Jordan vs. Josh 💪 End of the Rope Elimination | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2

– [Female] You got this, Josh. (dramatic music) – All right guys, pick up the rope! You guys ready? Go!.

– [Female] You got this, Josh. (dramatic music) – All right guys, pick up the rope! You guys ready? Go!
(air horn blasts) (crowd cheers) – It’s intense watching Jordan
and Josh go head-to-head because Josh is twice the size of Jordan but Jordan’s smarter than Josh. So, is it going to be brain over brawn? – [Cara Maria] Good Josh! (crowd cheers) – That’s it Josh, that’s it! – I came in with the clear strategy to just get rope to my
side and tug him off but I realized that Jordan is playing a completely different game and a way more strategic, tactical game. He’s letting go of rope, he’s tugging it, he’s playing mind games. – On your side Josh,
halfway mark, on your side! – [Ashley] I’m definitely
rooting for Josh, but really not because I love Josh but because I hate Jordan.
(laughs) Because he’s not working
with our alliance, getting Jordan out of
the game would be huge. – You got it Jordan,
you got it, you got it! Watching this is horrifying. This is the most intense elimination ever. Josh is so strong and I’m just like, biting all of my nails off right now. – You almost got the whole rope Josh, he doesn’t have much left! This elimination is
pretty set up for Josh, it’s in Josh’s favor. He’s got the weight and he’s
got super strong forearms, but the only thing he
doesn’t have is brains. – [Female Competitor] He can’t
get the rope from you Josh, he can’t get the rope from you, you have to take it from him. – During the entire fight, I’m watching Josh’s
hands, watching his body to see what does he do
right before he pulls. And finally, I’ve seen it. Every time Josh makes a
big change with his hands, that means he’s about to give a big pull. So, time it just right. (crowd cheering) Round one, baby. (Josh grunts) (air horn blows) – Yeah, another one baby! Do it again, do it again! – I feel like a complete
dumb ass right now because I feel like I could
have really won the first round and I completely lost my balance. You got me there, but
I’m going to make sure you eat sand this next round. – [T.J.] All right guys,
the score is 1-0, Jordan. Pick up the rope. You guys ready? (dramatic music) Go!
(air horn blows) (crowd cheering) – [Jordan] Josh is tough as nails. He’s putting everything
he has into that rope and I have every ounce
of strength in my veins going into my one hand. – Jordan’s found a way to turn the fact that he has
one hand into an advantage in almost every situation and tonight is a perfect example of that. Because you don’t know
what his strategy is. You don’t know how he’s going to attack it and it’s gonna confuse you. – Watch him, don’t look down, watch him. – I know that I have most
of the rope on my side, all I got to do is hold this position and try to get him off of that platform. – I am gripping this
rope as tight as I can and he is slowly taking
it inch by inch by inch. I’ve only got maybe ten feet left, so I have to figure something out. I’ve got to catch this guy pulling and get him off this platform. – [Male Competitor] It’s like fishing, got a big one on the line. – I love Josh so much,
I want him to come back, but they’re both fighters,
they’re never gonna give up. – Pull, pull! (Josh grunts) – [Dani] Yeah, yeah, that’s
how you (beep) do it, baby! That’s how you (beep) do it! – I had to figure out a way to sell and get him to pull
big, so I take a chance. I pull up on one foot, make him think that he’s almost got me off and as soon as I feel that
rope tug, I let it go again. Two. 2-0 Forearms getting tired, huh? Yeah I only got one, imagine that. – It’s incredible watching Jordan perform. He has one hand, he’s pressing down on the
rope with his one hand, he’s using his other hand
to put it behind his leg, he’s using his entire
body, his whole brain, he’s using everything he has right now and he only has one more round to go. He’s literally the sickest
one to ever do this. – Alright guys, Jordan, two zip. You win this one, you’re
staying in the game. Josh, you need this one
to stay in the game. – [Josh] Being down 2-0 is a bad spot but I’m going to keep
fighting and hopefully Jordan messes up, slips, does something to where
I can get this next win. My mind is set on getting
back into this game and getting revenge on my team. – Pick up the rope, boys. Ready? Go!
(air horn blows) – He’s getting warmed up good. – We are both covered,
head to toe in sweat. Like we just got out of
fricking swimming pools. Every bit of Josh is on
this rope and I can feel it because it’s taking every
bit of myself to hold it. – [Female Competitor] Good job, Jordan. – You got it Josh. – This game isn’t over,
this is for you to win, this is a million dollars. You got this, stay focused. – She’s just gonna steal it
from you, if you win Josh. – My body right now is basically shot. I am in so much pain but all
I’m thinking about right now is my family and how
close I am to this final. So, I’m either going to have to physically die on this
platform or pass out. – [Female Competitor] Bit by bit, buddy. Slow but steady. – Josh is at the end of his rope and he can feel it. I can see his knees start to
shake, his back’s going out. It’s now or never. – [Female Competitor] Hold on, Josh. – Come on, Jordan. – He’s almost out of rope. – Yeah, (beep) yeah,
that’s how you do it baby! – Shut your (beep) mouth!

