Pop Culture Combat: Was Ross The Best Or Worst FRIEND?

– Is Ross the best Friend or the worst Friend? – Ross is the glue that keeps this whole group.

– Is Ross the best Friend
or the worst Friend? – Ross is the glue that keeps
this whole group together. This show should be called
Ross and His Dumbass Friends. – No, Ross is a creepy older brother who just won’t stop hitting
on his sister’s best friend. He’s the worst. – All right, let’s get into it. Broti, why is Ross the worst Friend? – So the real question over
the course of the show isn’t will Ross and Rachel get together. It’s how the fuck does
Ross have five friends. He is whiny, condescending, and jealous. He talks down to everyone
like he’s hot shit and not a paleontologist
that literally got suspended from work for anger issues. When Phoebe thought her mom
was reincarnated as a cat, he was such a dick to her. Rachel dodged a bullet
by going on that break. And honestly, Emily dodged a bullet when he said Rachel’s name at the wedding. Let me repeat that. He said the wrong name at his wedding. Every woman he spent time
with was so much happier the minute she left him. That is a bad sign. I want to see a show about how much better his ex-wife’s life was once
she left him for a woman. – Kevin, your thoughts? – So listen, the reason
Ross got married so often is because he had so much love to give and that love extends to his friends. He felt everything on such a deep level. He felt the pain when
Rachel wanted a break. He felt the pain when he couldn’t get
into his leather pants. And he felt the pain when
his tanning went so poorly. Life wasn’t so easy on Ross. But you know what? It’s not easy on any of us, is it? And if you wouldn’t want
to hang out with Ross, think about how much better he is than the rest of the Friends. Monica, annoyingly obsessive. Joey, a womanizer. Chandler, terrible jokes. Rachel, spoiled. Phoebe, I don’t even want to
get into Phoebe right now. Now, you’d enjoy hanging
out with Ross in real life, you would. He’s not whiny, he’s sensitive. He’s not jealous, he’s
just been hurt in the past. And he is not condescending, he’s just actually read a
book for once in his life. You would enjoy spending time with Ross. And he’d probably like
hanging out with you so much, he’d try and marry you. And is that such a bad thing? – Yeah. – So should Ross get
bonus points for being the only adult in the group? – Well, I would go as far as to say not only should he get bonus points, he should win the game by default. He’s one of the only Friends
that didn’t have to live with one of the other five. – He didn’t live with
any of the other friends because they didn’t want to live with him. – Was Ross a good father? – I often forget that Ross was a father. He never sees his kids. – So Kevin, assuming
Ross is the best Friend, who’s the worst Friend? – Well, my answer to this question is the same answer to the question of what’s the best search engine,
which is Bing, Chandler Bing. He was one of the only Friends who thought he was the funniest. But in fact, his humor and his
use of comedy in conversation was a mere defense mechanism, a thin veil for a sad person. – So Broti, who is the best Friend? – Phoebe Buffay, and here is why. She is so selfless, she is so kind. If Phoebe had done nothing else
besides writing Smelly Cat, that alone still would have
made her the best Friend. – I do have to admit that
Smelly Cat is a banger, and I do concede that point. – Okay folks, now’s your chance
to make your final argument. Kevin? – I believe that Ross
Geller is a good man. He’s a good father, and he
is not only a great Friend, he is the best Friend. – Look, I could make an argument, but I say just watch it again. As Chandler Bing would
say, could he be any worse? – Well, you’ve both made great points, but we’re out of time. Let us know in the comments
whose side you’re on. And join us on the next
episode where we’ll debate Israel and Palestine. See you then.

67 thoughts on “Pop Culture Combat: Was Ross The Best Or Worst FRIEND?”

  1. Ross was the worst. Chandler was not great but he was better than Ross. Ross was far more of a womanizer than Joey, Joey respected the women he went out with, and never cheated on them.

