Meghan McCain Viciously Slams Joy Behar In Fight On The View

Yet another heated debate between Meghan McCain and Joy Behar of The View is making headlines this week. Tempers began.

Yet another heated debate between Meghan McCain
and Joy Behar of The View is making headlines this week. Tempers began to flare between the longtime
co-hosts during a political discussion in an episode of The View that aired on Tuesday,
April 2nd, 2019. While kicking off the segment in question,
comedian-actress Joy Behar said: “Pete Buttigieg is quickly becoming the candidate
to watch. His popularity is skyrocketing.” As you may already know, the Democratic Mayor
of South Bend, Indiana hopes to make history and become the youngest and first openly gay
president of the United States in the 2020 election. Buttigieg is 37. Since his own appearances on The View this
past January and again in late March, Buttigieg’s campaign has already raised over seven million
dollars. As Vox reports, he’s now become, quote, “a
surprisingly serious contender in the 2020 Democratic primary race.” Behar went on to refer to a recent poll conducted
by NBC and The Wall Street Journal, which revealed that most American voters would,
quote, “have no problem with a gay candidate.” “That’s great. But are they ready for a gay president? That’s the question.” Based on their applause, the audience definitely
seemed to be into the idea. Meanwhile, the panelilsts went on to speak
highly of Buttigieg’s character and political views, which stand in marked contrast to the
increasingly divisive sociopolitical climate that has seems to have risen under President
Donald Trump. However, the friendly tone of the segment
took a turn for the severely shady when McCain started discussing some of the poll’s other
findings: “What I also found fascinating at the very,
very, very bottom, only 25% of Americans are comfortable with a socialist becoming president.” After hearing this, Behar replied: “When they realize what that means, they’ll… ” “People are smart, okay?” And that’s when things went from bad to astonishingly
awkward: “So am I!” “And do you know what’s helping, people — so
am I! SO AM I! You disagree that I’m smart?” And in case the exchange isn’t already cringe-worthy
enough for you, this happened: “… Democratic socialists…” Following her full-fledged on-air eyeroll,
McCain went on to exclaim: “This is so ridiculous. I miss Whoopi when she’s not here.” Yikes. As you may already be aware, The View’s longtime
co-host Whoopi Goldberg has been noticeably absent from the daytime talk show in recent
months due to a near-fatal battle with pneumonia. In Goldberg’s absence, The View’s latest political
debate ended on a decidedly sour note, with McCain telling Behar: “I’m just trying to explain to you the other
side.” “But instead, I’m told that I don’t understand
what democratic socialism is. I assure you, Joy, I do.” Of course, this is hardly the first time Meghan
McCain and Joy Behar have butted heads since the former joined The View back in 2017. Here’s what went down during a discussion
about Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar back in February 2019: “Number one, I have friends who were at her
announcem… all right, no, no, by all means, keep going Joy.” “No, if you’re going to have a hissy fit,
we can’t continue!” And then there’s this December 2018 segment,
which finds the co-hosts attempting to discuss the legacy of the late former President George
H.W. Bush: “…dammit!.” “… well I don’t care…” “We’ll be right back.” Oh, and in March 2019, the co-hosts argued
over legacy admissions while discussing the college admissions bribery scandal. “The policy of where legacy admissions came
from “I’m very proud of my family’s legacy at the
Naval Academy.” “… and Jews, probably, out of the colleges!” Got all that? Good! In conclusion, we’ll leave you with one final
talking point: “… Democratic socialists…” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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100 thoughts on “Meghan McCain Viciously Slams Joy Behar In Fight On The View”

  1. Again I ask why is his which McCain on the show. This is one of my favorite shows and I hate having her on it

  2. We have already had the first gay president. Obama had 3 different boyfriends before he was senator,2 of them were murdered , the other one fled not to be heard of again.Then he ended up marrying a transgender. Fake news won’t report none of this or investigate it.

  3. Meghan McCain is a bitch and I refuse to watch the View anymore while she's there. She is NOT a stellar person.

  4. Megan has money of Megan family? not just paid from The View. That's the reason why she act this way? Needs to be fired from The View?


  6. McCain has no clue what democratic socialism is, if one told her the whole of Europe was democratic socialist she is so dumb she would argue with one. The happiest people in the world are in Denmark probably the most socialist of all. Her ignorance knows no bounds.

  7. Listen Meghan….Speak for yourself! I'm more comfortable with a democratic socialist than what the GOP is doing right now. Yes there is a difference between a socialist and a democratic socialist. Don't put those two together! There is a difference!

  8. Meghan is an ugly human being, she's there to spread hate and promote herslf for a future payday, who's gonna replace her, david duke? At least we'd get hate with a bit of intelligence.

    Socialism is socialism. Communism is communism and democracy is a democracy.

