Help Wanted – Fight of the Living Dead: Paradise Calls (Ep 4)

Announcer:Previously on “Fight of the Living Dead: Paradise Calls”…( growling )Subjects lost one of their ownwhile performing a task for.

Announcer:Previously on
Fight of the Living Dead:
Paradise Calls”…
( growling )Subjects lost
one of their own
while performing a task
for ConOp.
( screaming ) My amigo got killed. And I’m gonna get those zombies
for my boy Tony.Later, they paid the price
for interacting with
Branch Four rebels.I’d like three of you
to come with us now so we can download
about the experience.Finally,
ConOp divided the team
for an intense interrogation.Yo, this is why we can’t
trust ConOp. What’s your name? Eric, it’s nice to meet you. What do you know
about Branch Four? What’s Branch Four? – Human to tasker.
– Wait, what? Somebody help me! ( growling ) ( rasping ) They just took Miles
into the interrogation room, and I’m here locked up
with Eric. I just hope he doesn’t
give up anything or doesn’t say anything. I don’t trust
anyone right now. I’m pretty sure they’re
going to try to make us hate each other
in this part. Betrayal. I’ll never hate anyone. P.A.:ConOp regrets
the continued wait
for outside directives
on Skypole protocol
and the temporary
separation of your team.
Thank you for your
continued participation.
Do you think so? ‘Cause I have no idea
where or who she is and why she’s here. Miles:
Girl, this whole game
has got me disoriented.
I’m looking around like,
“What we doing?” You know, I have so many
questions, girl. So many. How would you feel
about having a position at the ConOp organization? What kind of position
are we talking about? What kind of a position
are you looking for? We think you’re the future. Hmm.
The future of the world? Or just in general? We’re doing very
special things. – I see.
– You could be a part of that. Put Miles back in the cage. What did they ask? Um, whether or not
you wanna join ConOp. Do you wanna join? Um, I’m thinking about it. Anwar:
Wait, are you serious? Gotta keep your options open. Is that what they really
asked you? 100%. Anwar:
I don’t know what
happened in that room,
but ConOp was trying
to get Miles to join them. I don’t even know
if he’s telling the truth
at this point. I don’t trust Miles at all. Can you guys–
can my friends see me
right now? Hello. Send help. You can’t even hear me.
Why do I keep talking? I’m stuck in a trailer, about
to be turned into a tasker. ( rasping ) This is definitely punishment for making contact
with Branch Four.ConOp knows
what we were up to.
Oh my God what’s happening? Yo, this is, like,
so sketchy. I don’t know.
Do your thing, ConOp. Do your thing.
I don’t know what’s
going on anymore. You guys are so weird. Eric:
So, I show up.
I get locked up in cage.
I try not to panic,
’cause I’m low-key
claustrophobic. Eric is out. Eric’s out. And then they bring me
into a safe house and I meet the other players. – What up?
– What’s up? I’m Eric. – Hi.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.
– Hey, I’m Hannah. Hi. Thanks for the hug. What’s up, man? So it was a very interesting, confusing reception, you know?Like,
just me walking in and–
and I don’t think
people know why I’m there. I don’t think I know
why I’m here either, so… Um basically, we’ve been here
for one night. This is our second night. All we know is this
company called ConOp– CornOp, whatever– is involved with this. We should not trust them, and there are some, like, kind of rebels outside
the perimeter Wengie:When Eric first
came back from the safe house,
well, I personally was really
happy that he was there. So having him come into
the family was like great. See it?
Uh, Hannah, watch the screen. Hello? They better come get me. They need to
come get me tonight. They better. ( growling ) DJ on PA:
Humans! Humans, it’s DJ.
I need you right now.( chattering ) DJ:
Hey, it’s DJ. Listen up.
Tooz is being
re-goggled by ConOp
in the medical center,and your friend
is in there, too.
If you hurry,
you can stop the procedure
and save both of them.Goldie’s coming to run you
over there. Good luck.
