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100 thoughts on “KARATE NERD REACTS TO KARATE COMBAT — Jesse Enkamp”

  1. It's my second karate combat video… truthfully speaking, I did not like it first, I thought, 'oh, what? It's just like mma, I hate it'. But when I saw Jesse-san reacting to it and complementing about it, I thought to myself and realized that he's actually right to the point that karate combat genesis is actually better, as he described, Karate's purpose is self-defense, but the older type of karate that we used to see was based on competition (mostly). But this..this karate combat like a fusion of competition AND the appliances of karate..so now, I like it a lot. And I hope it will go a long way and other people would like it.


  2. I love karate combat its more technical and tactical than mma I'm my opinion and I hope to enter it and mma someday jesse do you think that you will ever step in a karate combat ring./Jag älskar karate bekämpa sin mer tekniska och taktiska än mma Jag är min åsikt och jag hoppas att komma in och mma someday jesse tror du att du någonsin kommer att gå i en karate-kampring

  3. Jesse im not sure if you watched the Aghayev fight or not but I've always liked him but aleays thought Aghayev was a soft douchebag until i watched him in action on karate combat, Aghayev is an absolute beast not only can he dominate a full contact fight but he can also take a beating. His technique is impeccable 👌

  4. It all depends of your vision and your fighting styles but also how you want to evolves as a fighter and pratricionner.
    I do like it because i hate the modern kumite .
    Which lacks a lot of impact and those techniques are pretty "worthless" in a fight .
    I rather compete in kickboxing or mma or even in this new kind of karate competition. Which it makes more sense to me. Cause i know i'm gonna get hit and get hurt so my instinct for survival its gonna make me work harder .
    And pay more attention to the details of my own karate like bunkai katas or even the whole style i pratrice cause when you're afraid to be hit or when you want to perform better when you want to protect yourself when you want to go to war and survive you wanna do anything to understand and apply the techniques you had learn for you own safety and also to improve even more. So your mindset has change. You go from a mindset of pure competition to a mindset of survival and competition .
    And for me thats a huge change and i love it.

  5. Sir what i know as the combat karate is simulation of a fight on the street which is usually striking without grappling; and I think the nearest combat karate kumite format is like the JKA kumite where there are no gloves, body armour, head guard and even shin guard. the face and body can be punch or kick with bare knuckles and feet.

  6. My deepest Respect and Honor to You Jesse-San. I like this karate-combat, it's much more like karate kumite from '70s and '80s years of last century than WKF "fights" today. This karate-combat has less restrictions, and is much more "realistic". Davor Maržić, Budoka since 1977REI!! OSU!

  7. And still no kyokushin karateka are taking part until they do it can't be called a proper karate full contact fight.

  8. In my opinion they are trying just to make what jiu jitsu did.. combat aikido combat karate etc.. nah dude thats why you have mma. I got karate base but i won't go back to it. Was good doing it as a kid for a few years got me straight but glad i moved on. Still using that fighting stance but mixing it up 🤡 Deff should try out loads of martial arts for a year nd stick to what you like most 😎

  9. They did one cool thing – the pit.

    But the rules is another unlucky try to create kickboxing.

  10. i've seen these fights before and they get petty creative sometimes with the angled part of the pit which is allowed and you guys really need to check out…

  11. This not a bad path for karate. I think it's lost its way over the last 20 years. I cringe when I see karate competition these days. It's more about the loudest kiai .

  12. I think its a good way to show karate is business.
    People like to throw a lot of sh*t to karate nowadays

    And jesse left a heart
    I can die in peace.

  13. I have always been a street self-defense person. Not too much into this competition regardless what it MMA, juku or any other. But if some people like it, let them have it.

  14. I like that you are finding out new things, but I don't agree with the full contact of the reverse punches and especially to the head. Brutal, just like you said. I love karate and I love the mind. We need to think about how far we're willing to go…

  15. They kick hard and punch hard and at the same time they are pretty much warriors but their movements are not that good, quite stiff actually, not bashing but its also not that surprising. Watch Yoel Romero to know what Im talking about.

  16. Pretty cool.
    I gotta say though. It was pretty obvious that guy was out, I don't see why that guy felt he needed to start hitting him on the ground. He was looking right at him and could tell the guy was a wet noodle, but he started hitting him anyway. Just seems a bit dishonorable to me. Combat is one thing, but sport is sport, even if it is full contact.

  17. You do Karate and your Brother does MMA do you think his style is better in a Street Fight and Sport Fighting

  18. Hi all,

    Well, this is not original Karate fighting.
    If i am correct, Karate was originally practised by a hand full of people that would serve as body gards for instance.
    Even Funakoshi's sensei were the Ryu Kyu island King body gards.
    Hence, most usage of karate was to defend against people who didn't pratice and didn't know how to fight.
    General wars where two armed armies with highly thousands of highly trained fighters never happened. The main corpses of armies were just farmers.
    Putting two super trained karate fighters in an arena is all but real usage of karate.
    In this fight any of the two, based on there skills, could have won. Imagine one of these two guys fighting against mister nobody…