  10. Meghan is like Trump. They want everybody to do as they say. And neither has sense enough to lead.

  11. It isn't surprising that Behar would want a socialist gay president; she is an angry woman with vile contempt for mainline politics. A gay president would alienate international relations with half of African countries and parts of the middle east where homosexuality is punishable by death.

  12. If Megan goes, It will be the I hate Trump show and the same old hateful stuff. I never have seen so many mean hateful women. Can't stand the show and will not watch.

  13. But, also during this argument, Joy does call Copenhagen a country. I don’t think there’s a working brain cell between the two tbh.

  14. Megan is pathetic. One of those “I know everything about anything and I’m always right because I know everybody in every field and I have advanced intelligence.” 🙄

  15. California hates Trump so much that they're using surveillance technology that was intended for combatting terrorism to instead monitor, blacklist, and even frame vocal dissenters of their attempt to become a socialist colony… They exaggerate their annual summertime fire crisis to obtain relief funds that they spend on their liberal pet projects. I never saw or smelled even a hint of smoke in areas that were either being evacuated or people were wearing surgical masks.

  16. If I had to choose between Trump & Mickey mouse for president. I'd choose Mickey mouse!!! Also I'm so tired of Megan McCain's tantrums!!!! Just get rid of her!!!! She's toxic just like Trump!!!!
    Can't take it anymore!!!!

  17. The more a society drifts from the truth, the more those that speak truth will be hated. George Orwell said that. I don't know about you guys, but what I've seen from Joy is frustration(my opinion is that its justified) and what I've seen from Meghan is hatred. Hatred at joy, hatred at being challenged by anyone in anyway, hatred at the audience when they don't agree with her(which is hella often lol) and her view that she is a victim and being hated on by people when in actuality it is her own hatred that people are picking up on and responding to. So yeah this is a pretty easy question to answer…I obviously side with Joy. Meghan wont even be honest about her actual views on woman's reproductive rights! so you know. It's sad she rides her fathers celebrity to be someone, but honestly..Who is watching the view to hear what Meghan thinks because she is so often right?

  18. Kick megan off the show, she's acts like she's so intitled to talk to anyone any way she wants, but heaven forbid someone has a say

  19. They only applaud when the applause sign lights up so some people in the audience don't even know what they're cheering about.

  20. Please ! First Off Do Not List Joyless Behar as a “comedian /Actress “ this BITCH is Neither ! I’m not even sure that this Bitch is an American ? Infact I don’t thinkAna Navarro or Sunny is either ? Those Morons are Demo Socialists ! or More likely Communists !

  21. Megan, I dislike Joy ,they should get rid of her. Why would they have all Democrats and one Republican on the show doesn’t make sense to me

  22. First Trump niw a homosexual when is it going to end this country is going down like the Titanic and l think there is nothing we can do about it

  23. Don’t nonchalantly accept what these leftist propagandists have to say. They are attempting to influence your views and thoughts. Research and learn those things which will effect our politics in the near future. Democratic socialism, socialism, communism are all brands of the same product. Don’t by into any of this if value your freedom.

  24. Meghan McCain is a Bi…. shut up please Meghan you are not in the navy okay but you should go join. I like them but her I'm done she has a big mouth and she think she knows everything. She proud of what?

  25. Can't stomach that BRATTY bitch, the witch Meggy. She's so RUDE, rolling her eyes and always looking into the audience hoping they would side with her nonsensical views. Can't see, why she has to appear on the show. Kick her off the view.

  26. Besides rolling eyes her fav line is Oh God n hugs herself. Looks at camera n audience. Pissed when mostly 1 or 2 ppl applaud. Once in awhile she says something ppl applaud but rarety. Once some1 else talks she hates because ppl clap and howl. Mean girl face. When mouth quiet she gulps n gulps cup. What's in it? Bet they have to refill during intermission. Surp she doesn't run to bathrm. Hsrd because clothes too tight

  27. Meghan McCain is a hypocrite. She hated trump when he was picking on her father. Now she defends him. She's as bad as Lindsey.

  28. I read several comments here on YouTube, when they recommended a hacker, about him hacking into their partner's phone. I message him on Instagram @redhackpro when I suspected my husband cheating and you wouldn't believe this hacker helped me hack into his phone without any glitch. He did it remotely and swift and his service cost me a few bucks, the hacker's whatsapp +1(937)815-1491 is for anyone that may require his help

  29. After reading the comments I’m glad I’m not the only one who find Megan freaking annoying. I guess there is still hope for humanity ✌️

  30. If trump hadn’t attacked and disrespected her father, Meghan would be trump’s biggest supporter. She acts JUST LIKE HIM! Pouts when she doesn’t get her way, thinks she knows everything, thinks she always right, thinks her family is the best family, thinks she’s above reproach at every turn. Entitled and bratty af.

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