– And get who? And get Goldie and Karina. – Karina’s alive.
– Oh, damn. Hannah:
Goldie will show you the way. – Oh, Goldie will–
– Who? All of us? – I didn’t hear most of it.
– I guess, I guess… We gotta come up with a plan, ’cause we can’t
just rush out there. Yeah, that’s a fact. Okay, yeah, let’s–
team meeting! Team meeting.
Team meeting. She said Goldie
will show you the way. So you gotta find
Goldilocks and she will
lead you there. It’s across the way.
It’s by the chill tent.
it’s behind the chill tent. – There’s a map
somewhere right here.
– Right here. Look at that. All right. The medical center’s
right here. Oh! I’ve seen it. Yeah, it’s like a small
white little tenty. And can see small
“porto-folios” with a red cross. So, we’re all together
trying to formulate a plan to get Karina back
from the medical area. We have no idea
what was going on there. So, all we could do is wait for Goldie
to come and get us. How do we get out?
‘Cause these zombies are– Oh, shit!
There’s Goldie! Open the door!
Hey, we gotta get the door.
We gotta get the door. Hold on! Hold on! All right,
go, go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, go, go! Run, run, run, run. Hello!
Help me! Help me! Y’all get me the (bleep)
out of here! Somebody– the key!
I need a key! I need a key!
I need a key! – A key.
– Are we good? Karina:
They’re trying to turn me
into a (bleep) zombie! Yo, where’s the key? – Where’s the key?
– Karina: Get the key, please! All right, go around.
Come on, come on. Yo, Jake!
Go get the key, get the key! – Close it behind you.
– Get the key. They tried to turn me
into a zombie! Get me the (bleep) outta
here now, please! Get the key, get key!
Where’s the key? It’s somewhere. Karina: It’s not here.
I’ve checked everywhere. There has to be a key. Yo, his pockets.
Check his pockets. Check his pockets. No, I have the key. Nice. Does it work? Didn’t have pockets. Karina:
So, Jake has this card key.
It’s not even working
on my lock.
Jake, you better figure
this out, or else I’m dead. Other pocket, other pocket. – (beep)
– Got it! Okay, good, good, good. We’re good, go! We’re good, we’re good,
we’re good! Come out.
Calm down. Calm down. Hey, use this to protect me.
Just in case. – Everyone stay still.
– Shh. Yo, ConOp is 100%
not on our side. Shh. Shh. Yo! Walkie-talkie.
Wait, wait, wait. – Are we good?
– Walkie-talkie. ( growling ) ( squeals ) – …my life.
– Come on, Karina. – Wait!
– Wait, wait, wait. – What happened?
– They’re coming. – They’re coming. Open?
– Oh, Karina. Karina, come, come, come!
Quick, quick! Whoa! Get in, get in, get in! – Wait!
– They had me locked up! – I know!
– Trying to turn me
into a zombie. – Are you good?
– Yeah. Wengie:Karina,
when she was taken away,
she looked terrified. When she came home,
like, she was so scared. Like, I’ve never seen her
like that. ConOp is not–
they’re not good people. Okay, sit down, baby.
Sit down. You need a water? Jake! Hey, there’s zombies
by the door! Hold on, hold on! There’s zombies by the door!
There’s zombies by the door! Hey, we gotta go from
the other side. It’s easier. – All right.
– Go from the other side. You can get
in the door quicker. – Close it that door.
– Close it, close it! Where’s Goldie? – She’ll be okay.
She’s coming.
– She’s here, she’s here. – ( growling )
– Open, open. – All right.
– Goldie! ( all shouting at once ) – Wait! We need to hide her.
– Where is she? Where is she? Back here!
Back here, Goldie! Here, Goldie’s here.
We need to hide her, though. I personally think it’s
a good idea to hide Goldie, because if ConOp
gets in there, we’re all screwed. No, over this way.
Hey, this one. This one. This one. Get in. Get in. Tooz? The guy that
was in there, right? – He’s dead.
