KSI admits he would ‘slap’ Justin Bieber after popstar backed Logan Paul in boxing rematch – Latest

 KSI has laughed off the idea of fighting Justin Bieber in the boxing ring, admitting he would ‘slap’ the singer.

 KSI has laughed off the idea of fighting Justin Bieber in the boxing ring, admitting he would ‘slap’ the singer  The YouTube star is feeling all kinds of confident after winning his rematch against longtime rival Logan Paul at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Saturday  Justin, 25, was spotted making his way into the venue to sit in Logan’s VIP section after throwing his support behind the American YouTube star  KSI, 26, was caught backstage by AB Boxing News after defeating Logan last night and was asked if he would choose Justin or Logan’s brother Jake Paul to fight next  Laughing off the idea, KSI then replied: ‘Bieber, please. I’d slap Bieber.’  It comes after KSI described the Sorry singer as an ‘idiot’ for supporting Logan  In an interview with Behind The Gloves, KSI said: ‘Bieber is an idiot for backing Logan Paul, I don’t know why he would want to do that    ‘If he is going to be at the fight I’ll make sure to lock eyes with him so he can see his boy get knocked out  ‘I’ll be sure to laugh at him as well.’  Addressing the prospect of fighting the popstar, he added: ‘That’s stupid Why would I fight… That’s stupid.’  Justin explained his decision to support Logan, while chatting to Sky Sports shortly before the fight, and said: ‘I don’t really know KSI and I guess I’m just a fan of Logan’s ’  He remained loyal to Logan though and wrote on Instagram after the fight: ‘Logan was the better fighter Period.’  The rematch between KSI and Logan appears to have settled the long-running feud between the YouTube stars – for now, at least  Both were gracious towards each other once the results came in in KSI’s favour, and Logan blamed having a cold on his loss  Speaking at a press conference after the fight, Logan, 24, explained: ‘I think nine out of 10 times I beat JJ Tonight was the night that one out 10 times. Can you hear my voice? I’m sick. I woke up sick I’ve been sick for the past three days…  ‘If I’m being honest with you, it took away that killer instinct that I’ve had this whole two months in sparring That is the worst performance that I’ve had in the last two months.’

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