Ivanka And Don Jr. Grow More Paranoid As They Fight For Daddy’s Attention

Well folks, there appears to be even more trouble in paradise than just Donald Trump being angry that Mike Pence.

Well folks, there appears to be even more
trouble in paradise than just Donald Trump being angry that Mike Pence has a higher approval
rating than him. Uh, the approval that’s being fought over
right now is the approval of Donald Trump himself. And that fight is taking place between Ivanka
and Donald Trump jr at least according to a new report by the Atlantic’s McKay Coppins. Here’s what’s happening. According to this bombshell new article from
Coppins, allegedly both Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump for the last several years, including
during the original 2016 campaign, have been fighting to be the one that their dad depends
on, right? They just want daddy’s approval. They want daddy’s love. They want to be the favorite. And so in their quest for that favoritism,
they have both grown increasingly paranoid. And Ivanka and Don Jr are both accusing the
other one of planting negative stories about them in the media. One specifically that Coppins mentioned was
a story from 20 2018, I believe, or no, excuse me, 2016 he said Trump kids on the campaign
trail. Don Jr wows Ivanka disappoints. Now, according to the report, Ivanka actually
accused on Jr of being behind that specific article and then Don Jr called her out for
allegedly being the one who was feeding all these off the record negative things about
Donald Trump jr to the press, allegedly. Also, at one point, Donald Trump jr came up
to Ivanka and said, uh, tell your people to stop being so negative about me and planting
these stories in the press. So he outright, according to the sources,
accused her and her staffers of doing this. Now here’s what’s really interesting about
this. We know that Donald Trump jr definitely has
political aspirations once his father leaves office, he has talked multiple different times
about running for office as president of the United States. Uh, he’s hinted at maybe he’ll run for mayor
in New York, maybe he’ll run for governor in New York. Brad Parscale. Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager has warned
us that we could be looking at a Trump political dynasty that lasts for decades. But does Ivanka actually have political aspirations? Could Ivanka actually go out there on the
campaign trail and be successful? Is she likable? I think the answer to every one of those questions
is no. Now I’m not saying that Donald Trump jr is
likable by any stretch of the imagination, but he does have a little bit though probably
not enough of his dad’s ah brash personality to at least gain some votes. I think Ivanka would fall flat. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think they would
both absolutely get slaughtered in an election, but I think Trump jr would fare much better
than Ivanka would. Ivanka has no personality, she has no likable
traits, and she has that slimy little weasel of a husband who probably is going to end
up behind bars that at least some point in his life just like his daddy did. So there’s lots of baggage with these two
kids. But I think what it boils down to overall
is the fact that they pretty much were neglected as children. Daddy wasn’t there, daddy didn’t care, and
now the daddy’s in the spotlight even more so than ever. They want to be there with him. They want to be the one that he depends on. This isn’t a humorous story, folks. This is actually a very sad story. This is what happens when you neglect your
children. This is what happens when you don’t love your
children, and this is what happens in the case of Ivanka, when you let one child know
that she absolutely is your favorite above all the others, and you have no problems hiding
that from your other kids. According to Coppins. In this article, Don Junior said, he always
knew that Ivanka was the favorite. You know, he was daddy’s little girl, and
so he always had to fight for that attention and look at where that’s gotten us. Now again, this isn’t humorous. This isn’t funny that these two are fighting. It’s very sad that at this point in their
lives, they’re still having to fight for even just a little bit of their father’s attention.

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  1. Remember what Trump tried to do to his father. Taking over his
    Real Estate Co. and money. This is what they are fighting over. Who will control the Company, and family money. They could care less about him as a person. What goes around, comes around.

  2. He still thinks he's on The Apprentice; pitching people against each other is Trump's natural instinct. Just a pity he does it to his adult children who are too weak to have a long hard look at this fool, shake their head and walk away. Personally, I would die of embarrassment to be even distantly related to this moron let alone have him as my father.

  3. Barron and Tiffany still have a chance to be real human beings, and it isn't their fault their last name is Trump. Tiffany seems to be going her own way, and has a loving and supportive Mom. It seems that Melania tries her best to keep Barron away from the Trump swamp. I do wonder how Barron feels about his father. Shamefully, Trump seems to pay Barron no attention. We never see them as a family except short glimpses now and then when they are boarding or unboarding a plane.
    As far as the higher 3 kids…losers just like Dad.

  4. The Dysfunctional Ways a Family Protects a Narcissist
    1) The element of disguise. While the narcissist might appear to others to be highly independent, in actuality they cannot thrive without an adoring audience. The family is expected to feed the narcissist’s ego on demand. Most of this is done in secret to maintain the illusion of autonomy.

    2) The fear of disapproval. Narcissists hate to be embarrassed, especially by their own family. A spouse or child not living up to the narcissist’s standards is immediately shunned, ignored, or neglected until they conform. As a result, the family becomes fearful of the narcissist’s disapproval and goes to great lengths to give the narcissist what they demand.

