Know Your Plane #1 | X-02 Wyvern (Ace Combat)

Welcome to the “Know Your Plane Series”, a collection of videos about military aviation that focuses on providing you with.

Welcome to the “Know Your Plane Series”,
a collection of videos about military aviation that focuses on providing you with key information,
specifications, history and lore about a variety of aircraft, both real and fictional. And to start off this series in our very first
episode we feature an iconic aircraft from the Ace Combat series: the X-02 Wyvern. The X-02 Wyvern was designed by Isshin Yabuki,
member of Project Aces, and the aircraft made its first appearance in the game Ace Combat
04 for the PlayStation 2 in the year of 2001. Although the aircraft doesn’t appear in
the story mode of the game, it can be unlocked as a bonus aircraft that packs some serious
firepower and it’s extremely fast and agile, making it by far the best aircraft in the
game. The second appearance of the Wyvern was on
the next Ace Combat game – Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. This time the X-02 Wyvern appeared as an enemy
UAV in the arcade mode of the game which is known as Operation Katina. Apart from these two games this fighter jet
has also made a non-canon appearance on Ace Combat Zero, Ace Combat X, Ace Combat Joint
Assault and Ace Combat Infinity, making it one of the most popular original aircraft
in the Ace Combat series. In the Strangereal universe the X-02 was created
by the country of Erusea, being developed by the Erusian Air and Space Administration,
to enter service for both the country’s air force and navy. However in addition to Erusea, who created
the aircraft, the X-02 had two secondary operators: the Union of the Yuktobanian Republics and
the military coalition: ISAF. When designing the aircraft Isshin Yabuki
brought elements from the American YF-23 Black Widow II, the Russian Sukhoi 37 and from the
FFR-41 Mave from the Japanese novel “Sentou Yousei Yukikaze”. As a result we’ve got an aircraft that features
forward-swept wings of variable geometry, wings which are adjusted according to the
aircraft’s speed. The X-02 features two very distinguishable
modes, the stealthy and high-speed folded wings mode and the low speed but highly mobile
mode where its wings are extended. As a result the X-02 is well suited for both
high speed interception and dogfighting. In addition to the variable geometry wings,
the X-02 can fold its tails depending on the flight characteristics in order to reduce
drag or provide additional maneuverability. A further advantage of the X-02’s variable
geometry is that it also saves deck space since the aircraft was designed to be operated
from aircraft carriers. However despite its superior maneuverability,
the X-02 has two major disadvantages: its armor is very light and the aircraft has a
limited fuel capacity – although it is able to perform in-flight refueling. Regarding its weapon systems, the X-02 can
carry all of its ordinance internally in three separate locations. The first and largest one is the weapons bay
located just under the fuselage and is meant to accommodate the special weapons. The two other locations, who are responsible
for releasing the standard missiles, are compartments located just under the engines. When an enemy is within range the missile-holders
slide down so that the missiles can be fired and after the missiles are launched the holders
are retracted back up. Now that we’ve talked about the general design
of the aircraft let’s see some of its specifications, according to official sources, and let’s also
make size comparison with an F-35C. The X-02 has length of 21.84 meters, has a
width of 18.30 meters when its wings are extended or 11.54 when they are folded and has a height
of 4.36 or 3.42 meters, which of course depends if the tails are folded or not. As for its weight, the X-02 is said to weight
16.8 tons, which I assume is its empty weight, and the aircraft is powered by two tri-dimensional
ERG-1000 engines which gives the X-02 a top speed of Mach 2.5, around 3,060 km/h, and
a combat radius of 1,050 kilometers. As for its ordinance, the X-02 is capable
of carrying air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground missiles and bomblet dispensers, and of course
don’t forget about the canon that is mounted on the left side of the fuselage. In the Ace Combat games that X-02 carries
from 82 to 84 standard missiles, 14 Advanced Long-Range Air-to-Air Missile, 16 Advanced
Air-to-Ground Missile, 24 Bomblet Dispensers, 14 Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile and in
