Golden State Warriors vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | 12.10.2018, NBA Season

The year is in the rearview the Warriors are back home at Oracle taking on the Minnesota Timberwolves and for.

The year is in the rearview the Warriors are back home at Oracle taking on the Minnesota Timberwolves and for the Warriors they want to build on a Stefan clay Before all-stars are back together is the defensive architect of the Celtics championship team for Doc Rivers Many years as an assistant Is Vikram just salad with his firing there Kevin Durant three shots Machi the thesis But it was above it They gotta give us a jump which it can be tempting That’s almost proud. Thank you Well, so the Warriors scored the first 30 Minnesota’s scored the next date Well, otherwise, it never gets well See defensive rebounds for glass Get away Oh we did happen the Warriors have gone absolutely cold three and he’s basically you got it Competitiveness to get that ball back. We’re trying to find a rhythm here Not afraid to shoot not at all and he’s doing pretty good this nice bow remember you got James and okay That is a nice play by Quiggins flying at us Heroes Shoots with the seventh turnover, so words take a little bit better Jared ball When Lauren’s happily and made of jute of all elements chin of toner hats the only player houses shooting that he’s three of five plays one of six Grandma said I got Derrick Rose fine pleasure shot clock at 10 because they’re selling out so he can’t go inside We said of the shot clock crowd pleaser By Janet Two years ago, they were 31:51 last year 4735 Hitting the 47% from distance came on setting up clay better past About money Anthony towns double dip immediately. She picked up the dribble shock box only beat the buzzer first high of the game Minnesota has yet to leave Really a job is like everything in all the states Missing their Roles their growth and their +5 and points off turnovers that’s making the difference in Minnesota Was fouled Final four seconds deep Rebound beneficiary like to Production doesn’t make you better player. Yeah, that’s a violation. It’s actually Really Steve percent he was 13 years old. He’s the put Sports Illustrated company’s wall. What is it like that a new generation? is That rebound League is from deep in there so does fifth-best in Seven Play that’s a tough shot Or is your shooting 41% for the game of their effective field goal percentage the Seahawks and right on cue the team won’t know Karl-anthony towns didn’t you step in here? Most of shootouts have been good the Minnesota all-night or is just starting to double it And then shot and did a tricky to work out before the game he’s been much Dola tonight we’ll hit tightness taking the night off request the medical staff the road right down Five hundred Nice move forget it tool Mother Gothel rose If you do more well think about it is clay is the shortest fight for His beak the dream Anybody believe that big counties Today Interchange is usually unstoppable so it still has the chance, but they got a story about every time you get it – trees are below To the triple Fremont’s got Wiggin chakras five Nick Young today number one Maybe We get sitting in three three the wardens you’re gonna win a game shoot with 41% on the field. We make that many threes Everyone to get him on the floor. Yeah juicing shut that nicely They set it up for when best of the West versus assessed Warriors you can see Minnesota’s deaf. They’re down a level. They’re gonna be a fact

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  1. You want to hear something CRAZY!!!!!!! the third best player on the warriors Klay thompson is probably better than last years MVP . I think he would be a candidate on any other team.

  2. Congratulations Golden State Warriors, for the great victory this is a real victory! Winning champions of the champions! Stefanos!!!

  3. Golden state pussies…how tf nba allow a team to start 4 all Stars and have 1 more in the bench injured so when he's back it'll be 5 all stars smh and the refs helping them mfs too nba ain't shit bias af

  4. It's funny how so many LeFanboys still hate KD for joining the Warriors. But if Boogie did it for only $5.3M to get an easy ring, nobody bashes him for it. 🤣

  5. Rose is quietly having a better year than his MVP in '11, his defense and passing are far superior than that year as well and it finally looks like he is enjoying basketball again!!!

  6. @ 8:23 not even hating steph curry is a great player💯 but he's also a frontrunning piece of shitt honestly I mean who needs to do that when they're in the lead by double digits with less than 5 minutes to go smh he's a fucking clown

  7. D ROSE deserves a ring ,you can see he is workingn so hard to comeback to the elite player list and he is still so athlethic , and curry is the best players on the team

  8. First 5 minutes GSW had 16 points, 14 was three point shooters. GOD damn this team is boring. I wouldn’t pay to go see them play.

  9. This is just a different team with Steph. I feel like he’s the most important player on the warriors, even if KD is better overall

  10. I don't give a damn how much time go's by, kevin durant will always be the most lame athlete in sports history!!! He will never live down that move he made, rings & all

  11. All i gotta say is fuck wiggins lol dude just looks lost n just stands around getting lost looking at the ball on defense

  12. uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh ooooohhhhh!!!!! the champs are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkk. chase to the 3peat n 4 outta 5 #dubnation

  13. D Rose ok I got it………but truth be known, Steph is the best player in the NBA………4 plus years moving forward. KD's wisdom………knowing when and how to deflect. So for those who seem to think that KD is not as good well at 6'11 yes he is…… thing that is for sure if Steph and KD are in the game and Steph is having a bad shooting night chances are KD won't………….

  14. Warriors need rebounders. Once they get cousins back that'll give them more power in the post. They almost 1st in 8 categories except turnovers and rebounding. Can't imagine this team with all 5 all stars. They should of blew these wolves out last night. They started 13-0!! Then let up.

  15. i told everyone when golden state is healthy theres no way of beating them you guys think there good now wat till boogie comes off the bench next year cant wait .and d rose idk if its to late but keep doing you factts

  16. The three points were raining down! It looks like when GS shots for three, the ring become bigger and wider. I also love the way D'Rose how he showcases his talent this season, just make him stay away from injuries.

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