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– Well, on a lighter note I heard that Feby was a crack-head. – Pfffffffffft! – I heard that too..

– Well, on a lighter note I heard that Feby was a crack-head. – Pfffffffffft! – I heard that too. – Child! Where’s the check?! – Malaysia! I understand trying to deflect the conversation away from Byron, but messing with me? Oh hell no. – No, actually not a crack-head, a dope-fiend crack-head. (beep) And a molly-popping nincompoop. – Hoo! – A nincompoop? – No, you said it wrong, Jackie! – Now if any mother (beep) glass, or any goddamn salt-shaker, table, coconut mother (beep) anything comes across this goddamn table and I go to jail, it’s gonna be a problem. I said it and I meant it. – You always talk about goin’ to jail, but behind the scenes you always talking about lawyers. – I (beep) and lawyers, you right! Get that (beep) cleared up, before they assassinate your character. – So is your daughter
assassinating your character? I’m confused. – You don’t wanna speak about my daughter. – This could really go left, because if Jackie has one trigger, it’s you talking about Ta’Kari. – I always felt a little
intimidated by my mom. – Okay. – Like I didn’t feel
like I was good enough. – She said, ‘My mother took issue with everything about me. “Why are you breathing so hard? Are you (beep)?” She couldn’t do anything right! – And for me to get pushed to that level, it must have been some real (beep) (beep) with me. Don’t (beep) with me and my kid. (tense music) – Ta’Kari had a lot to say in that book. And Feby just unleashed all of the bad ju-ju in this restaurant. – But I have read the book. Or I heard about it. – Good. You should read her next one, she got two out, dope-fiend. – In this group we have established, do not talk about people’s kids, that is just not what you do. Feby just opened the gate for the real Jackie Christie, uncensored, to come out. – Crack addict, you are not on my level. – I’m a crack addict ’cause I’m small, and you try to get lipo anytime to look like me. Okay big-ears. – You right! But you better keep your ass in that seat, tramp. That’s what you better do. You right, Dumbo-ears, yeah, I got a lot of husbands ’bout these ears, bitch. Get a husband. That 48 year-old been working bitch. – He’s tired, let him retire! – She is an animal. She’s acting like one and we need to leave her ass here. So nobody don’t get bit! – I brought you twenty whole dollars, hoe. And you better take this
mother (beep) money, bitch. Anybody got a molly up in here? Anybody got a molly for this bitch? – Cause you need it. – Let me find my twenty dollars. Hold on. Unwrinkle that (beep) for me, will ya, OG? (women laugh) Let me put my lipstick back in my purse, ’cause this hoe needs some money. With my old ass and my big ears. Get that bitch that twenty dollars. If Feby wants to act like a crack-whore, imma treat her like a crack-whore. Imma give her this broke-ass
twenty dollar bill, so that she can get her some more crack. ‘Cause I’m nice like that. – Gimme that twenty. This about the funniest
(beep) you ever said. – You right. You gotta pass last night. You ain’t getting one today. – Alright, well, I’m finna go. – Please. Pick the diamonds up. – Bitch. – Pack it up, diccums. – You wanna walk around the table? – Do you wanna walk around the table? – Calm your ass the (beep) down here, trick bitch. – It don’t move! That **** ain’t moving! (women laugh) You shaking nothing! – I think its safe to say we need to get the hell out of here, before someone calls the police. Because everyone in here is just staring at us at this point. – Bye bitch! You need a moment. – Grandma. – Take that twenty dollars
out of her bra bitch and spend it well. – Why do we go in public, y’all? – How do you say sorry in Spanish? – ‘Perdón’. – Perdón, perdón. Everybody, the crack-head has left the building. The real crack-head!

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  1. Jackie is the worst human. Different looking but same version of Evelyn and Shaunie. She is a sneaky, manipulative, liar. She starts stuff then sit back. One episode she actually wanted the two women to fight. She pulled Sunday away as she was trying to keep them apart. Who does that? She is a demon, sometimes the camera catches her and you can see the demon living inside of her. I don't see any redeemable qualities from day one. This show needs to be off TV. I don't care for any of these people NOT one.

  2. I was waiting for Shaunie to say "let's not talk family business" but I guess that only goes for dark skin women smh

  3. Feby is gross and unintelligent, Shaunie is disingenuous and pushing colorist narratives, and Malaysia’s just as stupid as ever. Cancel the show.

  4. Remember that episode when Shaunie was crying to everyone in the room, whining saying “You don’t mess with people’s families!!” Because OG said Byron isn’t his dad’s biological son… but just say here & let Feby bring up Jackie’s daughter, & it’s okay because Feby is a part of her Clique? Make it make sense. But it’s okay, Jackie handled that!

  5. You could NEVER win an argument with Jackie lmao she gets you together real quick, and they can call her old all they want but at least she has a husband and most of them never got married just got knocked up and dumped 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. I don't know if Feby or Febreze is a crack head but I do know that she is mentally retarded she was in the regard classes as a kid…FACTS 😆

  7. Feby unleashed everything she was told to unleash to get a reaction from jackie while they sit back and watch. Evelyn no doubt her hands was all over this mess feby was just the messenger.

  8. Have everybody forgot the skating rink with Jackie about to be jumped?? Like OG can't even be on stage with these people…she should be glad.

  9. Jackie is the crazy one has good and intentional motives towards different people, yet has her funny comical moments and when the crackhead fiend said that Jackie with your Big Elephant 🐘 ears stay sat down to you could see the women were trying not to burst out laughing 😂 because it came across so yet when it took a few seconds maybe minutes for Jackie to process what she said her face to seemed like she thought it was funny and had to giggle. Then came out with the Dumbo 🐘 yeah I have hilarious

  10. Somebody can explain to me why everyone hates Shaunie? I don’t see why she’s fake bc I started the 8th season so idk her so much

  11. Feby, how you Hispanic and don't know how to say something as basic as "sorry" in Spanish? Let Ev teach you some lessons, boo.. smhh


  13. Jackie ain't ever to old to go upside somebody's head with her words or her fist that's for sure 🤣

  14. Quick question: why was no-one in Febreeze's face like they were with in OG's?!?!? Why does Fubu get a free pass for throwing Jackie's family issues in her face but OG is treated like the scum of the earth??? The levels of hypocrisy in this circle just blows my mind.

  15. Can VH1 make Jackie Christie as the exec producer, get rid of Phaunie and Evilyn, and replace them with Dominique (Jen's friend)?

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