Ninjutsu against wrestling collar tie, AKBAN

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99 thoughts on “Ninjutsu against wrestling collar tie, AKBAN”

  1. this good stuff i like it. but in real fight u have to act fast so if you have mind for it. then go for it.

  2. i have a second degree black-belt (ninjutsu) myself. At last some NO-nonsense ninjutsu. Your style looks a bit like the one that i've been thought. nicely done!

  3. Wonder how would this fare against Steven Seagal's aikido. He is one mean SOB. I definitely know this loses out to Bruce Lee's jeet June do or Yip Man's wing chun… Sorry no disrespect but those guys and their techniques are immortals.

  4. At 00:47 wouldn't it be easier to get a strong punch in the torso, and after that, maybe an uppercut to the chin? I'm not saying that the technique shown in the video is not useful. It seems to work just fine. But it takes a lot of training to be able to use it in a serious situation. (sorry for any grammar mistakes)

  5. well — actually they developed techniques to "take out the enemy fast " – and is not only killing (that happened btw just in feudal Japan ) , is more for immobilization not to actually hurt your opponent … and ofc was adapted to our times … ninjutsu is the art of using a small force at the level of a big one , and that means hitting where u have to with the smaller effort instead of using your hands to hurt yourself …

  6. he got it wrong — he saw some movies and got it completely wrong … ninjutsu have two blades ,,, a black one and a white one ( attack and defense ) and this video ( like almost all akban videos ) is about defense , cause to actually learn someone how to hurt people would be unwise and almost impossible for someone that calls himself shinobi .

  7. a 2 on 1 is a great move, but in a fight they would just punch you because both your hands are occupied and cannot block

  8. You can search youtube for "fudo ken" or "kikaku ken"to see that we can do full force, with caution, without protective gear.

  9. I love how these badasses talk. There's dojo, then there's street. And then there's when your opponent speaks the magic words, "I'm going to kill you," in front of witnesses. Only the last one MIGHT save you from going to jail if you kill him first.

    Besides that, you do not want to break your uke or you won't have anyone to play with.

    All five of those will break or kill someone, if you go there.

  10. ''Ninjutsu not a MARTIAL ART'' WTF are you talking about?pendejo -_- (imbecile).
    All of these techniques are basic, but not JUDO.

  11. Fantastic display of technique. This is the way martial arts should be taught. Unfortunately, the vast majority of dojos are watered down, and spend way too much time teaching unrealistic techniques and light to no-contact sparring. Virtually no resistance training except in an MMA gym or grappling dojo. There are a few ninjutsu schools around here in Sacramento, but they seem disorganized. Wish we had instructors like this here. Nice job, again Mr. Sheriff.

  12. I think the student is better off rolling over his other shoulder, when he is thrown with the kata garuma. The way he is falling now forces his neck in a strange position!

  13. I'm not sure he would be able to reach if he's controlling his shoulder like that. But what do I know, right now I don't have a sparring partner, so I can't test it.

  14. According to some research, some of which you can find in YT, Ninjutsu seems to be more of a broad term given to the different disciplines practiced by the ninja. So, according to that, it's as much a Martial Art as Spetsnaz would be.

  15. For people bitching about the comment "Ninjutsu is not a martial art": It is not. Nin Jutsu means "ninja techniques", it is not only about hand to hand combat. 90% of what ninjutsu is you can't use in a competition (thats why we see lots of "ninjas" getting beat on YT videos).

    However, ninjutsu implements tai-jutsu, bo-jutsu, koppo-jutsu and other things that are in fact martial arts (or at least martial art related, like a study of weak joints where you could easily break bones).

    Nin-Jutsu is all these things together, walking/jumping in silence, knowledge of poisons, vital points, pressure points, hand to hand combat, combat with weapons (staffs, kamas, scythes, etc), damn… Nin-jutsu can be even a study of psychology!

    Guess it is nuff said =P

  16. why would you want to end up on the floor with him and i doubt it would be that easy to apply in a real fight the difference between this and a real fight is his sparing partner isn't fighting back.

  17. really a great job there, as always!
    I only had a question about the Yoko Sutemi…. once you have established the Two on One, what's preventing your opponent from punching your face rather than just pushing it?

  18. Respetos para los querreros que aparecen en el video. Creo importante entrenar bajo la suposicion que el oponente no será un oponente inerte, sino un oponente que reacciona a la ves que nosotros lo hacemos. Suponer que  un oponente no hace nada ante mi agarre o mi tecnica es un engaño a nosotros mismos.

  19. Ok so I watched the first 30 seconds of your video and had to stop it…..and just say out loud DAMN YOU ARE VERY GOOD!!!

  20. This technique could only work between master and student this wont work in a real life one on one combat unlike Aikido….

  21. great   way  to  teach   these   techniques-even  if the victim   uses  part of a technique to overcome  its  good-i.e. you  might be  all   ready in 2 on  1  for example- Ari

  22. Sweet! In fact I just woke up from a dream I had involving criminals with guns and using your own body as a weapon. People like this with this advanced skill-set of ninjitsu and martial arts don't even need a gun. All they have to do is knock the gun out of their opponent's hands and use their gun against them. 

  23. I have studied many martial arts, and have taught a few systems over the years, and what I have found is that if you break each system down you will find the same stuff, sure other styles have a little more flavor, but you will see many things carry over. In Krav Maga, depending on who is teaching you will have a lot of take downs from other arts, because those take downs work.  The idea is to learn the principles, and yes you do set up situations in the Dojo to give a student the principles that they can use.  Now it is up to each of us to learn the principles and use what you. For most leverage and throws you need to create the first injury, make sure you great something in your aggressor because no one is going to let you throw them or break bones, bu once you get that first injury, get the spinal reflex involved, and keep hurting them you are in control and it is up to you what you want to do, and all you have to do is make it happen. S.C.A.R.S. and TFT really have this part of it down and it has worked in teaching my students and helping them set things up they can use.  Each student needs to make the art theirs, learn what their is and use what works for them.

    Now if we train right, live right, kill as much of the ego we can to get away from the bullshit social confrontations and monkey politics then we never have to fight, and that is the goal.

  24. I have to say, I thought Ninjitsu might not be the most practical for the street but from what i see here, this is very practical, high skill level demonstrated here!!

  25. From personal experience avoid contact at any cost. In reality there are many variables that can go wrong and make the experience disastrous for you. Good exercise though.

  26. The guy he's demonstrating with looks like he's 5'7" and about 140 lbs. Not sure if he'd be able to pull this off with a 6'+ tall, 200+ lb. guy.

  27. Sir sensei I was always listened that unarmed combat or keep striking is work in real world but you demonstrate ninjitsu the myth martial arts like akido what people said it work like cup of tea in real life sir can I learn ninjitsu alone or at home ??? Am from India sir please dont get hurt to the myth martial art sorry but people say to me sorry and answer me please

  28. @2:58 what is the name of this two on one(right reverse grip )position called? i need to know for some reason.thsnks

  29. I respect your art. Although I have a hard time believing that these techniques would work against an actual wrestler. I am not a wrestler myself but k do practice judo and TKD and have sparred a ton of styles including rolling with a ninja, he was slippery and hard to submit but I won in the end. Just saying I would like to see you demonstrate against an opposing style

  30. Ese arte marcial se conoce como Bu jutsu fue creado por varios samurais después de que prohibieron usar espadas

  31. Well from my personal experience- even if you use part of the techniques shown you will do better then nothing.Practise the complete moves and in a real situation do what is needed. RI OF dON'T BE A VICTIM 21fEB19

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