– ( shrieks ) – Her friend– her friend–
– Turned into a zombie. Her friend turned into
a zombie. We need to take ConOp down,
like, for real. They– they’re behind
all this shit. I’m hearing about
“ConOp, ConOp, ConOp.” And everyone is slowly
seeing, no, ConOp is the enemy. ConOp is out–
they’re out to get us and they’re trying
to turn us into zombies. I hope that we take them down, because this is
some bullshit. Straight up. P.A.:Hey, guys.
I’m sorry about Tooz.
But I’m glad you
saved your friend.
Branch Four
is putting together
an extraction plan for you.But you’ll need to herd
ConOp’s nocturnes
back into the chill tentbefore we can
even consider a breach.
Nocturnes are super fast
and deadly,
but they hate light.Wrangle them in
using the flashlights
in the security office.Flip the switches
outside the chill tent.
That will bump
the Skypole status to blue.
It makes it visible
to wireless in range
so we might be able
to hack in.
( growling ) Yo, where’s the flashlights? You know which one
we’re talking about. – Are you looking
for a flashlight?
– The chill tent. – This is the only–
– There’s none of
them in the bag? – So, we get them all inside.
– All of them. – All the zombies?
– Using the flashlights. There’s five of ’em. Five of ’em.
Turn to code blue. Turn the switch– and then
initiates code blue, and then we get back
to the VIP safe house. The bald one.
The bald one. They’re gonna have
the headphones on. No, she’s–
no, not headphones. – Oh, yeah. Bald.
– The bald ones. Those are super aggressive,
so we need to, like, – run fast to that place.
– Is it secured here? – Yeah.
– And close the door? Do we need any
bracelet to get in? – Security room.
– Are you going, Anwar? Did you get in
the security room? Yeah, it was nothing
like this. – Okay.
– I mean, they escorted me
in there, so, and then they locked me in. You lead.
Just go really fast. – Yeah, all right.
– Can you guys do me a favor? Hold on. Hold on. Juanpa, I love you
but you need to chill. We don’t have a plan yet,
and you just need to relax. I know you’re hyped up,
and you want to go out there, but we need a plan.
We gotta strategize. We gotta do this as a team. What if you guys go that way, I go out with you guys– Yeah, and then come back in. – I distract them–
– Yo, bro. There’s no distraction.
They’re gonna kill you. No, that’s good.
That’s smart. – No, it’s smart.
– I’m not gonna
go all the way. You should do that.
Yeah, you should do that. – Wait.
– Get ready by the door. Run straight,
and then that way, – and then this–
– Shh! – Okay.
– Okay? You should just walk–
go, like, that way. Gotta keep the volume low. – Okay, okay.
– Keep it low, keep it low. Are you guys ready?
You guys ready? – All right, let’s go.
– Keep it low. – Quiet–
– Whoo! Go, go, go, go, go! Go! Shoot, you’re fast.
Close it, Jake!
Close it, close it. – Right here.
– Flashlight. Okay, wait.
Turn it on, turn it on. Get it. Turn it on. Wait, wait, wait.
Here we go. Here we go, here we go.
Shit. Maybe there’s
batteries around. What about these ones?
These ones? Oh, there you go. – ( growling )
– Go for it. – Okay.
– Wait, wait. – Open, open, open.
– Let’s go. Crank it up.
No! Leave it like that. This way, this way.
You guys, this way. – No, you’re good!
– We have to get them inside. – Let’s go back.
– We have to get–
no, no, no. Guys, come this way. – What do you mean?
– Why? No, we don’t! – No, we don’t!
– Yeah, we do! – Why?
– They better run before they
get boxed in. We need to get ’em inside
of the chill tent. – Who says that?
– Let’s go back
and talk about it. – Come back!
– Go back inside! Stop being bitches,
come on! Get it away, get it away,
get it away. Okay, shit.
What happened? – This is not gonna work.
