How To Spot Dangerous Skin Colors

(panther roars) (explosion booms) Hey guys. What’s up? Zimmer Ziezlow, Trump Combat TV. Now, one of the big questions Mr..

(panther roars) (explosion booms) Hey guys. What’s up? Zimmer Ziezlow, Trump Combat TV. Now, one of the big questions
Mr. Trump used to ask me and this is a question I get
from you guys all the time. Z. Z., there are so many
different skin colors out there in today’s modern cosmopolitan world, how do I know which are the good ones and which ones I should watch out for? It’s a great question and
we’re gonna tackle it today in today’s punch list. (heavy metal rock music) So the key to giving
Mr. Trump information is keep it simple. So, to teach the most
dangerous skin colors, I have made this chart. As you can see, it runs the
whole range of skin colors from white all the way to bad. Now, colors at the end of
this spectrum are considered very non-threatening. So, if someone is walking towards me, walk towards me, and I see that his skin
tone is in this range, my body is loose, it is relaxed, I’m thinking maybe I could
go in for a handshake, maybe a bro-hug. This person could be considered a friend, maybe someone I do a deal with. Remember, if the skin is
light, I feel alright. However, if I move down the
spectrum to the darker colors, all of a sudden, I’m getting
a lot of panic in my body. I am feeling tense. I’m like an animal that is in a corner. I might have to strike at any time. Dark to black, whoa, get back. (explosion booms) Okay guys, let’s take
a real world situation. You’re doing a job interview. You’re interviewing someone and you’re so impressed
by this resume here, you don’t even realize
that his skin color, it’s in the danger zone. Of course, you’re first,
you’re going to panic, you want to run but
you’re in a small office. There’s nowhere to go. So, the key, you have to improvise. First, can I take this nice suit jacket and pull it over his head? Maybe that will distract him. If he comes in with a handshake, bah, bah, I’m not letting that handshake anywhere near me guys. I have to keep that away. Also, maybe I say, hey,
my window is stuck. Could you look at it? He goes over to the window, opens it up, boom and I push him out. Remember, darker than cream,
you’ve gotta get mean. (explosion booms) Now, I know what you’re thinking. If Mr. Trump knows the
skin colors to avoid, why does he always have a black guy behind him at those rallies? Little secret, see those teleprompters? Those are actually rearview mirrors. Mr. Trump has eyes on
this guy all the time. Remember, Mr. Trump is
the least racist person you have ever met. He has lots of black friends and thanks to this chart,
he is afraid of all of them. Okay guys, so I hope you liked that video. Drop your comments below. If you haven’t subscribed, click here. Next week’s video is
for busy professionals just like Mr. Trump. We’re gonna talk about martial arts skills that come in pill form or better yet, a nutrient-rich skin cream. You don’t wanna miss it. It’s brought to you by Gunt Muscle Balm. As always, this is Trump Combat TV. Stay safe and afraid. (gun bangs)

99 thoughts on “How To Spot Dangerous Skin Colors”

  1. Missing tip: dry skin is a sign of reptilian scales shedding. Keep asking questions. Investigate the Reptilian world order

  2. Out of all the comedians I would think funny man Will Ferrell would’ve been the perfect one to bring people together with humor and without constantly bashing POTUS. I was wrong, I remember when the left used to be funny. Maybe y’all will start being funny again once POTUS gets another term.

  3. i love how a dude made a video about a nazi pug, and he went to jail, but he was doing it as comedy, this channel makes a video perpetuating racism as comedy but there is no retaliation what so ever

  4. Hopefully comedy will be made to be funny again one day. If you're more concerned with politics, than you are comedy, maybe you're not a comedian….

  5. Next video should be about clothing. If a woman walks into YouTube headquarters with a scarf covering her head and sunglasses watch out! She might be an irate vegan YouTuber.

