Nerf War: Roommate Battle

[Music] SKATEBOARD RIDING [Glass breaking] GAME PLAYING [Can of soda opens] [Various animal noises] Yo! Why didn’t you answer the.

[Music] SKATEBOARD RIDING [Glass breaking] GAME PLAYING [Can of soda opens] [Various animal noises] Yo! Why didn’t you answer the door? What door? Dude, you said we were going to the beach today. Let’s go! Yo, I’m not going to the beach today bro I’m gaming. Dude, you’ve been playing that all week. You’re addicted. Damn, right I’m addicted! What’s so good about that game anyway? It’s Vikings, bro! Why don’t you play it yourself? [More glass breaking] [Even more glass breaking] [Footsteps on stairs] [Music becomes intense] [Music becomes extremely intense] [Muffled] Where, is that Nerf gun?! [Shot fired] Is this happening right now? Oh, it’s happening. [Shots fired] [Shooting] [More shooting] [Shooting] Where are you bro? [Wookie like noises] [Strange screaming noises] How may I help you sir? I need a Nurf gun. Big, small, tender, slender, medium, thick or meaty? I’ll take a medium one. Right away sir. This is the XX 2000 Caliber 50cal Sniper Rifle Full Recoil. Mags please. Oh *sniffs*, oh, uh ehhh, sir uh, you know I do not accept caaaash. Oh.. I got something you might like A pleasure doing business with you sir! Etsuba!

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  2. You must buy all NERF okay i support you i'm your subscribers….#REQUEST…Can you makes Episode Film Action Okay Zombie Or Alien Or Ghost Of Monster Or Crazy Human And Etc…okay please please You & Aaron Esser Don't Give Up Be Youtuber NERF okay

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