– ( rasping ) – Okay. Talk to Jake.
Talk to Jake.
– Go, go, go, go, go! Get the radio. – ( shrieks )
– Yo, we have to–
we have to get Jake. Open the– ( shrieking ) He’s good!
Okay, where’s the phone? Come on, come on, come on! You good? Everyone,
we need more people. I’m down. We realized we had to
make them chase us, and then go around ’em
and use the lights to push them
inside the house. – Here we go
– You ready? We have to go
inside of the tent
and then go back out. Okay. All right, let’s stay–
let’s stay along the walls. – Ready?
– All together, okay? – When we get inside?
– Yeah. Stay together
this whole entire way. – Let’s go!
– Anwar, speak up. Ready? Get on the end.
Get on the end, Anwar. – You got it?
– Ready? – Go ahead, go ahead.
– All right, three, two… Go. Good, good, good, good. Go. Faster.
A little bit faster. A little bit faster.
A little bit faster. – A little bit faster.
– Can we get a visual? Turn, turn, turn, turn.
We’re good, we’re good. – We’re good, we’re good.
– Turn, turn. Stay on him. Stay on him. Open up the door.
Open the door. Juanpa?
Juanpa, get the door. – Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Stay back. Open up the door. We’re good!
Come inside, come inside! – Turn them off!
– Are you sure? – Get in.
– Get behind the seats!
Get behind the seats! We can’t do one at a time, because if you’re trying
to lure your guy and the other guy
comes after you, you’re (bleep). So you can’t do it
one at a time. – I was trying to hold
this guy in the meantime.
– Calm down. I’m saying– Yo, these nocturnes
are on another level. They’re like zombies
on crack. This is not as easy as
we thought it was gonna be. – Yo, there’s a–
– We each can’t get
one person on ’em, because it just won’t work. Oh, there’s probably lights. – You want to–
– Yeah. – Play it.
– To the right. Shit. – This is northern?
– In the middle. – ( static )
– A zombie. P.A.:The track you’re
trying to play hypnotizes
the nocturnes.
Once you have them contained,
get them in,
and then trip the track
to keep them from escaping.
( growling ) The music will not work
unless they’re all inside
the chill tent. So I think we literally
have to make a circle. – We have to round ’em up.
– Get the attention
of every single one, run back in,
I’ll hold the door, and we get every single one. – I agree.
– Light jog. – Jog, yeah. Jog, jog.
– Light jog with each other. – I agree, I agree.
– Yeah, and, Jake! Jake! Are we going clockwise
or counter-clockwise? – You go straight to DJ.
– Yeah, I’ll go
straight to DJ. Guys? Guys, this’ll prop
open the door, Juanpa. – Huh?
– This’ll prop open the door so you don’t have to
stand there. – Here.
– All right,
here we go, guys. Ready?
I’ma open it, ready? We’re going to
prop it open now? Make sure nobody’s there. – Prop it open now.
– Okay, wait, wait, wait. We’re jogging that way, okay? – Yeah, we gotta prop
it open now.
– Yeah, okay. Prop it open now, ready? – You’re good,
you’re good, you’re good.
– All right, prop it open. – Okay, jog, jog.
– Right there with you Juanpa. – Jog, jog.
– Light jog. Together, together,
together! – Where’s Anwar?
– Anwar, Anwar. Hey, watch out, watch out,
watch out, watch out! He’s aggressive! Watch out!
There’s more, there’s more! – Anwar, watch out!
– Everyone, with me. Hey, watch out!
There’s one in front
of you, Juanpa. Back!
Yo, run, run, run, run! – Run, run, run!
– Watch that one, guys! This way, this way! – Okay, okay.
– This way! – Go back that way!
– Let’s go! – ( screeching )
– Go! Go! Get it, get it!
Push him back the other way! – You hear that?
– Keep pushing, keep pushing. ( all shouting ) Round the other way. The other way,
the other way. No. No– yes. Good job. – Back there! Go!
