welcome back to right hook boxing and I hope you enjoyed your Christmases or holidays for those who were a.

welcome back to right hook boxing and I
hope you enjoyed your Christmases or holidays for those who were a little bit
different to his Brits over here I’m hoping you all didn’t get too fat just
like myself as I did enjoy the beer and chocolate a little bit too much anyway I
thought I’d do a video about Joseph Parker my 2019 wish list for him to help
him reach the top echelon of the heavyweight rankings again as I’m sure
you’re all aware he’s made his first comeback fight in December against
Alexander Flores and scored a brutal ko in the third round and just remember if
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so first on the list for me and probably the most time dependent would be Lucas
Brown it’d still be a big affair in Australia and New Zealand as obviously
the sporting rivals being neighbours and Lucas Brown still holds quite a lofty
world ranking especially with boxrec now I’ve been going on about the Lucas
Brown fight for a while now I don’t think he’d be much trouble for Joseph
Parker at all and I do think he would score Lucas Browne but I just think it’s
more time dependent because Lucas Brown is now 39 years old and I can’t see
Lucas Browne improving as a year goes on now number two is really a fight I would
love to see Alexander Povetkin against Joseph Parker would be a real
Barnstormer in my opinion perfections of ferocious puncher highly ranked I think
number seventh in the WBC while Joseph Parker is fifth I believe he’s a
fearsome contender he’s only two losses obviously against Vladimir Klitschko and
more recently Anthony Joshua highly respected by many boxing fans still I
think there would be a lot to gain from the fight against Povetkin and I do
think it is a winnable fight for Joseph so Alexander Povetkin and his team have
recently come out saying they’ve probably only got one or two more fights
left in the game so if I was Joseph I’d strike this year before it is too late
so the third and final one would be the Dillion Hwa
arie much as this one was quite controversial with a lot of Joseph
Parker fans being upset with the clash of heads or head book however you deemed
it I do think this would be another feisty encounter but probably is only
determined on whether Dylan white gets a tassel shot this year we’re dealing
white being highly-anticipated face Anthony Joshua in April if it’s not wild
or fury I probably can’t see this fight happening in 2019 if it doesn’t get a
title shot the maybe but he’s a risk too big for white now he keeps facing any
one the point in front of him and still hasn’t got that shot by now Dylan white
in my opinion should have added WBC title shot well let’s not get it twisted
who won’t who wouldn’t want to see that fight again it’s one of my favorite
fights of the year there would have been a few of her names who would have liked
to add to this as you can see Joseph Parker is highly ranked in some of the
organizations especially the WBC I would love to put Deontay Wilder on this list
but I think he’s quite tied up with Eva Tyson Fury Anthony Joshua or probably
he’s mandatory Dominic Brazil earlier in the year that could have been over
highly ranked people such as Charles Martin which I think Joseph Parker would
have walk straight through but the rankings would have done him good and
also another surprise packet would have been Louis Altice but I just can’t see
that fight being made so comment down below your top free wish list for Joseph
Parker’s 2019 I’m interested to know who you guys would like them to go in with
and don’t forget to hit that like subscribe and notify all right I’ve got
New Year this is right hook boxing

22 thoughts on “JOSEPH PARKER 2019 FIGHT WISHLIST!!”

  1. It looks like Price v Browne and Whyte vs Joshua are likely to happen next. Chisora is an option unless Takam gets his rematch so Povetkin may be the best option… that would be a wicked fight – ppv in its own right imo.

  2. Given Whyte will concentrate on his title aspirations with Joshua, then Browne is likely next cab off the rank (that's if Price doesn't fight him next as he has called Browne out). And Joe needs another decent warm up / come back fight, with no rushing back into major fights like they did after Joshua and into Whyte fight. He is still fine tuning some areas that were exposed during Whyte fight. If Whyte doesn't get the Joshua fight then he is going to want to keep himself busy. Neither fighters will shy away from any challenge, and a Parker V Whyte rematch is a still a decent PPV. The decision would be the risk / reward factor. Depending on deals being made here's the rest of my list after Browne; Breazeale, Pulev, Whyte 2 or Povetkin if Whyte fight can't be made. If JP can make his way back through this lot, then hopefully the HW division has been fully unified by then and pathways for all the elite HW fighters are clearer – hopefully but not holding my breath! He might get another HW Title shot. Like Whyte, JP is a very dangerous fight for any HW to take, so I suspect he will have to fight his way back into a mandatory position before a title deal can be strung together. There could be a couple other fights he may have to take that different to the list above but as a pathway for him to position himself for a title shot or an elimination at least, this would be a decent (tough) pathway to take.

  3. Usyk, joe joyce, wilder. Fuck aj and whyte they can suck a dick paying the refs the ref literally lifted whytes pants up and helped him off the deck.

  4. Australia 🇦🇺 & Samoan 🇼🇸 Heavyweight Boxing 🥊 legend , "Lion 🦁❤️ Heart" Alex Leapie is on the warpath & declares war on Parker , Joshua , Fury , Whyte & Wilder . Will these Top ranked Heavyweight's have the courage to engage in gladiatorial combat with our hero "Lion 🦁❤️ Heart" ?????? ……….. ex World Title Challenger , The Whole world awaits for the current UBO Asian Heavyweight Champion Alex Leapie to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship 🤗🤗🤗

  5. They are 3 nice fights, however i think parker is evens at best against pov and whyte. 2018 parker lost twice to top guys and then beat a noone. he is only young i feel his 2019 should be carefully planned as recognized guys that Parker should beat 80+% of the time. im more feeling, lucas brown, johann duhapass, charles martin ish guys. Mabey chisora, dom breazeal or jennings.

  6. Parker should come over here again he's good especially that warrior business at Joshua weigh in haha that was top but he could fight Vlad that would be good

  7. Povetkin is a great fight for parker. I think he should fight miller when Miller comes back to boxing.

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