welcome to right hook boxing and for your boxing top up today we’ve had a response from the New Zealand.

welcome to right hook boxing and for
your boxing top up today we’ve had a response from the New Zealand fighter
Joseph Parker former WBO heavyweight champion of the world in regards
potential bout with Dereck Chisora anyway thank you for stopping by and if
you’ve watched my channel before you probably know I really want this fight
to happen I think it’s a very good fight for Joseph Parker to try and get back
into the title mix by the end of the year at the same time this seems to be a
very big queue right now for the champions so quick recap Joseph Parker
with a record of 25 and 2, 19 by knockouts from New Zealand six foot four of reach
of 76″ and the potential opponent is none other than British fighter Dereck
Chisora with a record of 29 wins and nine losses
21 of those wins by knockout and three of those losses by knockout also he’s
six foot one and a half on here on boxrec
and his reach is 74 and fights out of Finchley still got a high world ranking
of 18 by boxrec and to be honest um ladies record for
you because he has been in with some top top fighters in his time including the
likes of David Haye, Vitali Klitschko Tyson Fury twice and Dillian Whyte, Dillian
Whyte being his latest opponent that knocked Dereck Chisora out brutally I
think him around 11 yes I’m sure it was around 11 and that’s a mutual opponents
of Joseph Parker he’s latest loss anyway let’s get to it it is talked about for
April the 20th this fight between Joseph Parkman Dereck Chisora and it will be at
o2 if it is for that date in the United Kingdom that’s London
so Joseph Parker’s response to the questions about the potential fight with
Dylan white are as follows a family some boxing scene and he was talking to a
Sunday Herald it’s our priority option parker
confirmed to the Sunday Herald I said to David that I want to lock in something
very soon because if I lock in tomorrow it will
give me 9 weeks of training I need a minimum of 7 weeks in Vegas and 2 weeks
in the UK so it’s very close to happening the DVD talks about is his
promoter David Higgins bomb you already know that he goes on to say
he’s a dangerous fighter it’s a risky fight he puts a lot of
pressure and throws a lot of punches were the last fight he had against Dylan
white he was leading the fight before he got knocked out theory and the WBC
champion Deontay Wilder are busy Joseph Joshua is going to fight big baby Miller
David Price has got a fight Lucas Brown has got fight the only other person at
the top is Luis Ortiz but I think he’s going to be signed up for a fight soon I
think that slip Joseph Parker’s mine Luis Ortiz says he’s already signed to
face Christine hammer and he finishes off was saying for me looking at the top
10 or 15 in the world Cera’s aura is right up there there
won’t only one that is free and the only one willing to take the fight so what do
you make of that response by Joseph Parker to meet that sounds very positive
and it looks a step closer to the fight that I would like to see happen as I’ve
said before in previous videos I think it is the perfect fight for Joseph
Parker now it’s a good step up from Alexander Flores who we defeated in
round 3 by knockouts in his first comeback fight since he’s back-to-back
losses to Anthony Joshua and Dylan and white respectively Dereck Chisora
is basically the stepping stone to the elite guys he’s plenty good enough yes
he’s getting on but he never seems to actually slow down he comes forward he’s
got one style and that is to fight he will try to get on the inside it and he
will try to chop bombs at you he’s a tough fighter so if Joseph Parker can
knock him out in that fight it would definitely put a statement out there
it’s dealing why it laid him out like David Haye did but no one else really
else I’m repeating myself again but Joseph Parker goes straight in at the
top and loses that could be his career basically in tatters and there might not
be any rebuilding for him he’s got to think sensibly
and looking to doubters Orion has don’t get wrong with a potential banana skin
there but for me Joseph Parker wins that fight let me know down below what you
think of the fight are you happy that it looks like it may actually be happening
give me your thoughts drop me your comments follow me on
Twitter that’s right boxing and if you like the video hit that like and
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