Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder Full Game Highlights / Feb 6 / 2017-18 NBA Season

Oklahoma City Thunder we all go there for after the tip all right. You know yes, we gotta let you.

Oklahoma City Thunder we all go there for after the tip all right. You know yes, we gotta let you earn your stripes Keep it almost what is still right there leaving me and still but they got to continue to try to dominate the paint? talk about Paul George lead the lead and steal the president no one likes to focus in on the big three and rightfully so for the Thunder but Look like his ankle Wide it just turns it a little bit Strong right in front that he may accept on someone’s foot this guy is here sir Second offensive glass easily top floor not terrible that was a Is shorter Nice dish off a barrel curry How about that acrobatic buzz of n with an athletic suit already the Warriors before turnovers we talked about 27 nice dish again Westbrook to Jeremy Grenier five minutes to go in the first quarter the largest lead But confessed there, but those who run here in this water, Florida thunder Good save there by grant Oh Laughter if I could have a ride in that Ferrari What a moves here by Westbrook in the open court Makka really looking for help If they’re already 31 points given up here in this fourth quarter Make a tunnel or it’s good place works towards games and now coming down That was actually saw Paul George out Not on what to get his ankle tape now you mean what’s out there that you got another score? Did Tara cuz they see all Karate Bullies didn’t understand why this guy might end up being the defensive player you see he is meant to richly And he’s still giving you the business or get sue the finals then I think he stays But if they get a first not exit hold on the big stuff. He wants to go back home You want to go back to LA I? Tell you what there’s nothing like plan with a guy that gala is going to be in the conversation below, so You don’t know how long this Warriors team is gonna be together Just put so much clutch chip, I don’t think that was the intent Well they have been really good on that three-point and David West already for the Thunder almost this quarter zero three-point attempt For this I’m just telling you things like that are not calling us Paul George. This is an idol With the cleanup yeah, how about a Gans here So back there One right here You have to see going at Steph Curry down on the pulse when it was Kyrie Filled by PG Beautiful How about the hesitation Arrival there Who I’m trying to take an Allen Iverson was a guided to play with great energy Great execution over every time I played against Reds. I just asked officially not you all call the game. Are you all out to play? And deflection but balls yours Why Three guys walls doors Oh Zaza welcome to your Kodak moment Right now Together stop What I Pump up this fence off that right shoulder a lot of times you expect the guy to go right out But he takes that extra step that one out Get somebody to give you back to the basket scores also exhale Spectacular you have the great pace Offensive. Oh yeah Good It’s like that leg up Bridge yeah head turning back You can walk in on a team there are some out Like you know Because they have already beat you down once in their place Know all the images is agreeing They compete when they go at each other without friends over Let them know hey not every game counts Let’s be clear this is hard especially for CMAs I had wanted in the lead that’s been to the finals the last couple years Knowing that she’s gone into also with it. It came out had a big second half time David Payne Now came down that Triple A for her and Adams McKey within three I told you to come on I told you to Shut the deal with Swarek is shooting it for ya double-dip business damn what you want Because you do the gyro Get the towel of the young tell all the talent, Kentucky still I think of Social media, Oh hit him with a star you didn’t step back three on Working on that too That’ll do it 20-point victory for the Thunder they come in here making statements they have Carmelo Anthony only plays six minutes

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