IDF drill simulates combat on Northern front – 18.12.19 TV7 Israel News

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories; The.

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
The Israeli military concluded a wide-scale exercise in its northern Command, along the
border with Lebanon and Syria – as part of continued efforts by the IDF to prepare
the Jewish State for a multi-front war. Nation-wide unrest is seemingly escalating
in Israel’s northern neighbor, Lebanon – with clashes reported across numerous cities and
towns. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called
for the resettlement of one million Syrian refugees, out of the 3.7 million currently
hosted by his country, in a “safe zone” that was established by the Turkish military
in the northern part of Syria. The Israeli military concluded a wide-scale
exercise in its northern Command, along the border with Lebanon and Syria. During the exercise, IDF troops simulated
a variety of challenges and threats in Israel’s northern sectors of the Galilee and Golan
heights. The IDF spokesperson’s unit informed TV7
that as part of improving the military’s readiness, the pre-scheduled exercise included
‘a dedicated learning day that was held earlier this week in the Northern Command,
in which all officers, from the rank of company commander and above, participated.’ It noted further that “the purpose of the
exercise was to provide a deeper understanding and facilitate mutual learning from the operational
events that have taken place in (Israel’s) northern arena over the past few months, as
well as from in-depth reviews that were conducted at all levels.” An additional purpose was ‘to relay knowledge
to all of Israel’s military commanders and to deepen the understanding of the volatile
region.’ The IDF underscored that the exercise and
the learning day were part of the Israeli military’s 2019 preparedness plan and represents
a significant milestone for preserving readiness in the IDF’s Northern Command for emergency,
and for preparing its units for war. Separately, a third surprise exercise began
this morning – by the IDF Chief of the General Staff – for the purpose of examining the military’s
operations and actions during a significant cyber-attack, and in case of a forced shutdown
of all main information systems. As part of the exercise, which is still ongoing,
hundreds of command and control systems in various IDF units were shut down. Turning to Israel’s border with the Hamas-controlled
Gaza Strip, where; An armed Palestinian Islamist was spotted
approaching the security barrier in the southern part of the enclave. The IDF said it monitored the terrorist’s
movement, and when he was seen attempting to infiltrate into the Jewish State, an Israeli
air-force aircraft targeted the militant. A direct hit was identified. It is important to note that despite the incident,
there have been no changes in the guidelines issued to the residents of Israeli communities
bordering the Hamas-controlled enclave. While Israel is clearly preparing for a possible
wide-scale conflagration; Nation-wide unrest is seemingly escalating
in Israel’s northern neighbor, Lebanon. Since an attempted police-orchestrated crackdown
exacerbated mostly-peaceful demonstrations in Beirut, the situation is quickly shifting
from a national outcry for justice and reform to an overt power struggle of a sectarian
nature. The Lebanese military deployed troops to the
streets of Beirut, to assist riot-police in effort to disperse thousands of supporters
of Islamist Shi’ite groups, including the Iranian-backed Hezbollah and its ally Amal,
who have repeatedly attempted to break a security cordon where peaceful anti-government demonstrators
have set up tents as part of an anti-corruption protest that has been ongoing since the 17th
of October. According to local reports, a video that was
published by a Sunni-Muslim man, in which he criticized Hezbollah Secretary General
Hassan Nasrallah and the Shi’ite-Muslim community he heads, inflamed passions across
Lebanon where sectarian divisions run very deep. The purported video immediately exacerbated
the already tense situation, in spite of repeated calls by political leaders to refrain from
violence. One of the Lebanese protesters that faced
one of the attacks recounted the events that unfolded last night, when the Shi’ite-Muslim
gangs launched an attack against a peaceful protest encampment in a Beirut square, which
consists predominately of Sunni-Muslim, Christian and Druze demonstrators. “Honestly a lot of people here lived in distress
because of what happened as if it was truly bombings over our heads, the Molotov, the
tear gas, the rubber bullets, and all in big quantities, the tear gas filled the whole
area here and they couldn’t hold them back, even after they received calls to get out
of the street (the Pro Shi’ite supporters), they didn’t, until at the end the they left
around 4 am, we didn’t hear anything anymore, they said that the situation had calmed down.” Turning now to the Swiss city of Geneva, where;
A two-day summit of the United Nation’s Global Refugee Forum concluded this evening,
during which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for the resettlement of one
million Syrian refugees, out of the 3.7 million currently hosted by his country, in a “safe
zone” that was established by the Turkish military in the northern part of Syria. “Of course all Syrian refugees should enjoy
the right of voluntarily going back to their own motherlands. The resettlement programs will be very important
for stability and normalization to the established. And it is just as important as fighting terrorism.” President Erdogan seized the world body’s
platform to voice criticism of the European Union for failing to provide Ankara promised
funding in full and other world powers for investing more to protect Syria’s oil fields
than its children. “This is a burden that we have been bearing
for the last nine years. We need to find a formula that allows the
refugees to remain in their motherlands and the ones that have already come to Turkey
to be peacefully returned and resettled in their motherland.” It is important to note that Turkey has spent
some 4 billion dollars over the past 9 years to accommodate the 3.7 million Syrian refugees
it hosts. Nevertheless, a Western diplomat highlighted
to TV7 that much of the money Turkey spent over almost a decade was funded by Europe’s
taxpayers. Keeping that in mind, the Secretary General
of the Norwegian Refugee Council Jan Egeland – who formerly served as a U.N. emergency
relief coordinator, accused Turkey of attempting to change the demographic character of northern
Syria, which is currently a predominantly Kurdish region. “We hear from Ankara that these people (Syrian
refugees) are supposed to be pawns on a checkboard (chessboard) and they are going to be placed
in a buffer zone, inside Syria, from where most of these people do not come. So that would mean de-population in an area
where it was full of Kurds, with Sunni Arabs from Syria – not a good solution. There needs to be a better plan to facilitate
voluntary, safe, informed, assisted return to Syria.” While President Erdogan addressed the U.N.
Global Refugee Forum, several demonstrations took place outside of the world body’s building,
both in support and against the Turkish leader. The most vocal of demonstration was organized
by the Kurdish Democratic Society Center in Switzerland, which condemned the United Nations
for providing the Turkish President a platform to promote his efforts to alter the reality
on the ground within the Kurdish regions of Syria. “We are at the Place des Nations (Nations
square) to protest against the venue of Erdogan, the assassin, the dictator, fascist to protest
against his policy of normalization, of commoditization of the Kurdish people’s genocide. We are here to express our disagreement of
the fact that he uses the refugee issue to operate on a demographic change in the Kurdish
regions, at the borders of Syria and Iraq and we ask the U.N. not to be an accomplice
of such a policy.” For more information on Israel and its region
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  1. If people know the real truth nothing wil stay standing . I know.I followed this topic for 30 years .The lie is faster then anybody can realise . Investigate the 2nd world war . Look into the DEEP STATE . AND AGENDA 21