Ace Combat 04 the X-02 is the aircraft that can carry the largest amount of bullets – a
total of 950 of them.>In the 1980s the Erusian navy was seeking
a next generation fighter jet to operate from its aircraft carriers and as a result the
X-02 project was born. Subsequently the Erusian Air Force also made
a request to upgrade its fighter aircraft and from there the Erusian ministry of defence
decided to modify the navy’s aircraft so that it could also perform the duties required
by the Erusian Air Force. On January 22, 1987, the Erusian Air and Space
Administration, who was in charge of the X-02 program, finished the preliminary blueprints
that would give the shape to the Wyvern, however due to the complexity of the X-02’s design
and because of external factors including the discovery of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid
and the rushed development of Stonehenge, work on the X-02 continued but progress was
slow because the X-02 program was target of several opposition groups who questioned the
high cost of the program and insisted that the air force kept on using combat proven
aircraft. Because of the post-Ulysses reconstruction
effort and the controversy around the project, development of the X-02 once more came to
a halt. In 2003, when Erusea declared war and took
over Stonehenge, the asteroid intercepting railgun, its military advance was so successful
thanks to Stonehenge’s deployment as an anti-aircraft gun that the Erusian military
disregarded the need of the X-02 during the majority of the war. But on April 2, 2005, after the destruction
of Stonehenge the tide of the war had turned in favour of the ISAF and because of that
the X-02 program was restarted. From April to September of 2005, development
of the X-02 had taken top priority and despite lack of resources due to Erusea’s worsening
position as the war progressed, the X-02 was set to enter full production on the month
of September, however by that time ISAF had managed to capture Erusea’s capital of Farbanti
and the war came to an end. Despite losing the war, Erusea did not stop
the development of the X-02 and later even managed to create some unmanned variants of
the aircraft. These unmanned versions were stolen by the
Free Erusea movement in the year of 2006 and were deployed into combat against ISAF forces
during Operation Katina. When the Free Erusea movement was defeated
the ISAF managed to get its hands on some additional X-02 units that were located at
White Valley’s arms factory, which used to be Free Erusia’s headquarters. One notable mention about the X-02 Wyvern
is that it was also later exported to Yuktobania via North Osea’s Grunder Industries which
submitted the aircraft to its cost-cutting techniques. It is unknown how many units were exported
but one of them was shot down and recovered by the Osean military during the Circum-Pacific
War in 2010.>The name Wyvern refers to a creature that
is very similar to a dragon, the main difference being that the Wyvern only has two legs instead
of four. The Wyvern is somewhat famous in heraldry,
the study and design of armorial bearings or armory, and served as the symbol of the
medieval kingdom of Wessex. Apart from old references, the name Wyvern
or its symbol can still be found in recent history, the United States Air Force 51st
Operations Support Squadron based on Osan Air Force base in Korea features a Wyvern
on their patch and their motto is “Breathin’ Fire.” And if you want to go a bit back in the past
there is a British car manufactured from 1948 to 1957 called the Vauxhall Wyvern, and of
course I could not forget about another British creation: the Westland Wyvern, a piston aircraft
that was capable of operating on aircraft carriers, just like the Ace Combat Wyvern,
that was manufactured from 1946 to 1956 and was operated by the Royal Navy. Lastly, there was an X-02 Wyvern model kit
that was sold in Japan in the early 2000s after the release of Ace Combat 04. I believe the kit was sold by Hasegawa, who
still makes Ace Combat kits even nowadays, but the X-02 kit isn’t available anymore
and is a rare model kit. So this was the our very first episode on
the legendary Erusian X-02 Wyvern, a classic aircraft that had its debut in Ace Combat
04: Shattered Skies but appears several other times in the Ace Combat series. Before terminating our video don’t forget
to check the Know Your Plane series’ playlist for more episodes like this and of course
like, share, subscribe and let me know which aircraft you want to see featured next video! This was Ace Combat Fan and I see you guys
next time!

