Did you catch the last episode? We never even had a show title. But I’m sure the ratings were great..

Did you catch the last episode?
We never even had a show title. But I’m sure the ratings were great. Although this tournament ends today,
I gained a lot. Ugly and HIRO GOTO- I’m ready, anytime. Bastard! What’s this? That music… Moxley! I saw a glimpse of him. What? That was Moxley! He was forced to give up the title after
a typhoon made travel impossible. What now? Look over there!
Over there! Over there! Moxley is here! He’s here! And Lance is waiting for him in the ring. He couldn’t defend his title in October, in
Ryogoku, due to a typhoon canceling his flight. He had to give up his IWGP US title.
But he never lost it. He’s the former champion. That’s right. He’s standing in Hiroshima as if
declaring that the belt belongs to him. He lost the belt, but without fighting. He’s here! He’s back! He’s like a mad dog. Moxley is here in Hiroshima. It seems
that he believes that the belt is his. He’s conquered the world once. He looks even more dangerous. He came to take back the title. In G1 he wore standard trunks.
Now he looks ready for war. Look at these two monsters? Scary. This is dangerous. This is getting a little too scary. They are both fired up. The Mad Dog vs the American Psycho. It’s Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla. Double Arm DDT. And! One for Minoru! Minoru got his, as well. Wait a second, Moxley has been talking
about wanting to get involved with Minoru. He has to want his belt back, first. That’s right. Also, Minoru said he would fight Moxley
anytime, right? What’s going to happen? He wants the mic. Get him a microphone. He wants that belt back, doesn’t he? 俺のベルトを返しやがれ! 必ず俺のベルトを取り返すぞ TOKYO DOME He wants it back. WRESTLE KINGDOM テキサス・ デスマッチ Death match? Another death match? Wait. What’s he doing now? He brought out a table. He’s pulled out a table from below the ring. Also, he wants a death match. He knows that Lance is from Texas, as well. Oh, that’s right. So, he’s setting up a dangerous game. I understand. Now they’re going at it,
right next to the table! The Young Lion is trying to
break it up, desperately. Not good. Tsuji is the crossfire. Nobody knows how to stop them. Even if you stop either of them,
it’s not going to end, will it? It’s as if the match has already started. We’re going to need more Young Lions. That’s right. He’s chasing after Moxley. Can the Tokyo Dome contain this? Lance Archer uses the fence. A brawl outside the ring. They’ll use anything. It’s getting out of hand. I thought it would just be the video,
but actually showed up. He did. He flew here. How can this be settled? あいつを大の字にしてやった 俺のベルトに挑戦だと?
しかもテキサス… テキサス・ デスマッチじゃなく
死ぬのはお前の方だ! 俺を止めれると思うな! あいつをここからつまみ出せ! 何だ?
何だ? G1で優勝を逃したからって
日本でもう闘うことはないと思ったか? まさか! 新日本のレスラー全員を狙ってやる
いつどこでも俺が望む通り現れてやる まず最初に一番でかい獲物を狙ってやる
ランス・アーチャーを犠牲にしてやる だがあいつがUSベルトを奪ったことを
非難するつもりはないが これだけは忘れるな 俺のベルトを奪ったのは
お前じゃない 航空会社だ 俺が全くあいつを怖がってないフリしたって
バカみたいに見えるだけだろうから あいつを恐れてることは
素直に認めよう 213cm 136kgの鈴木軍のモンスターだ 少しでもミスったら簡単に殺される相手だ
だがそれもまた興奮するぜ お前の土俵で闘ってやる テキサスの
レジェンド達がこぞって闘い抜いてきた テキサス・ デスマッチだ 最後に生き残った方が


  1. 5:47 Did Lance really say there's no such thing as a Texas Deathmatch? The stipulation is older than the modern concept of deathmatch wrestling. No DQ, only ends if a competitor can't answer a 10-count following a pinfall.

  2. I swear if Shooter comes to AEW and cost Jericho the title against Mox, it’s gonna be the best shit ever.

  3. it must feel like a vacation for a western wrestler to walk through a Japanese crowd
    its all light taps on the arm, face coverings and the fear of being dishonoured by making an ass of themselves
    meanwhile crowd in america slowly sinking into ring to attack the next old guy on a podium

  4. AEW and New Japan are definitely working together and I love it. WWE use to do that with and also worked with ECW too when they were still around. I love it. Wrestling is fun again and I can’t wait for Wrestle Kingdom

  5. it starting to get a little bit boring…. all these light out unsanction matches. that the "creative" ambrose left for ??

  6. mox really is talented if only wwe let him do his thing but it dont matter now hes pullin like 6 million or more a year lol



    WWE: Vance Archer vs Dean Ambrose in a 5 minute match on the second hour of Raw 😑

  8. Too early for anything but i really hope Shota Umino gets back with Mox, cause dude i really miss that thing they had in the G1

  9. Somebody fill me in, what does Jon mean by "delta airlines stole that belt from me"? Did he miss a flight a lil while ago or something?

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