100 thoughts on “Jordan vs. Josh 💪 End of the Rope Elimination | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2”

  1. Omg so happy Josh’sstupid face is off the challenge finally. Such a crybaby. Also Jordan has been a major asshole this season.

  2. I’m happy for Tori and Jordan. Love to see them run the finals together. Hopefully there’s a long swimming leg involved. You know what? I hope that’s all they do is swim. Swim around an island 3 times and whatever team finishes in the fastest time wins. Don’t send them out there all at once. Stagger them so they can’t pace themselves off of another pair.

  3. I don't really care for Jordan too much, but I fucking hated Josh with a passion 😂 he's an oversized drama queen with an annoying ass voice and 10/10 punchable face. Good job Jordan 👍

  4. How do you lose to a guy with one hand? Oh yeah, be half retarded….
    Yep, easy day of work for Jordan…
    Words of Josh… "I feel like a complete dumbass right now…" yep, everyone agrees with you… nothing more to say… you nailed it. Then after that, you lose the next two rounds the exact same way… proving your I.Q. is Forest Gump level…

  5. This was so good, Jordan’s a cocky ass but you got to admit he is super smart and a good athlete. And worst season this year so many good people got kicked off. Hope Cara doesn’t come back next season!

  6. I always enjoyed watching Jordan on these challenges. He’s so strong, smart and entertaining. So happy for him and Tori! 💙 All the best guys! I’ll be watching lol!!

  7. Have lost all respect for cars and paulie. Like they didn’t train for this season, they’re so scared to lose. Dee is so dumb for going back to the alliance that betrayed her. She’s just scared to be alone.

  8. I get it, Jordan only has one hand and he's putting up a hell of a fight. It's impressive and respectable. However, everyone praising him like he's the greatest human to ever live is, in my opinion, Incredibly annoying.

  9. Jordan always has the most interesting eliminations and it always seems like it's perfectly made for people with 2 hands and I love when he makes people look dumb this and when he out sledgehammers zach cuz he actually know how to use one

  10. Jordan has zero ounces of quit in him. Amazing feat, out-smarting and out-lasting a man with no physical disabilities. Just incredible, such a big win and show of power. Mentally and physically. Fun episode, big season for Jordan and Tori no matter what happens the rest of the way.

  11. i fucking hate jordan but damn this was impressive. like all the odds were stacked against him and wow he really pulled it off. he's so smart.

  12. Man Jordan is a legend!!! Not many people understand him as a person but the ones who do, really understand him, and he is by far one of the greatest players to ever come on to the challenge. It would be an honor to meet him one day, and his and tori's relationship is the definition of "relationship goals" I hope you guys win the money this year and I wish you both the best in life

  13. The producers selected this challenge knowing Jordan would be at a disadvantage. I thought they wouldn't post this embarrassing footage of their game fixing gone wrong.

  14. Ashley”this is for a million dollars josh”
    Jordan”she’s just gonna steal it from you”
    Lmfao that’s why I love Jordan!!!

  15. i love josh. i can’t believe they were talking down on his name saying he “has no brain” :(( that’s so rude it’s gross. & it’s only his second challenge, he’s done plenty better than other ‘competitors’. jordan’s just amazing. so so so amazing

  16. if the brits don't win this week with Jordan and Tori in the tribunal i'm giving up on this show. this alliance crap is so boring. Cara Maria, Rogan, Ashley, etc. just skating through without having to prove themselves at all.