  6. I just unsubscribed. It’s not even funny. This is why I voted for Trump and after watching this BS I can’t wait to vote for Trump again 2020! Stupid liberal racist channel

  7. Wel done Funny or Die, I was losing hope I'd ever be able to laugh again under this terrifying administration!

  8. If it has skeleton white skin, it's a skeleton, kill it, if it's orc green, it's an orc, kill it, if it's wearing a necromancer robe, cast soul trap on it, kill it and capture it's soul, if it has orange skin and wear a suit with a big red tie, run, because you can't kill trump, son

  9. You fools are never going to get it. YOU are the reason Trump was elected. For the past ten years your only campaign strategy has been to accuse anyone and everyone who disagrees with you about absolutely anything of being a "racist" or a "sexist". Wake up, it doesn't work anymore. If you keep it up, Ted Nugent will be your next POTUS. Go ahead and try us if you don't believe us. You thought we weren't serious about electing Trump and look how that turned out.

  10. Love the tank top showing off your tats that start under where the sleeve of a t shirt starts. It says, "Hey look at me, i have tattoo's, look at my tattoo's , I HAVE TATTOOS!"

  11. This is actually an accurate representation of many Americans' entire thinking and acting according to skin color.

    With a number for the entire population of around 320 million human beings, the great mass of paranoid ones amounts to a large part of the population which lives in a psycho-persecution-delusion. In this great number of paranoid ones there are naturally not only simple citizens to mention, rather especially also many politicians, members of the police force, secret service people, economic heads, military personnel, political party members, religionists and sectarians, as well as hate and terrorist groups and so forth.

    The cowardly anxiety of the white ones, indeed of the white US Americans, that the Afro-Americans or other non-white ones in America could take control of the USA and its population, is widespread.

  12. Good to see you and your bros down with getting the message out. Props to all (even if some of them might have ancestry originating from shithole countries). It's hard to laugh these days, but you definitely made me smile. Keep the faith.

  13. Funny or die? Many pink people really feel this way lol. I guess this is the "or die" part of the content. Accidental confessions =
    Freudian Skit.

  14. Some pipo take this for legit, that it’s real and not satire making fun of their very real abhorrent, racist, and oppressive behavior.. I thought this might make me laugh a lil but sadly no. Ya’ll have jokes, talent and creativity. Maybe it’ll be funnier in a few years from now or try again.

  15. what? We're talking about people who say "We must kill you or you must be our slave" the things they THINK ABOUT; how the fuck does that have anything to do with skin color? I HATE LIBERAL ASSHOLES

  16. This is one of the funniest videos I've seen in a while. By that I mean it actually made me laugh out loud. That's pretty rare these days…everything is so overdone. The 'sayings' were just great…

    "If the skin is light, I feel alright."
    "Dark to black, whoa, get back."
    "Darker than cream, you gotta get mean"

    Good stuff hahah…

  17. Noticed that Trump adds are running on a lot of liberal sites like this one. Let them run people, make them pay the full revenue ride.😏

  18. According to what I've seen on youtube and in the press, in the USA, white is the dangerous color. Whites rape, kill, maim, steal, they are racist, homophobes and the like, so they are worthy of hatred.

  19. LOLOLOL! "Dark to black, whoa! get back!"

    It's so terrible that there are probably people out here who will follow subscribe to this and think it's a real thing. Things are so depressing nowadays the only thing you can do is laugh about it to keep from crying.

  20. Do you know what your auto insurance bill would be segregated racially? Whites %1000 less then what you currently pay. Slavery dosnt make poor drivers, societies softness allows them to culturally get away with it. Auto insurance is a minute example of how amazing USA could be if we could just keep these people at arms length, excuse the term but they need to be whipped into shape. Once their driving becomes stellar they are welcome back, tuff love.

  21. Make Republicans great Again. Drain Trump out the swamp. Grab Him by the KFC drumstick. Bad hombres remember coming after you. Oops it's fake news.

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