Kelsey Has 2 Kens Fight For Barbies Love In The Sims 4

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100 thoughts on “Kelsey Has 2 Kens Fight For Barbies Love In The Sims 4”

  1. Kelsey might as well just make this channel her own personal Sims gaming channel. Like literally no one but her posts on here. Lol

  2. Chelsey´s and Kasey´s favorite outfit – white clinic dress
    Barbie´s favorite outfit – pink winter coat 😂

  3. I think this story needs absolute dreamhouse kind of love story between brunette ken and barbie and then at the dream wedding she runs away with blonde ken!

  4. As a Taffy, I have thoughts:
    1) I didn't know Barbie's dog was named Taffy until watching this series, and I'm shook.
    2) I've never known anyone else named Taffy, so hearing Kelsey say my name so much is weird.
    3) it's doubly weird when she says thing like "Taffy can have puppies!" and "Guess we need to take Taffy to the vet."

  5. Yessss, Ken romance! I like that she works on her skills while hunting for Ken. I love the Barbie Super Sim Challenge <3 Can't wait for the next episode!

  6. I'm on #TeamBrunetteKen . Also, I want them to get married and have a baby Chrissy (yes, I know Chrissy and Barbie are sisters in canon but I've always played that Chrissy was their baby.)

  7. I think skipper should be secretly closeted and secretly sneak out with girls and stuff idk I think it would make this more exiting

  8. Watched this right after ep. 40 of the 100 baby challenge… and it got me real nervous when they were swimming

  9. I mean, I'm personally team Brunette Ken. Blonde Ken looks too much like he could be his sister, and this is NOT allowed to be Game Of Thrones

  10. Of course brunette Ken asks her out more, she didn't leave him in the middle of the date to go "work" then immediately hang out and flirt with his roommate.

  11. Use magic for all household repairs . Well once you get handiness to ten (for the Barbie Challenge). It really helps level up the magic skills. Clean the kids and make food in a jam.

  12. What packs is she using? The heart dress, the pink robe with a bow, and the entirety of Barbie's bedroom have me dead. Does she just have every pack?

  13. ᗪOᗴᔕ ᗩᑎYᗷOᗪY ᗴᒪᔕᗴ ᑎOT ᖇᗴᗩᒪIᘔᗴ TᕼᗩT TOᗰᗰY ᕼᗩᔕ ᑎO ᑭᒪᗩᑕᗴ TO ᔕᒪᗴᗴᑭ!!!!

  14. Watching these videos and how they are living in a Malibu dream house. I got triggered and remembered that I had a Barbie that was scented to smelled tanning oil like she was a beach bum a true Cali girl

  15. NO WE NEED BLONDE KEN! You are not as good of friends with blonde Ken, that’s why he isn’t invited you over yet. Plus brunette ken constantly was talking with other girls!! Why do I want blind Ken so much?!!!

  16. It just funny when kelsey take an interesting photos😂
    Also, Like for Blonde Ken
    And dislike for Brunette Ken

    I choose Blonde Ken! I know Brunette Ken is up because Barbie/Kelsey just more a lot have a conversation than Blonde Ken:)

  17. Hey Buzzfeed Multiplayer Team: I think that it would be helpful to have the title say part 8 just to keep it consistent. The variety of names for these episodes is kind of confusing. I get that the titles are all fun and could maybe draw in a new viewer, but they can also be kind of distracting and perplexing for a fan of the series. Any chance you could have "The Perfect Sim Challenge" and "part 8" written in the title? Maybe even just in the video description? Also, part 6 of this series accidentally got placed into the 100 baby spinoff playlist which makes things even more confusing. Love the series, and I appreciate all the work that goes into Kelsey's Sims 4 let's plays. You guys are doing a great job. Just trying to offer helpful feedback. Thanks all.

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