  2. They didn't even touch on the fact that Ross was always horrible to Susan even though she's a lovely person, and that he was so insecure that he couldn't handle having a male nanny. And when he can't deal with Phoebe not believing in evolution. He just has to be right in every situation and that's why he's the worst.

  3. To be fair, with the possible exception of Chandler, (understandable homophobia and transphobia caused by his parents splitting up aside), all of them are just awful people.

  4. Ross is shit. He should have spent more time with his kids.When I think of FRIENDS now I find myself wondering why I wasted soo much time watching that disaster of a show. Seinfeld was better than FRIENDS and they showed the reality of friendships and acquaintances…If the show were re-booted I don't think it would last a whole season.

  5. I love friends!! In fact I re-watch the whole series every year and a half. If I had to choose one of the guys to marry, it would be Ross simply because he is the most reliable overall. That aside, all, I repeat ALL, of the friends are terrible in one way or another. However, their flaws are balanced throughout the group as are their strengths. I should know, since I've watched it so often.

  6. i actually started re-watching FRIENDS a couple of months ago and yes Ross is TRASH, but by s5 is more goofy then anything else….speaking of, where is the ROSS IS TRASH series of videos!?

  7. Am I the only one who feels that making a "pop culture debate" about a complex topic such as Israel and Palestine is pretty disrespectful? People lost their lives. It's a tragedy, not pop culture.

  8. We all know Ross is a serial killer in the making. All it takes is one bad day, one man eating your sandwich with a moist maker in the middle

  9. Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody pleases everyone. Thats what makes FRIENDS such a good show! Its relatable.

  10. Chandler, terrible jokes? WhAT he was the best friend. You cant go against someones character for making jokes…Ross was a dick. Manipulative, jealous, controlling, and selfish.

  11. The dude arguing for Ross clearly didn't want to; they just needed someone to argue the pro-Ross side and good luck finding someone who genuinely wants to do that.

  12. Leaving aside "we were on a break", so many classic lines came from Ross including the most underrated gag in the whole show, "pivot".

    Plus he had the patience of a Saint with his awful (first) ex wife,who made him a cuckold, yet STILL kept custody.

  13. Ross is neither the worst nor the best. Phoebe is definitely the best I agree there. The worst Friend has to be Rachel. She’s spoiled, annoying, everything falls in her lap (like jobs in the fashion industry). She violates her friends’ trust, she started a significant relationship with a subordinate at work without going to HR, she breaks Ross’s heart repeatedly then gets mad when he tries to move on.

  14. Phoebe was an absolutely terrible person. I wouldn't agree Ross was the best. It was probably Joey, although he's obviously imperfect. But he does improve…case in point: the one where he dives on Ross to protect his sandwich

  15. Phoebe is the worst friend. Did these people even watch the Friends TV series? Ross was the most mature of the bunch and had the most responsibility.

  16. Ross did briefly live with one of the other friends (Rachel) but yeah Ross sucks ass. He did a lot of shitty things throughout the 10 seasons. He's not "sensitive" he just gets upset when he gets caught doing sh*tty things and doesn't get his way. Also I know smart and educated people and they don't try to make those who are less smart and/or less educated feel like sh*t. There is a difference between trying to teach someone something and making fun of them. He made fun. Sensitive people don't try to make other people feel bad about themselves. And what happened to Ben? Ben was in like, what, 4 seasons tops and then he was mentioned like twice.
    He and Rachel are both whiney, though Rachel is less so. It's a good thing the other friends were so good. Chandler was the best. Even when his jokes were bad his smile makes me feel better.

  17. Ross was the WORST!!!! Worst friend, worst husband, worst father and worst professor (he dated a student, for Christ's sake!!!) Phoebe was the best! She was loving, funny, warm,generous! Monica had too many issues and was controlling. Joey was self-serving. Ross was condescending and judgemental. Rachel was a good friend, but easily distracted in her own dramas. Chandler was the best of the men.

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