Jenna Dewan’s Boyfriend Made Her Into a Wrestling Fan

[APPLAUSE] Hi. [CHEERING] John? Audience is fired up. I’m fired up. It’s very nice to meet you. Welcome. It’s so.

[APPLAUSE] Hi. [CHEERING] John? Audience is fired up. I’m fired up. It’s very nice to meet you. Welcome. It’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for being here I saw you at the Kids’ Choice
Awards, when you were hosting. Ugh. And you did so good. No, you were amazing. It’s a rowdy audience. Kids’ Choice Awards
it’s a rowdy audience. You did so good. And my daughter, she’s like
a tough critic, she loved it. Thank you very much. And I recently heard that
you’ve become a WWE fan? Yes. Yes. This is near and
dear to my heart. Yes. Yes. I know all about you. Oh. I know all about you. So Steve, my boyfriend,
is a huge wrestling fan and he got me like so
into it So much that I watched Wrestlemania by myself. He wasn’t even in town
and I watched Wrestlemania because I was like, I had
to know if Becky Lynch was going to beat Ronda Rousey. And I was like– I was by myself. I ordered it, which by the
way, I didn’t need to order it, but I ordered it. And I was sitting here
like texting like, “Do you know what’s happening?” This made my day. [LAUGHTER] Not, not– I mean, selfishly
because I really do love what I do. And that’s a picture of me
jumping into someone’s arms. And that’s someone
being like, “No! Don’t jump.” I don’t understand. “I didn’t tell you to jump.” I mean, it’s crazy. What I think is really
special about this is why you ordered Wrestlemania. I love WWE and it’s what
I’ve dedicated my life to. But you said you wanted to
see if Becky Lynch could beat Ronda Rousey. And for the first time
in the 35-year history of Wrestlemania,
women were able to be the main event, the main
attraction at Wrestlemania. [APPLAUSE] Which is historically
unbelievable and an extra special. But to hear someone
say, you know what, like I bought it
because I had to see if Becky was going to win. I had to. I had to know. That is awesome. Shout out to all our
star women in WWE– Yeah. Truly. –keep doing your
thing because you’re doing some special stuff. [APPLAUSE] That’s so true. That’s such a good point. I was hooked. Me too. Me too. I was hooked. It’s been a male-focused
industry for a long time, and there’s been a huge paradigm
shift in the past few years and now we’ve got people
like you watching. That’s what I hear. Now you’ve got me watching
Wrestlemania, on my own, wanting to know what’s going on. So maybe one day– I mean– I mean, you’ve danced,
you’ve kind of done it. I don’t think– I am
absolutely not that tough. Like never. Neither am I. I saw that jump. But you are tough,
though, because I want to talk about a
picture you posted. Yeah. You posted a picture– like you tried to
certain recovery method. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. OK. Have you ever tried
this, cupping? I look at that picture
and I think, uh, hell no. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] They didn’t tell me I was going
to– so I’ll try anything. I like alternative body
hacks, all this sort of stuff. And I woke up and my rib
was just out of place. It was just weird. It was like the
most painful thing. So I was in Chicago and I
Yelped, I literally was like, “body worker nearby.” And I went to this woman, she’s
like, “How about cupping?” Oh, sure. I’d never done it. That was on for about 10 days. They’re like giant hickeys
that don’t go away for 10 days. [LAUGHTER] So your rib hurts, someone
gives you a boatload of hickeys on your back– Yeah. –and then your back hurts so
your rib doesn’t hurt anymore? [LAUGHTER] Basically they just change the– Change the pain. Change the pain, so
then you’re handling it a little bit better. That’s pretty intense. I also want to get into
something that I really do enjoy talking about. Yes. You have a book coming out. Yes. And I want you to tell me
about this because the subject matter is very close to me. Right. Yes I do. I wrote a book, never
thought I’d write a book. It’s called Graceful You. It’ll be coming out. And it’s kind of a combination
of a lot of things, but it’s no secret I
had a very intense year and a lot of change. And so there are certain very– I would say hippie. I’m a hippie at heart. I’m sort of a seeker. So now, what does that mean? It means that I sort of like
to do practices and rituals and things that sort of
connect me to something greater than myself,
bigger than myself. And so for that I used a lot
of those sort of techniques and things like that to help me
through change in crazy years. So there’s a lot of
personal stories. It’s like, you know,
a lot that I go into. And then there’s also sort
of rituals and my hippie side that I put in there. I mean, so much– I mean, I’ve went to Peru. I lived there for two
weeks and with this tribe. And I’ve always been
that type of person. So I kind of put it all
together in this book. And there’s poetry,
there’s some funny stories, there’s a lot about dance. And it was really cathartic
and actually fun to write this. I’m super happy you did
this because entertainment is usually shown in a very– it’s an entertaining life. It’s supposed to
make you guys laugh, it’s supposed to make you smile. Everybody, you guys in
the stands, you guys behind the cameras, we
all have ups and downs. Yeah. And I love reading
material like this where someone is brave enough
to share their journey. Yes. And I can’t wait to read it. And I know I’ll find a nugget,
or hopefully a few things, that I can take away from it. So thank you for helping me. Well, I’ll send it to you. I appreciate it. You can read it. That will be awesome. I think it’s a great thing. Thank you. And Jenna’s new book is
available for preorder right now.

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