    3) The power of denial. Denial is a powerful defense mechanism which allows a person to create a fantasy world of perfection separate from the flaws of reality. The spouse of a narcissist is frequently enlisted as a co-conspirator so as to maintain the narcissist’s standard at all times. The family minimizes the impact of an abusive outburst by pretending it didn’t happen or that it wasn’t that bad.

    4) The efficacy of deception. Narcissistic families believe lies, such as our family is special and therefore we don’t have to do things the way others do them. Or, our family is superior to others because of our power, influence, wealth, and/or beauty. These deceptions allow the family to live outside the rules of society thereby creating a bond that is difficult to break.

    5) The acceptance of distortion. A foundational premise for all personality disorders, including narcissism, is an inaccurate perception of reality. Narcissism becomes a distorted lens by which the entire family views themselves and others. It is through this bias that the family circles the wagons and protects the narcissist and their behavior.

  5. I am not going to be able to sleep just if somehow another Trump becomes president. Please God help don’t let that happen to us, it will be “goodbye” to democracy

  6. OMFG!! Isn't the fact that the orange man/baby is in the Oval Office enough for the world to have to deal with? Don Jr is even stupider that the old man if that is actually possible.

  7. Jr is even more despicable than daddy (if that is fckin even possible). I'd rather see Trumpty's lover daughter run than junior just to watch her LOSE bigly 😂

  8. well I hope all trumps assets and financial assets will be given to the American People as repayment for the criminal behavior and rip offs.

  9. what's with the beard, moustache. Can somebody tell him to go back how he was !! It look awful on him !! Not everybody can wear beard and moustache, and his one of them .

  10. This is what happens when Daddy is a narcissistic moron who loves grabbing women by the p***y. And, when are they going to learn that speaking with your lips puckered outward is 1980’s junk. I am so sick of this deranged and deformed family from Idiot Land. 🙄

  11. The Trump family all need to go. Along with all the republicans who allowed the trumps to profit from the corrupt government we have. America will not change unless we get rid of the do nothing republicans. But supporters will make excuses for the poor leadership. So remember to vote!!!

  12. Let us hope that Ivanka and Donald Jnr. kill each other in the struggle for favor, thereby causing Donald Snr. to expire in grief (or because his love intetest is gone). Meanwhile Ivana's Einstein visa is revoked for fraud, which dominoes to terminate her parent's chain immigration status and they return penniless to Lithuania. Meanwhile Baron grows up to disavow the family and becomes a decent person.

  13. Seriously? Don Jr. as president?? Didn't I just see where he had some sort of rally recently, and like 11 people showed up? They actually had to have them come up and circle around the stage! The guy is a DOOFUS or as a chip off the old block maybe DOTARD is a better word!!! Although Daddy Donnie will embarrass him by talking about his own crowd size!!

  14. There's a problem with Ivanka and Don's little theory. They don't need to plant negative stories about each other, they're doing just fine actually doing terrible things they don't need to make things up.

  15. They like there dad are cowards. Afraid to die so they do what there told. There all saving there asses from getting got by those more powerful that they will every be. There asses belong to the devil himself.

  16. I don’t think even the cultist like DJTJ all that much.
    This poor family is like a school of Cannibal piranhas. They would eat each other for more power and money.
    After The Dotard is gone, I don’t think America could handle any more of the Dirty Dotards.

  17. Don Jr puts on boots and a flannel, goes to country events and talks about duck hunting.

    Ivanka tries to appeal to the inner city, educated woman, pretending she's the "good cop" in the White House.

    Two very different attempts at image.

  18. Pussy Face VS Skankhole Daddy fucker what a loser POS Family hang them all Motherfucking traitors or in Skankholes case Daddyfucker

  19. First of all,Trump is a stolen surname just like everything else dem idiots have stolen over da ears.Drumpf is deir actual surname…facts man!

  20. Lmao, kind of hard to run a campaign from Prison.
    MORAL Americans are sickened by the entire REPULSIVE Trump Crime Syndicate. So, go home Jr. you're Drunk, Sorry DUMBASS Ivanka, or "Complicit Barbie", is daddy's golden child. Jared and Jr., and Eric should and could, be cellmates, real soon. They are all IMMORAL and feckless, AF. The endless corruption is Prolific and long time overdue for Justice.

  21. They're paranoid, because all the Trump(crime) family have no place to run and hide.My guess is that the kids need to " hide some MONEY away real soon.All of them, are going to Prison, soon.( Melania, too.)

  22. Let’s stalk the whole criminal family. Disgusting pieces of shit. They have their father genes so they will be more unhinged like their father.

