My Life In Monsters: Meet the Animator Behind Star Wars and Jurassic Park

I took LSD when I was working on Return of the Jedi and it was fine it was very calming.

I took LSD when I was working on Return of the Jedi and it was fine it was very calming and so I decided to go back to work and I walked into the blue screen stage and I was just like …aah! I took way too much I’m Phil Tippet live in Berkeley California and I ……

100 thoughts on “My Life In Monsters: Meet the Animator Behind Star Wars and Jurassic Park”

  1. Very interesting look into Phil's life. He does this blockbuster work and yet he still has to worry about where his next paycheck comes from. I couldn't do this. Looks fascinating though.

  2. Finally something worth watching from the Snowflake Leftist company Vice. Great Documentary! Brings back memories. My first and only like on a Vice clip who would of thought.

  3. Well let's see it's going to be hard for vice to make up and lie about everything in this video

  4. Wow imagine tripping on Lucas practical effects tripping with all the costumes aliens hold u fuck what a trimp

  5. Man his collection is pure gold I wonder how much those original sculpts are worth.and my god IAM watching mad God asap if I can find it

  6. 6:52 felt like an alarm clock dragging you out of an awesome dream, within the BLINK of an eye xD
    And 16:32 how the oscars just stand there, among other figures…

  7. Incredible work, this is what I consider an art form, CGI has its place at certain times but you can’t replace good old fashioned puppet work and models something u can touch and feel is real, nice work Phil!!

  8. I still prefer practical effects over cgi any day. Anyone else get suggestion gay conversion therapy? A bit off topic? How do you pivot from this to that?

  9. I relate. I create to live, I live to create. I also suffer from depression and anxiety. Only time I'm free is when I'm creating. I'm an inventor, artist and author. I'm finishing my book soon. Only people like us understand each other. You are the unsung heroes of great movies my friend!

  10. This was very interesting until about 18:35 and the whole “this country was built on destroying other blah blah blah”. Wrongs done? Yes but there was a whole lot of good done too and a lot of hard work and the whole guilt thing gets old.

  11. One of the biggest factors in CGI realism is weight and velocity, and I'm convinced one of the reasons Jurassic Park's effects aged as well as they have is because Tippet had the uncanny know-how to elicit natural movement via that armature.

  12. 3:13 all because he started out having a fascination with film
    Thank GOD I grew up in Australia in the 70's – 80's where sending kids to psychologists and pumping them full of drugs was rare to the point it was the exception rather than the rule simply because you didn't understand your children
    At least it was where I grew up

  13. This has got to be the realest video from an accomplished Artist ever!!! Thanks for the transparency. Provides therapy ma'man!!

  14. 16:45
    🎼"My pain.. self chosen.

    At least..
    ..I believe it to be.

    I could either drown..
    ..or pull off my skin and swim to shore.

    Now I can grow a beautiful.. for all to see!"🎶

  15. They created 3d animation from the ground up and people complain about stop motion? He said it those animators didn't know what they were doing so they created bones!

  16. Ive been saying it since jurrasic park! stop animation still looks 100% better then CGI! CGI looks cartoonish! even the bext cgi still looks like "who framed roger rabit" cartoonish!! Cgo is part of what ruined episodes 1, 2 and 3!! the stop motion animation would of bee soo much better and cooler!! i dont see why nobody see iit! cgi is shit! its exensive shit with no realism!! if anything the only cgi that should be used is to enhance the stop motion to fill in the little details! BRING BACK THE STOP MOTION ANIMATION IN OUR SCI FI!!

  17. as a black American the idea that modern people should feel guilt from the actions of the people of the past that have nothing to do with our present loves if fucking ridiculous, if you want to feel guilty about soomething then look to your own actions and decisions and be a better person when you make present and future decisions. Let the people of the past stay there, they have nothing to do with us, because the fact of the matter is the every group or nationality that exists today exists because they trampled over another group at one point and were trampled over in return. Indian nations constantly warred adn murdered each other, the aztecs horrifically psychotically sacrificed, tortured, kidnapped, conquered and slaughtered and enslaved millions in the name of their demon gods over the span of their existence and in return were given the same courtesy by those they had done it to for thousands of years with help of the spaniards!! african tribes the same, asian nations were even worse! mongols left mountains of heads of their slaughtered every where they went! STOP FEELING GUILTY FOR SHIT IN THE PAST YOUR ANCESTORS ARE NOT UNIQUE AND THEY DONT DESERVE CONDEMNATION MORE THEN ANY OTHER GROUP! WHITE PEOPLE! STOP FEELING GUILTY OVER NOTHING!! WERE MY ANCESTERS ENSLAVED? YES!! BUT NOT BY YOU AND CHANCES ARE NOT BY YOUR ANCESTORS WHO PROBABLY GOT HERE AFTER SLAVERY ENDED AND AFTER THE SAVAGE INDIANS WERE THROWN ON TO RESERVATIONS!! WHO GIBES A FLYING FUCK?! people live in the now and get the fuck over it! white guilt is stupid racist bullshit, STOP IT!!

  18. no way phil ! Stop motion has and will only be the masters attribute ! The only way it works well is if you combine the 2 techniques ! There is nothing to be scared of .

  19. 8:11 – Yet, YouTube doesn't DeMonetize this video but will DeMonetize someone trying to teach autistic kids math. GTFOH.

  20. Informative, passionate and ultimately a brilliant, but short interview with one of my greatest special effects wizard

  21. As much as I love stop motion, and I do, Jurrasic Park would have been a joke if they used it for the Dinosaurs. Stop MOtion is fantasy. It is the Late Show at 2 am.

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  23. I know a guy who went to college with Tippett – apparently Phil was always off designing monsters and all his artist classmates tried to get him to focus on more practical stuff – now he's richer than all of them put together. But, my friend said, nobody resents him, because a) dude followed his heart and b) success couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

  24. 8:07 This is so beautifully shot! The music, setting, the time of day, everything! I've just watched it ten times in a row. Fantastic work!

  25. I feel like when Vice’s producers are researching stories and they hear anything about drugs they’re immediately like “I’M IN. In fact, let’s start the piece with that.” It’s actually getting kinda played out. It’s like they’re saying drugs are cool…like “we’re vice…tune in to see our hipster correspondents who despise macro brews and call movies films.”

  26. Thanks Vice. Your channel does stories that nobody else would think of. I take the moral of this story, do something you love, and believe.That your imagination and creativity will inspire others. Love your channel

  27. Alastair Powell…, I agree. Behind the scenes is nearly always more compelling than the end result. The Wizard of Oz highlights this. One old man behind a screen creating a world of wonder. Also, please can we have a playlist to the music used or a link?

  28. I love seeing and hearing film makers talk about what they do. They seem so honest and forthright about things when compared to, lets say, politicians..

  29. Ate some acid, crawled into a cupboard, communicated with your cat, and descended into a world of molecules in the center of the earth for three million years? “I took like… way too much.” Ya think? 😂😂😂

  30. the picture at 7:38 of the AT-AT's body looks like a AT-M6 exept the gun in the back and both of the legs are in the same height

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