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  1. Can we get one for my beloved su37 even if there is better aircraft once I unlock it I dont change it since AC2…it just feels nice

  2. The Westland Wyvern was a turboprop powered aircraft. Not piston. both powerplants turn propellors, but a turboprop is basically a turbine engine.

  3. Please make one about the Morgan. Then the Falken, because you can't really talk lore about the Falken without talking about the Morgan.

  4. side note: the X-02 was playable in the AC5 storyline, you unlock it by purchasing one of every aircraft in the game with the exeption of the falken

  5. I like this aircraft but not as much as mine F-22 the X2 is very maneuverable but don't try to stall it too much or else you'll crash it but other than that it is beautiful but I prefer my F-22 in my opinion the F-22 has Superior maneuverability even when you're stalling but that's my personal preference

  6. Nothing can take away the 1st place of the mighty wyvern from any AC games. This just happened to be some of the greatest plane designed I've ever seen. First sight in love is real lol.

  7. The wing retraction would need to be completed well before reaching Mach .8 to avoid some nasty wave drag. Realistically you’d want this process to be cartoonishly fast, while the bay door is open the wings wouldn’t make much lift and would be extremely draggy.

    For being stealthy, the intake nacelles aren’t great. Very abrupt joint between them and the fuselage. Planform alignment is frustrating, the canards are so close to being aligned with the wings but just aren’t for some reason.

    The intakes might also cause problems with high alpha, obstructing free air into the engines. This sort of thing is why the typhoon has those little chin doors on its intake.

  8. Hey I wonder if that woman of the butterfly squadron is still out of space, like still should be a content down load file to Head out there to discover what's the next threat! science fiction space port jet that can do,yet have logistics and along with storyline and real time multiplayer.that woman is phyco, her next plan is to
    Develope an impossible object, probably world collided dooms days this time.sometime I wonder if she got pregnant.the unknown…maybe this one app what's called air Force joint combat should be apart of that game too bring
    Endusious everywhere we go.

  9. If this beautiful piece of modern equipment became real. I would risk getting shot from an airforce base thats holding it just to kiss OR even just touch this beautiful girl 😉

  10. Hey ACF being that Ace Combat X "The Skies Of Deception" was my first ever Ace Combat experience how about you go into the history of the XFA-33 "Fenrir" Advanced Super Stealth Fighter developed by the Militaristic Country of Leaseth and used in the Leaseth – Aurelian War of South Osea

  11. Pls make Know your plane XFA-33 Fenrir the first game to featured this plane the Ace Combat X exclusive on Sony Playstation Portable(PSP)

  12. Huh….funnily enuff, I think the X-02 Wyvern was inspired from this Northrop Grumman "SwitchBlade" (but, in my opinion, I think the Northrop one is WAY COOLER….so srry in advance, Ace Combat Fans for dunking on ur X-02 ;P . In addition, the Northrop concept is slightly more functional, because it could sport a straight wing shape [for slow subsonic flight], a more aggressively angled delta-wing, and could maybe even also accomodate a more aggressively back sweeping wing [albeit with some design changes to the moving wing shape], whereas the Wyvern cannot) concept from november 1999. And the X-02 first appeared in 2001… maybe the design team had enough time to look at the Grumman concept before release of game? IDK….maybe just a coincidence

    But about the forward sweeping wings, I heard that it needs a lot of reinforcement, because the peculiar shape of the wings causes extra stresses. That, and combined with the "switchblade" design would make it rather fragile, if not just a plain maintenance nightmare (I think ground crews always liked to bitch about variable sweep wings based on what've heard)

    In addition, I think heard of some talk that delta wings placed close to the center of the aircraft exhibits similar characteristics to a forward sweeping wing. But take this with a grain of salt, cause, I am not an expert with this kinds of things

    But why someone in Northrop is pursuing this weird (and somewhat flawed) idea back then is beyond me :/

