How My Parents Fight

– What up, everyone, it’s your girl, Superwoman. Today is a monumental moment. Why, why, why you ask? Because I’ve.

– What up, everyone, it’s
your girl, Superwoman. Today is a monumental moment. Why, why, why you ask? Because I’ve teamed up with Coke to have one of my fans in this skit for the first time ever
and I’m so excited. Let me introduce you to (drumrolling) Caitlyn! – Hi. – And we’re gonna make you laugh. High five. Gonna make you laugh so hard, Caitlyn and I. (chatter on tv) – Oh, Paramjeet? – No! No, no, don’t talk to me, okay? – What the bloody hell happened? You eat one hurricane? – You so bloody lazy, okay? Can’t you see I’m doing everything, huh? You all day tv, newspaper, sleeping. You so bloody useless. – Okay, I help you. Tell me, what do you need help with? – (mocking) Oh, what
do you need help with? Entire trip, you don’t help me packing. – Then why you no ask for help? – Huh? What you say to me? Why I don’t ask? Why I have to ask, huh? You ask me make you dinner? You ask me make you tea? No, I just do because I know. Do I ask please annoy me? Do I ask please be useless? No, you do on your own. – Okay, I’m going to pack, look. Okay, where is suitcase? I’m packing. – Dumb head. You think everything
happen by magic, okay? (mocking) Look at me, I
want to go trip, okay. I’m going to pack, and then this over here, this pant, going to fly magically. Ohh, I’m flying magic
pant and pack for you because you bloody king? – You being very mean right now, okay? – No, no, wait one second, more flying. (cawing) – You scary okay, you very scary. You looking like dinosaur
from Jurassic movie, okay? Just like (hisses). Big one (roars). – I don’t know why I
bloody married you, okay. I wish when my mommy and daddy come to my room telling me they have news, they say “Paramjeet, you have been selected for Hunger Games” . This would have been better
news than marrying you. (roaring) Stop it. (roaring) Stop this one. – You so mean, okay. You know every time you speak, one smiley emoji die. – Shut up, okay? – Hey, what’d you say? Oh, smiley emoji die. (imitating stabbing flesh) Ahhh. – Okay, okay. You can’t bloody survive without me, okay? What you gonna do? You gonna walk up to
stove with one dollar, say “Uh, hello stove,
please make me one roti. “Where I put money, huh?” – Okay, that happened one time. – You think you so bloody cool. – Hey, I am cool, I am. Look at my face, I’m looking 25, okay? You looking 85, grandma, okay? I’m in shower, I see all your gray hairs. – My gray hair? You know how many your dirty hair I find in shower, huh? You’re so bloody hairy. Your chest looking like
Marge Simpson head. – Your mouth so dirty, okay. I’m going to put in washing machine. – Ah, look at him pretending like he know how to use washing machine. What you gonna do? Put the dirty clothes in washer and then instead of soap, you going to put a bloody broom, okay. Okay, clean my clothes, thank you. – You know what, I am very lucky guy. Look at me everyone, I’m lucky guy. I never have to waste
money on Netflix, okay, because my entire life, drama. That’s right, featuring Manjeet Singh and my wife, Ursula. – Okay, you acting like you’re going to buy something, huh? You’re so bloody cheap. It’s so hot outside. Look, I’m sweating. I’m sweating so hard, I say Manjeet, please, buy one new fan, what do you do? You put a glass of ice beside hair dryer. – But it worked, right? It worked. Listen, I am not cheap, okay? I am smart, I am beating the system. Maybe you wouldn’t be so hot if you maybe got rid of this piece of
pizza right here, okay? – Oy, pizza delivery man only man delivering me something
hot these days, okay? – That’s mean, okay? – Mmm. – I am not hot? I am not hot? I am so bloody hot. You know, other day I go doctor, and he say “Oh my God, you have fever.” I say “No, no, I was born this way.” (doorbell rings) – Get lost, get going to the door! Maybe it’s animal control, okay. Going to take you back to zoo. – Okay, maybe it’s police
coming for you, huh? Because they heard you murdering all the rainbows in the world. Yes, hello. – Hi.
(muttering in the distance) – Paramjeet, one second, we have guests! Huh? (muttering)
– I was just wondering if you – Why can’t you cut the
crazy one second, okay? What do you want? – Um.
– [Dad] Wrong number, no. (muttering in background)
– I’m just wondering if – Huh? Oh my (shushing). – If you wanna donate – donate? (loud muttering in background) You donate to me, huh? – Who was there? – It was one little girl. I told her run really fast there’s crazy lady here
who eat little girls. – Huh? Your mother here? – Hey, don’t talk about my mother, okay? My mother very nice. She very nice to little girls. – Yes, you right, you right. That’s why she raised such
nice little girl right here. – I am not girl, okay? I am man, look at this muscle. Look at this muscle. – Look at your muscles? Look, you have muscles? You crying during Game of Thrones. – Hey, you don’t start this one, okay? He was my favorite character, okay? That’s right. He was my brother, I loved him! (weeping mockingly) These are real people! They can’t do like this! (bawling mockingly) – Oh my god, what is going on in here? – She mean. – He dumb. – She selfish. – He’s so annoying. – Okay, Dad, stop being annoying, man. – Oy, what you say to me? – I said “Stop being annoying” because Mom said, Mom just said that and so I said it to you because Mom said it. – You see how she speak to me? – No respect. – What? – This house – I can’t believe my daughter talking to her daddy like this, okay? You know how hard he work? – She just
– [Dad] Huh? – When he buy you everything, then he find out, now he annoying for you. – [Dad] It’s bloody shameful, okay? – But you were both just – [Dad] You see because she
always listening rap music. Where she learn this from? – Is this how we raise you, huh? – [Dad] You very bad girl.
– But – [Dad] Why can’t we
all just get along, huh? – What? Yo, hope you enjoyed that video. Huge, huge, huge shout out to Coke for allowing me to do a
skit with one of my fans. You’re super cool. Didn’t Caitlyn kill it? She killed it. Kablam-o! You’re so good, I’m so proud of you. Make sure to check out my last video. It’s right there so click it. You can also check out my vlogs which are right over there. Most importantly, make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday. You know what I’m talking about, right? – I know what you talking about. – She know what I’m
talking about right now. And yo, before we go, let’s share a Coke because I have something special, are you ready for this? Ready for this, Team Super Coke. How cool are we? We’re gonna do this right now. Here we go. Thank you so much. You are awesome. Oh we kinda hit it. One love, Superwoman. That is a wrap.

