GTA Online Helicopter Combat Insertion Guide

Hey guys, so before we move on to the main tutorial I’m gonna show you how not to land in.

Hey guys, so before we move on to the main tutorial I’m gonna show you how not to land in combat situations So, this kind of landing is okay by the way, it’s just not suitable for combat situations and I’m gonna explain the reasons pretty soon And sorry about the graphics by the way, I need to switch my PSU because it keeps restarting Whenever I switch my graphics settings to high Alright, so.. As you can see in this image here, you cannot really see the things that are below you or around you If you land like this And, you might be able to see them from far away before you land But, the thing about combat situations is things can change pretty quickly So, even though the landing zone was clear, it might not be clear anymore, and things like that And, another thing about landing like this is, if there’s like an obstacle on the way You cannot really slide down like that, because you will crash into it So that’s like, another reason why landing like this is not suitable for combat where you need to move in and out quickly And I’m gonna show you how to land properly So, in a combat landing you need to turn the nose of the chopper to either direction And then counter the momentum of the movement by tilting the chopper opposite to the movement like this So, you can see it stops quickly and you land just like that Landing like that won’t make you land slower by the way, as you can see in this comparison video The time it takes you to land is about the same, so you don’t have to worry about that And, before we end this video, I’m gonna show you how you can use this technique To move around obstacles and then land quickly where you want to land

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