    PS: If each wing were set at a different angle to each other, I wonder what sort of aerodynamic quality it would have? Could the Wyvern X-02 also have operated in a somewhat "oblique-wing" shape too? :/

  13. 2:28 Itz kinda a bit weird this plane was meant to be operated from aircraft carriers, because last I checked this thing has shittier fuel storage than most planes… would need long range to operate as a naval fighter :/

  14. Don't care what others say, this is my fave aircraft. In every Ace combat games I played, I grind for hours for this aircraft then replay the campaign on the most difficult setting and fly this as if it was my own aircraft. Sure there are other better options and aircraft but this one is just my fave. When I go to full afterburners and it changes to its high speed form is chocolate sundae to my eyes. When I engage to battle and it reverts back to its forward swept wing form is the cherry to that sundae.

    Ahhh yes, this really brings back so many memories. :3

  15. Ace Combat 04 came out before Yukikaze so the X-02 design was not influenced by the FRX-99… The XR-45 Cariburn from Ace Combat X does bear similar design though

  16. The X-02 Wyvern is the only Project Aces jet I have unlocked in Ace Combat Zero. How do I unlock the other exotic Project Aces jets?

  17. I really do love this plane growing up playing Ace Combat 4 with my very first Ace Combat game that I played it's what got me into loving airplanes

  18. Love the design from a visual point of view.

    But those wings always make me cringe.
    Opening the leading edge like that would act like a massive speed brake and cause stall on the wings surface.
    But even before that there is just no space to actually store the extended wing. I mean the entire center wing would have to be hallow to house the wing extension. A hallow wing of that size is structurally impossible.
    Then you would need a massive hinge in order to move something of that size parallel to the air flow. Have you guys seen the wingbox of a Tornado or F-14?
    I have seen the all titanium wingbox of a tornado in all its glory: That is one massive piece of kit I tell you:
    Imagine you need something like that half way thru the wing and the hydraulics on top of it to move it. There is no way.

    It should have been a fixed forward swept wing design with fixed angled all moving V-tail.

  19. I recommend you research a updated version of this video, with the X-02S now in Ace Combat 7, which appears to be a beefed up version of the wyvern

  20. Could you do one on Fenrir? That plane is probably the most interesting in the AC series, both visually and technically

  21. westland used a jet engine (properly refered to as a Power Turbine) to turn the contra-rotating propellers, not a rolls-royce super-prop piston engine

  22. X-02 is actually based on a hidden secret airframe on the Star Fox series as a Cerirnian Starfighter.

    And there is a real squadron of X-02 fighters in the usa

  23. Where does this plane get the yaw stability after the Ruddervator goes horizontal at high speed.. that part in the design got missed out.

  24. Too bad the Physics in Ace 07 where still wack , The Only Plane That has “acceptable” Flight Physics is the SU-30sm (one Without canards) ?
    No other craft not even the New X-02 !?

    Need to convince them too Fix that issue with Flight Dynamics once and for all

  25. why dont japan just make some of these ace combat plane rather than the x2 shinshin. x-02 seems possible to be made with current technology

  26. Will we get Single Seat X-02 In dlc soon ?
    Kinda disappointing as the double seater does not have a HUD visor overall especially in HD

  27. Been playing ace combat franchise for years since I was a teenager. Good to know a little bit of history. I remember stone henge.

  28. This is still my favorite super plane from all the games. I think mostly because it isn't completely ridiculous.

  29. I think that apart from the YF-23 Black Widow, I'd rather say that the main inspiration behind the X-02 would be the MiG-29 instead of the Flanker series: it has the same LERX as the MiG-29 at the base of the wing, the cockpit and thin nose cone look closer to the Fulcrum's than to the Flanker's, and the engine exhausts are located under the main fuselage – like the MiG-29 – and not in the middle of it like on the Su-27/30/34/35/37s. The only Flanker-looking thing would be the canards, but that's a minor point.

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