Harrisburg parent charged after tackling student during wrestling tournament

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30 thoughts on “Harrisburg parent charged after tackling student during wrestling tournament”

  1. The dad is an overbearing helicopter parent. The kid was fine, the ref was going to make a call, but oh no…her comes "super dad" to make the rescue. I can see if this was a street fight but it's not.

  2. Im sorry but the father just reacted! This whole report is disgusting….all women! This is some subliminal bullshit! If you seen what happened…plus we don't know the history between the wrestlers…could've been some bullying going on! The way the player was slammed on his head could've been worse, but no one stepped in to discipline the assaulter, because that's what happened! It turned from sports to assault!
    Guess he didn't know the rules and from his reaction he didnt appear to feel remorse!
    But don't talk about that, just get women to make the dad look like the aggressive lunatic!

  3. Why is everyone only shaming the father? That dumbass kid pulled a dangerous move on his son over a damn high school wrestling match! Did he even get in trouble for that? That little tackle was nothing compared to what that idiot did to his son. Look at how he slams him it's horrifying.

  4. My son wrestles it is hard to watch ur kid get beat but dang bro he signed up for it! That black dude was wanting mess him up lol

  5. Ever had to care for a teenage quad? Only issue is the dad didn’t tackle the kid hard enough. Idiot wrestler knew he was going to suplex the kid; he got exactly what he deserved. Hopefully other kids who think moves like this are acceptable remember this.

  6. That was an illegal move. Could have paralyzed the dad's son. I wouldn't have tackled him. I would've knocked him out!

  7. This wasn't about winning or losing… this was about safety… dude was protecting his son who could have been paralyzed instantly by a conscious decision made to slam him like that… why are people such pussies now in days… talking about, "oh,im traumatized by what the dad did" but say 0 about the kid getting slammed on his head..

  8. have always wondered why parents get so darn mad during a sports game but when the govt lies, steals, robs you, make it hard for you; you just go along with it with whining but nothing physical…weird..and very cowardly and brainwashed.

  9. ya'll got it all wrong,
    it's just a lot pinned up testosterone
    he just need some
    lovin', touchin', squeezin'
    each other.

  10. The wrestler that almost broke his son's neck SHOULD BE IN FUCKING JAIL. HE TRIED TO BREAK HIS NECK. FELONY ASSAULT!! FUCK THAT KID!

  11. Folks its wrestling, I was a State Runner-UP and my son was a State Champion…In my day that Dad would have tackled his own son for being such a pu$$ and allowing himself to be thrown that easily…Get over it! And yes that Dad was a total D-bag, and I'm sure the his son is way more embarrassed than hurt…but don't put any blame on the decent wrestler that simply attempted a throw! If you can't defend yourself from that move then you shouldn't be out there.

  12. If y'all had kids yall would understand the way he reacted ! Not saying what he did was right but like if y'all was in his position most of y'all would do the same thing !

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