Editorial Reflections - Living the best life possible in rural B.C.

Editorial Reflections - Living the best life possible in rural B.C.

We may not always agree in this journey we are on together as humans but one thing is for sure and I’ve seen it time and again, the majority rallies when times get tough.

So many examples in recent years from wildfires to a pandemic, droughts and the high cost of living, without the support, dialogue, creative thinking and willingness to ‘be there’ for one another the story would be different. It’s obvious, in many rural communities in Canada and specifically here in B.C. we just wouldn’t come out on the other side as successfully as we do without knowing that someone always has our backs, watches out for us, and keeps us safe and cared for thanks to so many helping hands along the way.

Resiliency comes to mind and with that word I’m sure you immediately visualize those incredible people in your neck of the woods who exemplify the fortitude, determination, and overall strength of character who steadfastly keep the wheels of action turning in whatever capacity is needed at a moment’s notice. These individuals come from all ages, stages, backgrounds, cultures and experience. You might say, they are the fabric and heart woven into our daily lives, as diverse, unconditional, compassionate and kind as they are tough and resilient.

What I have found and continue to discover in many intriguing, captivating, fascinating ways, as a journalist and as a fellow human is there is no denying, we all have a story. If only we would take a little bit of time to listen sincerely, it is amazing what we can learn from each other. We are all writing our own stories in life and our combined experiences become part of a unique book of knowledge to draw from again and again.

The moral of the ‘story’ will reveal itself I believe over time and in ways we may not yet imagine. Like the vibrant colours of a rainbow, bridging one side of the sky to the other after a summer’s rain with a visual message of promise and wonder. Colourful, unique, one of kind, just like each and every one of us are.

Kindness, open hearted wisdom and compassionate natures welcome us to share our own chapters with each other for the good of all. A safe place to come together and dialogue, collaborate, understand and authentically listen. These qualities facilitate change, growth and progression.

We are the fabric of our towns, municipalities and villages winding through the mountains in rural B.C. A blanket of diversity, unity, determination and pride inspiring each other to create the best quality of life possible for one and all.

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