Jewel Gonzalez trains to make Phillipsburg wrestling history

I’ve been wrestling for eight years now. So, growing up, you know, around brothers that have wrestled, it’s always kind.

I’ve been wrestling for eight years now.
So, growing up, you know, around brothers that have wrestled, it’s always kind of
been part of my life. When I first began wrestling, it was
definitely difficult because the coaches weren’t used to it, the males weren’t
used to it, the referees, but, you know, the better wrestler I’ve become it’s
definitely gotten easier. I would prefer to wrestle boys again, because of the
intensity. Girls tend to be a little more laid-back in wrestling. I like staying on
my toes and just going into the fight. I would definitely say my strengths
would have to be I’ve been training for a lot longer than these girls have, you
know. They’re usually in their first, second or third year of wrestling and
I’ve been wrestling since I was 8. So, it’s been about 8-9 years now. Also, I don’t
see many girls having the same intensity as me, when it comes to training. So, it’s
definitely a big difference in that sense and I think it really shows on the
mat. Normally, I’ll wake up in the morning
before school or, you know, if it’s a weekend, just early in the morning, run
around my neighborhood a little bit maybe even go over to the stadium and
snake stairs. Even to this day, I definitely have a few parents out there
that are more like, you know, shy away to the idea of me wrestling guys. Now, that we have girls wrestling they’re a little more okay
with it, but I think they were more scared in a sense, because of the
difference in the body types, but I definitely proved them wrong in the
sense. Wrestling’s always been a kind of outlet
for me in different aspects of my life. It’s very close to my heart.
My goal for wrestling, from this point on, would have to be to just go AC show my
stuff, wrestle like me and get it done.

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  1. When my daughter started with Steele hill in phillipsburg a few years ago she worked out a few times with her. We have since moved to south Jersey but my daughter will try and win B2B youth state championships on March 9th. As of writing this your one win from making history my daughter and I are glued to the phone just waiting to see you win the 161 state championship

  2. You did it very proud of you now it's time to go from a hero for young girls to a legend by going back 2 back in 2020

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