  17. Why I like Jordan. 1) Jordan's probably been bullied his whole life but he uses that against his competitors. 2) He's very smart. He knows that he is at a huge disadvantage and finds a way to work with/around it to win. This is why assholes like Paulie will never be the leader that they think they are. They don't use their brains. They run off of emotions. A huge plus is how jealous Cara Maria is over Tori and Jordan's proposal. She hates that they got engaged and Paulie has no interest in marrying her at all. Some stupid tattoo will never equal an actual marriage proposal on TV. Too bad, so sad Cara Maria. You're losing in life even more than in the game. Next time, they should have "faction vs faction". Half of the US and UK that were in an alliance vs the other half of the UK and US that were against that alliance. Then, maybe the good players that I tune in to watch will last longer in the show and not just be left with the selfish assholes like Paulie and Cara Maria. US/UK vs UK/US.

  18. This is the worst season thus far tbh… but yet it’s opened my eyes to who I genuinely like.. I really like, Zach, tori and Jordan, and nany this season bc they’ve been holding their own tbh I’ve kind of lost respect for CT this season tho bc it’s shown how low he’s gotten tbh.. he literally threw a whole game for numbers which is disappointing. Tori and Jordan were the least liked from the audience but we’ve all gradually began to root for them throughout the entire season so far. I liked kam before but I don’t like the way shes playing and ninja is just overall weak to me and is playing an emotional game tbh.. I’ve never liked cars and this just gave me more of a reason not to and I hope Paulie watched this season and realized how much of a child Cara is

  19. Here’s a twist I’d love to see: TJ announces that for every elimination win you get in the season, you get some unnamed advantage in the final. 3 wins, 3 different advantages. Not sure what, maybe two less dishes in an eating challenge or x minutes off a leg on a timed event. It would incentivize people to go in. Or, you need to go into at least one elimination to go to a final. It prevents hiding behind numbers and sending in the same person week after week.

  20. I keep reading how Jordan proves brains over brawn again and Jordans so smart. And then I think of that brilliant moment when he singled himself out, challenged bananas to elimination, and proved how weak he truly was and lost when no strategy is involved. Absolutely genius. Dumbasses

  21. Show seems so scripted even with all that strategy it’s simple if u stand straight and use your arms alone you will maintain core balance while slowly but surely making progress.
    Guy is smaller and had one hand 😬
    This is why I stopped watching this show plus as if it isn’t fishy enough they use the same contestants

  22. This was impress and pathetic at the same time.

    Impressive: Jordan has one hand.
    Pathetic: Josh is a fucking idiot with a diva complex.

  23. I will not lie this is the second time Jordan has brought a tear to my eye he just don't let his disability hold him back having 1 hand, this is the second challenge that was a 2 hand hand task that he has won, he's will power is a testament to everyone to behold…

  24. I truly can't stand Cara she's weak on episode 14 she said she loves challenges but gets scared entering a challenge. About having alliance's is stupid. Your competitors not a lil gang. Your there to compete and show the world why you belong as 1 guy and 1 girl showing off your natural strength

  25. I like Jordan and Tori they're the most athletic couple on the show. Instead of playing the numbers game they're actually just playing the game. Like Jordan is pretty much handicapped and he's destroying the competition. It's truly sad and pathetic. I'm convinced that if Jordan really did face Turbo in a match, Jordan would embarrass him.

  26. I gained respect back for CT last night. Just like Zack said " Finally he is not playing Paulie game. Can't stand Paulie & Cara

  27. Jordan is the ONLY player who’s cockiness is verified. I HATE cocky players but playing a game like this with a ONE HAND is amazing. I can’t even deny that he’s 100% backed up his talk. Unlike other players who talk a big game but do barely anything to prove it.

  28. Ok, relax. Josh is a terrible competitor, that's the only reason Jordan won. I feel Jordan has gotten quite lucky in eliminations in getting away with the fact he has 1 hand.

    Jordan is one of the best ever but he's getting overrated for a lot of shit he does like this elimination.


    after all the trash worthless ashley talked this week she gets purged out next week and doesn't make the final. UK wins but Torie gets purched also before the final with Ashley leroy cam

  30. If they wanted Jordan out so bad why the fuck did they send in Josh? Paulie could’ve beaten Jordan.

  31. I used to not care for Jordan but I can't fucking stand Cara anymore and her little minions are so fucking irritating…I just want Tori and Jordan to keep destroying everyone. I never in a million years thought I'd become a Jordan fan…but here we are.

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