  19. Jesse I was a KKhsin fighter, but my sensei focus our training in KKshin combat, it was fun becouse you get a lot of fun sparring Hard and in a sparring fight you can do a lot of kicks Hi and lo becouse is not alawed punching the face because is without globes and shin pad, but to be mor confident and safer I think this focus, isn't going to helpme in a street fight vs a trained oponen. And I think i'm a decent oponent.But i think idoesn't have the edge vs a big oponent and i got to go beast mode to win instead of ending the fight fast and with fine technique, (and i have to warm up before i can hi kick 🙂
    I'm old now about 37 (And i've got the worts injuries you can imagine) but if i could go back i'd rather practice MT and some grapling submission more MMA oriented for self defense and fun. If you are a kid its a nice starting and a nice foundation but if you going to get serious…
    In Okinawa Karate you are alowd to spar hard with punches in the head and other techniques because i got related to a point semi contact stile that you can't prove it realy in tournaments. thanks Marc, from Barcelona

  20. Is this not just MMA with silly restrictions? Surely more rules are just more deviations from what a real fight is

  21. This looks just like Chuck Norris' World Combat League that had all styles Karate TKD, kickboxing, etc etc. I do not think this will survive, but you never know

  22. 5 second ground and pound. No clinching. I’ve seen these fight before. International karatekas from different styles converging in one league.

  23. It's a cool looking set up and makes for a good spectator sport more respect and discipline should be shown like when the guy was clearly KO'd the other fighter should have the presence of mind to stop and show restraint/control as this is the essence of karate.

  24. Don't like it! Also, don't see any Karate in that fight! For me, it´s another variation of MMA, and i respect who practice, but in my opinion that's stupid and not healty "sport"! Don't recommend at all…

  25. I am amazed not only from the fight it self, but also seeing a big bitcoin logo in the centre of the tatami. WOW that is really interesting I need to investigate further !

  26. Dear Jesse, Greetings from Canada. I don't know where to ask this question, but it is something that I wish to understand. Is it important when I pick a karate dojo, to look for a approved by WKF place? You never know how far the kids will go in there ambitions and love to the martial arts. Will be sad after many years of hard work to realise that a big mistake is made from the very beginning picking a place with no such an approval.

  27. Hi Jesse! I checked out the rules, and I've noticed that no elbows or knees are allowed. While I understand that the point is specifically to prevent it from becoming MMA, empi a hiza geri techniques are an essential part of karate. Plus, no fumikomi. What is your opinion about that?

  28. It won't sustain itself for long i predict. All they fight are Shotokan guys, maybe a Shito ryu guy. But It gets old seeing the same techniques. Where is Goju-ryu, Uechi-ryu & Kyoshuken? The production value is over done. It will die soon.

  29. Hi Jesse! Thank you for always sharing awesome Karate videos! I hope you get a chance to make a comparison video of Meibukan Goju Ryu Yagi Akihito Sensei's "Tsuki" and Okinawa Kenpo Yamashiro Sensei's "Tsuki"! MMA Fighter Kikuno Katsunori's uses Tomarite Okinawa Kenpo "Tsuki" to knock out MMA fighters!

  30. I actually kind of like this. It’s almost like kudo. I also think it’s better than point fighting not that there is anything wrong with point fighting it teaches timing and distance. But I believe it’s good to be able to take a real hit. Anyway love the channel

  31. I was actually being trained by Josh around that time and you could definitely tell he was upset by it even still though I think he faught well and just got caught with a good hook

  32. Remind me of wcl similar ring, but world combat league use average European Kickboxing rules, Kickboxing without low kicks (with low kicks it's two styles low kick and k1,,, and you have ligth contact which is also low kick free Kickboxing and semi Contact which has a sideways stand and kind of Tae Kwon do rules and it's musical form two different styles which are all Kickboxing here, which you call sports karate or just full contact in USA, we also called it that a period in the past, because some old guys wanted to forbid Kickboxing while karate had respected status. Anyways if you liked this you will love the elder wcl fights to,,, really cool ring in both wcl is the Same edge on the ring but Its round like a circle but with same angled edge in probably same or similar material

  33. IMHO, it's still sport karate with a certain rule, instead of combat karate. Though they make it as a full contacts, and they allow punch landing on the face, that's it. But to me, the original karate is used for self defense, bcz karate is dangerous, and it's used for real combat which has no rules at all, anytime, any place

  34. Multiple way of competition is good. Each person can choose their favorite and this multiple competition rules help to develop multiple skills.

  35. I don't really like this Holywood style filming with filterings, it looks like computer simulation to me. Stuf you do on your channel is and looks preaty realistic comparing to this Combat video.

  36. Oss sensei. I have heard it from my shihan that around 30 years ago sports karate use to be full contact without gloves or safety gears. And you showed it in the end of the video. But I think this Karate Combat thing may go a long way. 😊 oss sensei

  37. Pretty wild. The pit is a cool touch. I’m agreeing with several here on making it a true KARATE combat as far as being able to do certain techniques. This was my first time seeing this today even though this is an older post. Is this going to be much different from the kickboxing of the 70s or full contact sparring from the 60s ? Or will it be too close to MMA ? I need to watch some more matches. So I guess my question is what’s going to make it a true KARATE fight ? Just thinking out loud. Nice fight though.

  38. i like this particular fight,but is reinventing the wheel!This was the way we fight in the 70 in fullcontact karate,the early kickboxing!

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