I’m Going To Be a WWE Wrestler!! (ft. Stephanie McMahon)

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59 thoughts on “I’m Going To Be a WWE Wrestler!! (ft. Stephanie McMahon)”

  1. I remember when at wresalmania there was a mach undertaker va shawn Michael my favorite wresalers AND I WAS SO EXSITED MY PARENTS WERE like they just dont know BUT i have tha greatest uncle ever he called Me and siad hey whant to ho to wresalmania i was like sure and thats it

  2. Yes we should be family I love wwe so much I've never been to one but I watch it all the time and I get every game and I have every game and over 100 toys

  3. If you hired me I would have brought my own food lol. Make sure to hire me for another video you do 😂 I’m not even kidding dead serious.

  4. How have I not seen this video before??? I absolutely LOVE WWE

    I'm going to a wrestling school currently and I would love to end up on WWE someday

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