– Right here! Go! Go! Go!
Get in there! There you go!
Put this on, put this on! ( cheering and clapping ) Juanpa:
Get out, get out, get out. – Close it.
– Get out, get out, get out. Go back. – Yo, wait, wait, wait! Guys!
– What happened? We have to turn on
the power! – The power. Shit.
– Oh, yeah, yeah. There you go.
Hey, watch out for
the zombies, dawg. – You’re good!
– On, on, on. It’s blue!
Come on. We’re good! – We’re good!
– We turned it on. ( laughter ) – Whoo!
– Get in! – Yay!
– Whoo! – Whoo!
– Run, Juan Pablo! – ( muttering )
– Yass! Whoo! That was quite a (bleep)– Let’s go! I am very happy
with the success. We are working
really good as a team. Everyone is partying
so much, and everyone is doing
their thing. See how everything
is blue out there now? – Okay.
– Oh, really? – Oh.
– It used to be green. – Oh, hey! Oh!
– Now everything’s blue. We almost forgot
to turn on the power. – You ripped
the shit out of it.
– Good job, good job. We almost forgot
to turn on the power. Oh, so that’s what
that was. – Yeah.
– That was a lot of running. – Now what, DJ?
– Yo. He, like, scratched
his entire head cap. Yeah, what is that?
She’s coming here? – For future references–
– It’s not a real zombie. – She’s gonna tell us.
– ( whistling ) It’s, like, a person. ( whistling continues )( radio static )P.A.:Hey, guys,
we should have had you
grab that USB drive
while you were
in the tent.
There’s data on it,and something called
the set list
that might be just
what we need
to take down ConOp.
Be careful.
You’ll have to transfer
the nocturne hypnosis track
onto the laptop
before you can safely
eject the drive.
I hate to put you
in danger again,
but Branch Four can’t
succeed without you.
We need to go inside again, and inside
there’s a USB drive. And we need to get out, – and then, I guess,
– A flash drive. Either search in
the computer or physically–
a set list. I think I saw the set list
while I was sitting there. – Physically?
– Yeah. – So, basically
these dudes are–
– The set list and– Who’s gonna go
and who’s staying? – She said two to three.
– On a very dangerous mission. I could go.
No, it’s fine. Well, I already know
what it looks like, what the place looks like. All right, ready?
Let’s go. Um, right. You lead. If you guys come back
and get in trouble, I might come back out to– Here we go. – ( door beeps )
– Watch out. Let us know if you see
any ConOp people, honey, – at the front door.
– Yup. Okay, okay, so they’re
right there by DJ. There you go, dude.
There you go, dude. Someone– aw, yeah. So, we figured it out.
We gotta get this file
with a playlist, and, um, we’re working
together as a team. I’m in the front,
I got Jake’s back, and he’s doing
this file thing. I hope Jake knows
what he’s doing, because it’s
only a matter of time that ConOp figures out
what we’re doing. It’s two different ones. Miles on radio:
Guys, you copy?
Tell them to grab
the (bleep) flash drive. They need to make sure
that everything is on it. They need to get
the list first. They know what they’re doing. ( muttering ) ( alarm ) – ( muttering )
– ( alarm continues ) Woman:
Yeah, he’s coming. – Yeah, he’s coming.
– Oh, no! They’re– they’re–
oh, shit! You guys,
they’re coming after you. The zombies
are coming after you. The zombies
are coming after them! – Get the lights.
– The zombies are
coming after them. Yo! Anwar, Anwar, Anwar! Announcer:On the next
“Fight of the Living Dead:
Paradise Calls”…
Here’s the game plan
as I understand it. We’re looking through
all the files and we find one file
in particular that tells us everything. So, I guess this just
confirms that they’re evil? Howlers are probably
the scariest type of zombies ’cause they jump around. I don’t know,
they’re, like, so fast. You don’t know
what to expect from them. – Here.
– Oh! – This goes here.
– Okay. ( rasping )

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