100 thoughts on “How My Parents Fight”

  1. the end was justified parents fight but when children try to make them understand they start fighting with their kids something same happened with me so basically it's a true Indian story

  2. 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😅😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😅😅😅😂🤣😂😅

  3. Am i the only one who forgets lily is acting out her
    Parents because she's acting so well ?

  4. I wish my parents would fight like that, when they fight it turns very serious and they raise their voices and might break anything and they don't talk after that for so long(actually they don't talk that much cause they always fight) and after that they become all moody and get mad at us and their last fight was half an hour ago and was because of me and I'm feeling miserable really i mean they started fighting bc of me then they started to argue about another things too soo I'm really feeling miserable idk what to do especially that today we were supposed to be happy but ugh idek why I'm writing this

  5. I have to be honest, paramjeet had a totally valid reason to be mad. doing all the work while the person youre doing the work for just sits and sleeps is so irritating and takes a toll on your mental health and relationship.

  6. This literally happens. When I try to stop my parents they just won't listen to me. Like I am not even in the same room. And the second I say something to them they I'll fire back at me.

    And at last they are happy together while I am in my room bawling my eyes out.

  7. Paramjeet Who there?
    Manjeet A little girl I tell her to go because a crazy lady here who eats little girls.
    Paramjeet Heh your mother here?
    Manjeet Hey dont talk about my mother OK? My mother very nice to little girls OK?
    Paramjeet Yeah like she raise one little girl right here.
    Points at Manjeet
    Manjeet Hehh I am no little girl OK? I am strong man OK? Look at these muscles
    Points at shoulders

    This was just so hilarious

  8. "Its bloody shameful okay"
    "You see because she always listening rap music"
    "You very bad girl.
    "Why cant we all just get along"
    LOL, I'm dying

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