  2. Lord, please deliver the Lebanese from evil hezballah and nasrallah, in Jesus' Name. Hey, hasn't Erdogan been instrumental in creating refugees in the first place??? We, the children of Holy God, are seeing through so much of what goes on in the world. Lord have mercy. Thank you for your faithfulness; to Israel and your people!

  3. Shalom Israel your enimies are my enemies your people are my people love and prayers always stay strong 🇮🇱❤🙏♥️👍♥️

  4. All of us have heard of the "Ezekiel war", but very few of us have heard of the precursor "Psalm 83 war" (the list of players are different to that of the Ezekiel war) which is linked to Obadiah 1:7-21. Obadiah writes that Israel ends up annexing territory in this precursor war.

  5. 👍 good job Jonathan thanks for collecting all of these news
    Long life TV7🧡ISRAELNEWS & Israël❤️, Lovely blessed Countrty

  6. is Very Very good that IDF / Israeli Airforce to conduct wide scale Military exercises 2x a month fr. higher rank to lower rank & to check what mistakes & improvement needs to be done & improvise materials for survival of Jews/ Israeli,
    and fr. chain of command in case the 1st leader is out, then 2nd & 3rd in command takes over.
    also is good to have cannine/ Trains German Shepherd(K9) to trace the smell of the enemies or intruders of the Israeli borders inorder to detect locations of the intruders & also drugs/ weaponry smuggling coming in the borders.

    special/ intensive training takes time & practice to master the goals & aims to protect the people of Israel , just like the Navy seals in the USA(very special).
    also conducting External disasters
    & Internal disasters & sources of survival ( watered bottle, food, clothing & shelter for victims ).

    also prayers helps a lot!
    Miracle comes fr. Prayer with out ceasing & it can move mountains of Israeli enemies.

    Just like Moses , he raises both hands to GOD as an act of Surrender & Worship to GOD & having a strong faith.
    in return GOD gave the 12 tribes of Israel victory.

    for every battle there is always a spiritual leader in the Platoon in times of battle.
    ex. when wall of Jericho fell it bec. of the Levites priests in circle The wall of Jericho 7x + Faith + the Blast of shofar!🙏😇👏

  7. most Arabs countries that dont have a King/ Royalty rulership, is in turmoil bec. everyone wants to be the leader/ King, so inorder for them to retain their positions they get backing fr. other Muslim countries like Iran etc.

  8. This is very good move by the IDF as many of us believe a major attack is coming. This Maybe such a good move that the enemies could take note and decide to stay home.

  9. Bibi Netanyahu is the best leader—by far. Benny Ganz is cool riding around on a motor scooter, and he is tall. But, Netanyahu is fluent in English, and is able to communicate with USA, and the rest of the world. He articulates complex geopolitical problems on the world stage–in ENGLISH! Benny G is like a child in English. He should not be the PM. Bibi has an education from both Harvard and *MIT*. Don’t make a huge mistake and settle for less.

  10. To all IDF personal, as you work to safeguard GOD'S chosen land, may HIS Grace and Strength and Wisdom be upon you. GOD BLESS all IDF personal.

  11. Dear Team TV7: Always remember who you are to G*D, He will return and make up for the lost years and expand your country. (O.T.) You are special and honestly, everyone of your enemies knows this very well and are jealous because of you being special. Everyone can be grafted in into your Olive Branch if they come back to G*D as His Children. Shalom.

  12. “After two days, he will revive us;
    on the third day, he will raise us up;
    and we will live in his presence.” Hosea 6:2

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  18. Jonathan, does it seem to locals in Israel that this conflict is just one more in a long, virtually constant, history of conflicts, or does it have any other overarching themes to you all? Does it seem unprecedented to you? Or just normal daily routine?

  19. Lying Erdogan, there r dictators and there r Islamists regimes. Erdogan is both, he is going to keep blackmailing the spineless EU until they stand up to him and say, enough is enough.

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    Tell the President of Turkey to stay away from Israel unless he wants Israel to destroy Turkey the same way Israel fought against the three Arab countries in the past.
    The best way for Israel to live in peace is when take the right of every Muslim who hurt innocent Jewish people from living in Israel. Send the muslims, Hamas, Palestinians, gaza, and the jihadists to Turkey

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