  23. They are all terrible on the surface who knows what they are in deeper layers. Trump is exhibiting mental imbalance. Sibling rivalry and dysfunction runs deep in this so called family. As if Trump was a pure example of family values.

  24. Wish they'd all just move to Russia. In a perfect world…every one of them would be freezing their a$$es off in Moscow having vodka with Uncle Vlad.

  25. Please! What the hell are we even considering the two offspring of the most disgusting man ever in any office, to be in Office. Give me a brake!

  26. They won't have to bid for fat man's attention, you will be locked up in cell next door, pass a law saying no more brainless Trump family in American politics stupid runs in family

  27. Ivanka and Junior may both fail, but it's a matter of degree. Ivanka will crash harder than Junior for the same reason Hillary Clinton got more votes than Trump and still lost. America is a place where it's easier to get away with calling a woman a bitch than it is to call a man a bastard. The male will always get the benefit of the doubt–until things change, of course.

  28. I do not understand why the spotlight with these abrasive, aggressive lying bunch. Why feature personality as the reason for electing their dad. What happen to common core American values that christian and Jesus taught goodness and meekness and humility and kindness the code for liking people , not glitz , glamour, and money, and so called out size personality,' many of the are bipolar, hyperbolic, and mouthy.

  29. "Cat's in the Cradel!" There was so much wisdom in that song. Parents (especially "tough" men) are too often so focused on work and being "tough," that their kids learn to grow callouses on their hearts because who can bear continuous low-level rejection from someone so Central to your life? The son emulates the father, because that's the fathering style imprinted in childhood. Absent early intervention by another adult or LOTS OF THERAPY and other support, the pattern continues.
    Boys and young men raised like this are especially vulnerable to recruitment by cults, gangs, and abusive bosses. They are trying to "convert" a father-figure into the living father they craved.
    Many "tough guys" in the 50's or older have a major personality change in which all those repressed feelings emerge. Minor strokes often leave a man without those defences; some will start crying at at song or sight of children, or puppy videos. He now has TIME AND DESIRE for intimate relationships with his kids or grandkids, but often they can't trust him enough or they are so angry and hurt that they barely speak except out of politeness
    Daughter's often fare a little better, since men accept feelings by and with women better than between men. But daughters may become prematurely sexualized — even without any explicit or conscious sexual touch or disrobing. Sexual jealousy and suspiciousness in fathers is a symptom. Daughters may compete with their mothers for whatever emotional energy father has, and try to app sexual signals picked up from media or older females.
    Daughter's of such men are more likely to be promiscuous, have early pregnancies, and choose abusive boyfriends or spouses.
    Since DT never got appropriate fathering, he acted out, resulting in being forced into military school. That did not teach him, partly because he continued to buy his way out of scrapes. I suspect he quickly formed a gang around himself there. His grandfather made his fortune by owning brothels, so Fred Trump's sexual education would have included degrading women with his own Dad's example and encouragement.
    Melania is wise to keep Barron away from DT as much as possible.

  30. Right now or even 5 years from now, no one is going to want Jr for president. Can you imagine if one of them did become president. Would little Donny be the speaker for them? their advisor? LMAO. that would be funny to see. Jr has no chance of becoming Donnys' favorite, he will always lose against Ivanka. Donny doesn't look at him as someone he wants to sleep with. Donny looks more lovingly at Ivanka than he does Melania. Hell, Donny seems jealous of the way Ivanka looks at Trudeau. LOL.

  31. Decades 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💙


  33. Wow what a treasure trove for Trump haters to come and vent! Talking about personalities rather than whats getting done!

  34. Nothing new here. They don't want Daddy's attention; they want too know if they are still in his will & testament. So richly deserved.

  35. Discard them like ballast at the first and second DOJ indictments after you're impeached… throw 'em right under the bus tires, they'll buy you a few days of freedom.

  36. Trump jr is one of the dumbest people I’ve ever heard speak
    So he’s gonna run on what
    Bullshit and bravado?

  37. Don Fuckface and his sister Bimbo Trump are praying someone would just shoot the Porn Whore Pig so they can get their hands on his ill-gotten loot.

  38. I was just thinking since Trump unlike any other dead beat father who neglects their own kids even though there are grown ups now should have considered getting an vasectomy to prevent this dysfunctional family from even happening. 🤔🤔🤔

  39. Perhaps if Donald Junior gets a butt implant he will be daddy‘s favorite. It will give Donald Trump Senior a place to rest his hand as he often does to Ivanka’s backside. 🤮

  40. Ivanka would very much like to become a cleaning lady in a department store. For this purpose, she takes evening classes and hopes to get an internship at the National Department of Brooms, Mops and Vacuums.

  41. awe,theyre just like their daddy.don jr. might as well quit now,maybe then sister dearest will give him a job running errands for her when daddy elects her as his predecessor to the throne,if thats what dictators call them.

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