How a Gay Pro Wrestler Became Mexico’s ‘Liberace of Lucha Libre’

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100 thoughts on “How a Gay Pro Wrestler Became Mexico’s ‘Liberace of Lucha Libre’”

  1. Our friends at VICE Mexico bring you into the ring with Cassandro, a Mexican wrestling star who dons himself in drag for every fight.

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  2. ok… wow
    nunca imaginé que hicieran un video sobre los exoticos de la lucha mexicana
    sigan asi!!!
    exito en su canal

  3. why not talk about the white dude acting as a heel and using America's president to put over luchadores he's gr8

  4. he seems like an authentic determined and sincere guy. good luck to him! those masks though, why do they wear them? Do most Mexican wrestlers prefer to remain anonymous outside of the ring?

  5. Im so tired of this shit. You like it in the ass? Who fucking cares. Why do they feel the need to shove this down our throats.

  6. I fucking hate everytime they make an episode about Mexico is either violence or a freakshow of people and religious shit. Is it really all Mexico has to offer?? How do you expect the international community to take Mexico seriously if you focus your time portraying this shit?

  7. this a worthy gay i respect, this is how you get accepted by society, not by being a degenerate, or a sjw trying to shove your lifestyle to everyone and attacking anyone with different beliefs

  8. One of the strongest and most respected Mexican fighters where he is present, very aggressive and always giving everything for the show, professional fighter in every sense of the word …. worthy representative of the "exotic" …. a privilege to have it Seen fighting

  9. The biggest reason why people always comment on how gay someone is or say something vulgar about it. Is because how everybody was raised through religion. And how society, TV, movies etc depict how we should act towards gay people , even in general we see and hear people being disrespectful towards an other person. It's a shame we as HUMAN BEINGS can't accept each other and help one another. If everyone was respectful and nice towards one another, what kind of society would we be living in?

  10. My brother just got a job in El Paso as a paramedic. They hired him because there is an area in the north part of the city with a large population of Americans so the Department of Public Safety is looking to hire workers fluent in English to meet the needs of that community. By the year 2030 it is estimated that nearly 20% of El Paso residents will be Americans who speak English as their primary language. This is happening in California and Florida as well. Let's hope the new English speaking Americans will be welcomed in these communities.

  11. I loved watching him wrestle and all the other ones with that "gimmick" i thought these guys are great and man they got balls dressing up like that and everyone loved them!

  12. Eso es la escuela que tiene Cassandro es lo que lo identifica. Muchos exóticos solo son show que no tiene nada malo porque aún entretiene pero este cassandro si lucha chingon

  13. Lmao many people have this idea that by showing these types of individuals the whole world will turn gay. How does that happen? The same way your fatass watches a McDonald's commercial and eats it the very next day? Lol weak minds

  14. CHRISTINE!! you are GORGEOUS!! The Brooklyn offices are walking distance from me… I'm just saying: what's up? Wanna get a drink?
    Have some dinner?

  15. Wtf I know he speaks English since I talked to him at one of his shows and I was drunk but I dont think I was drunk enough to wip out of Spanish major. Why not do this in English not that I care since I dont even need to read the subs but he can speak perfect english and I can tell by her Spanish she can to. Hmm. Oh well. I bet he remembers me he called me a white whale since i was the only white person there besides my mom and im 6'9 and fat.

  16. The only reason men downvote this and post homophobic comments is because they fear their own sexuality. It's okay to be gay fellas. Don't deny your inner self.

  17. He speaks perfect English did you really have to interview him in Spanish so I have to sit here and read subtitles

  18. This guy deserves all the respect that is due for him. He challenges the idea that homosexuality doesnt belong in the ring but he flaunts it to show everyone that even though hes gay hell still fuck your shit up

  19. Cool story bro. I’d rather you guys be yourself than hide in the closet. Straight people we have to stop bullying people for trying to find themselves.

    I don’t agree with the lifestyle but I won’t dare forget that I’m no saint myself. Live and let live. Spread love not hate.

  20. Let him do him. If he's happy doing what he's doing in the squared circle, who am I judge his lifestyle and his career choice?

  21. Mexican Lucha Libre like Triple A has had some of the craziest and most loved exotic gay wrestlers. Mamba Pimpinela Escarlata Yuriko Polvo de Estrellas and now Maximo. Cool thing is that some of these guys play heel and draw heat from the crowd and take bumps like a boss! In the US this wouldn’t fly because it would be considered homophobia.. ugh.
    Pimpinela Maximo and Mamba are now good guys and they got some transgendered chick playing a heel. Oddly enough you got guys like La Parka who openly shows his love for Garza Jr’s muscle buttock lmfao even fainting at the sight of Garza purposely showing him some cheek lmao

    You have male stripper wrestlers, female stripper wrestlers, transgendered, cross dresser, transformist wrestlers, and drag queen wrestlers all falling within the exotic division. Fans love to boo them and love to cheer them it’s awesome!
    Also cool thing in Triple A the men can wrestle the women if needed too

  22. I'm glad that people like you exist that have the potential to change people's minds. I can't imagine how hard it must of been to put yourself out there as gay in such a male hetero dominated sport. I hope you never have to be subjected to any kind of discrimination like that again

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