Here’s How Groot Could Lift Thor’s Hammer In Infinity War

Groot is many things: wise beyond his words, adorable in his baby form, and a true team player. And, as.

Groot is many things: wise beyond his words,
adorable in his baby form, and a true team player. And, as seemingly evidenced in Avengers: Infinity
War, Groot is also as worthy as the God of Thunder himself to wield an Asgardian weapon. Or so it seems… Infinity War co-directors Joe and Anthony
Russo have finally revealed how Groot was able to lift Thor’s new weapon in the film. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thor, Groot, and
Rocket travel to Nidavellir to meet with Eitri, the Asgardian Dwarf and weapons forger who
created Thor’s fearsome Mjolnir – the hammer that the Norse God’s evil sister Hela destroyed
in Thor: Ragnarok. “Darling, you have no idea what’s possible” After sparking up a dying star and reactivating
the forge to channel its raw energy, the foursome craft Thor’s new killer weapon: the hammer-meets-battle-ax
known as Stormbreaker. The only thing missing from the weapon is
a handle. Groot steps up and sacrifices one of his arms
for the purpose, causing every viewer to let out an “aww” at his act of bravery and at
the growing bond between the blonde-tressed god and the tiny teen tree. But wait just a Marvel minute – if only those
who proved themselves worthy were able to lift Thor’s old weapon Mjolnir, how can Groot
pick up Thor’s shiny new villain-slaying toy Stormbreaker? “Whosoever be he worthy shall haveth the power. Whatever man it’s a trick!” Does that mean that Groot is on an equal playing
field as Thor in the eyes of the Asgardian spirits? As much as we love Groot, it turns out that
isn’t the case. After a fan asked the Russo Brothers to explain
the scene, wondering whether Groot was suddenly deemed worthy, the pair disclosed that Groot
was able to lift Stormbreaker because the weapon doesn’t have the same rules as Mjolnir. The directors wrote on Twitter: “Mjolnir requires worthiness, not Stormbreaker.” There’s actually a bit of a catch when it
comes to this statement. Sure, anyone can pick up Stormbreaker regardless
of pre-determined suitability, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to lift the weapon. With Mjolnir, it was about both worth and
physical strength – but it still wouldn’t budge unless someone deemed fit by the Asgardian
gods tried to lift it, no matter how buff they were. “We need to go.” With Stormbreaker, it’s a different story. Carrying such a special weapon is not only
a great responsibility, but it also requires great power. And let’s remember that it isn’t as though
Groot lifted Stormbreaker like it was a piece of cosmic candy that had been dropped on the
ground. He was in a great deal of pain as he wound
his arm around the weapons’ two parts before snapping it off to be used as a handle. While he appears to be as physically strong
as Thor, at least from this isolated incident, Groot isn’t invincible just because he can
lift the same weapon the Norse God can. However, Groot’s ability to hold Stormbreaker
could signal something much bigger than simply how powerful the Guardian is. There’s a popular fan theory that suggests
Groot, who crumbled away into space dust after Thanos’ culling at the end of Avengers: Infinity
War, will come back to life in Avengers 4, reborn through the wood in Stormbreaker. Groot sacrificed himself in the first Guardians
of the Galaxy, reemerging after death as an infant. Does that mean that he could perform another
self-resurrection in the upcoming Avengers movie? It might sound like a long shot to some, but
Joe Russo, who directs Avengers 4 with his brother Anthony, hasn’t ruled it out completely. The filmmaker told Huffington Post: “I don’t know if every piece of him that detaches
[…] can grow a future version of him, but who’s to say? That’s an interesting question.” Interesting enough to keep our minds busy
while we wait for Avengers 4 to drop? We think so. “I am groot!” “Woah!” “Language!” “Hey!” “Wow”

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