In Gunpla Battle, immobile Gunpla are controlled using Plavsky particles, which react with plastic. It is a near-future combat sport..

In Gunpla Battle,
immobile Gunpla are controlled using Plavsky particles,
which react with plastic. It is a near-future combat sport. Everyone, welcome to
The Gundam Base Tokyo. Today is the grand opening
of G-Quest, our newest attraction. Try to clear the event
set up in the battle system. Our history-making
first challengers… Champion Gunpla builders
from the east and the west. Yuuma Kousaka from Tokyo, and Minato Sakai from Osaka! Kousaka and Sakai,
good luck clearing the event. Now… Ready, go! “02 Smash the Enemy’s Secret Factory!” Yuuma, this is being broadcast
throughout the whole world. You better not fight shamefully. You’re the one
who needs that very advice. Sounds like you’re pumped up. Then here I come. Minato Sakai, Gundam Dryon III! Yuuma Kousaka, Gundam Lightning Black Warrior! I’m off. Here I go! Let me explain the mission. Your objective is to break through
the base protected by various Gunpla, and destroy the new mobile suit
that is under construction. Time limit is ten minutes. I pray for your success. An infiltration mission. Like the Acguy team
that snuck into Jaburo. Right, Akahana? I’m no Akahana! Here they come. Black… Double Cannonade! Long Mega Launcher! New enemies! There’re so many. We’ll run out of time
if we tangle with them. In that case… We’ll go in through
the hole they came from. Wait, Minato. Dryon III is too big for that hole. Who do you think I am? I’m Minato Sakai
of the Shingyo school. I’ve blocked the rear. Up ahead is
the enemy’s mobile suit hangar. They’ll concentrate their fire! We’ll hit them first. Go, Beak Shocker! Feather Storm! Whisker Vulcan! Circle Wave! Marine Blade! Good work, Minato. Your Gunpla’s doing good too. Our target is behind that wall. Three minutes left.
Let’s charge through. Let’s Dry On! Kokoku Kido Dryon III. (Kokoku Kido Dryon III) Firing Black Double Cannonade… And Black Liger Glare! My output… Leave it to me. Black High Burst! All right! So this is the target point. This is… Zeon’s secret factory. It’s just like that old commercial. This is exciting. Yeah. Huh? We still have time left. What’s going on? Our mission is to destroy a new Zeon
mobile suit that’s under construction. Has it already been completed? The newly completed type is… The Sinanju! A hand-to-hand combat version. I like a stronger opponent.
Let’s go all out! Kokoku-No-Chohoken! Take this. Dryza– What?! Minato! My Dryon was overpowered? Impossible! Then how’s this? Black Liger Glare! The Glare too? Then… I’ll aim for the joints. It’s fast! That’s so cheap. 30 seconds until time up. – Minato, the time…
– I know! Now it’s come to this, we’ll join forces… And beat that new machine. I’m counting on you, Yuuma! You got it! This single blow… We’re going to… – Bet everything on it!
– Bet everything on it! Not yet! All right. I’ll put an end to it. No way. I’m the one who’ll finish this. Minato, this isn’t the time. – Move!
– Darn you. Yuuma! No… So close, but time’s up! Kousaka and Sakai were so close, but blew it as they vied for glory
at the last moment. Let’s hear what they think
about this new attraction. How was it? Minato, you got in my way! No, you were being selfish. Trying to steal my thunder! Look who’s talking, idiot Yuuma. I’m no idiot, you moron. You want to fight? Bring it on. I’m never playing
Gunpla Battle with you! That’s it from the grand opening
of G-Quest, The Gundam Base Tokyo’s new attraction. This is awful. “03 The Adventures of Fumina and Gyanko”

100 thoughts on “GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS : BATTLOGUE -Episode 2 (EN.HK.TW.KR.TH Sub)”

  1. So… I guess the first episode wasn't the rule.Not only does it give up on the pilot's premise, but it ends up offering nothing more than a festival of lasers, explosions and overpowered giant robots. No fight to see here.2/5

  2. I like Try, but I wish they kept the theme of the first episode with the A1 characters from the older animes, though I barely watched and Gundam anime besides GBF and Try (the only other one I finished was G-Reco, though I also started Orphans, one I forgot the name [with a blonde guy who listens to music in space] and X, all of which I forgot to continue lol).
    GBF was my first Gundam anime.

  3. ほぼやられ役だったけどドムとザクIIIとアッシマーの方がユウマとミナトの機体より断然かっこいい

  4. I’ve seen build fighters but that was so long ago so when he says minato I was so thrown think of the yondaime hokage

  5. トライオンドライは戦隊ロボ的な容姿だから技名言ってから攻撃ってのは分かるけど、ブラックウォーリアはどうなのよw

  6. I honestly was not a fan of this it was just attack name shouting for 10 mins episode 1 on the other hand was amazing! This not so great 😣

  7. ユニコーン出てきてワイ、歓喜

  8. どうでもいいけど、最初の「Gundam info」声が、「ガンダムインポ」って聞こえるの自分だけですか?

  9. バトルのピラモの色的に、白黒つける、みたいな( ̄~ ̄;)

    そして、このシナンジュ撃破は至難ジュの技( ̄~ ̄;)

  10. 実力者コンビが序盤あんだけ無理して突破してるのにタイムアップとか、ゲームとしてはクリア条件厳しすぎるよね…(野暮

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