera zord now we can finally destroy the Rangers Maga beam

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