Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks Full Game Highlights | 12.07.2018, NBA Season

Eastern Conference Joining Antetokounmpo in the staring five Malcom Brogdon Eric Bledsoe Chris Middleton and Brooke Lopez Have won their.

Eastern Conference Joining Antetokounmpo in the staring five Malcom Brogdon Eric Bledsoe Chris Middleton and Brooke Lopez Have won their last two Steph Curry playing his fourth game back after missing 11 with it before nest ironically Steve Kerr But it was a little bit different Steve Kerr averaged eight points in his 50/50 90th. Stephan’s averaging 30 And you made sure to point that out to Steve we met with him before the game tonight. Nice working shot by Clay Thompson Speaking of 5050 90 Malcolm Brogdon He could get 50 50 100. He’s shooting Right around 100% at the free-throw line. He’s missed one all season He’s so dependable so dependable for this with this team will be Very very dependable a lot of offensive rebounds almost half of his rebounds are offensive and moving shooter on the season Hurry catch and shoot how many fries we see Here’s curry another caption 2 3 on target for a second triple debug Golden State has made just about everything They’ve hit five in a row on a 10 nothing run right now great pass to Looney by klay Thompson So many different passes opportunities for everybody. Any pass is so easily with his right hand with his left hand. It’s right at that money There’s just a totally different team for those guys to see Scurry going back to our hangs can’t finish Looney and he throws it down Jordan belt look like a good alley-oop pass but Bell Couldn’t finish and so does on the other end for it content, but really it’s just insisted this house. Great. LeBron is yeah I’m sure if they were fanboys or not, but Durant did have a bunch of Waukee try to find a shooting struck the Bucks have missed their last six shots from the floor Snell for three And not just leading the league in scoring but they’re averaging 121 points per game That’s the most for anybody in the NBA is direct coke connect cinemas be honest at 611 Bullies Livingston kicks it out. Brogdon can’t pass the creek Whitney honest just her 24 years of age yesterday Livingston with a pull-up and so good with the mid rain moving the ball with Steph in the game while we’re aggressive And we’re trying to move it but I think six turnovers in that first quarter Was it all-star each of the last two years and has the Bucks at 16 and 7 second best record in the Eastern Conference? Play Thompson’s start to get very Honest in transition steps away from Toronto and the Sun Here’s McKinney and that one is good now Fantine about this How about how many times Yanis has gone to the basket then bottled up and just throw the ball short? To win for Philadelphia tonight is Detroit without too well Like what’s off and a foul The started quarters for the Warriors first quarter than fourteen the four start the game And then a second twelve points for the ball games Oneself from outside heat drains a three Thompson with the intercept and then blood so comes back and pokes it away from Clinic Brown gives it up to Baker. Okay Gold State returns home wrapping up a five-game road trip tonight. We’ll get in about 3:00 in the morning They played Minnesota on Monday as two rivals fight to F injury. The Marcus is going quite well out there Seven points now for Lopez Curry with the hesitation and a beautiful shot off glass if he had enough points to qualify He would be the leading scorer in the NBA at 30 points chief let’s Make a dollar from the corner this three ball is on the money Lopez on Iguodala backing him down From the high end starting point guard on the on the bench But yet, did you have to depend on your depths if you dismiss lucky Milwaukee Bucks team that a year ago Well, I mean, I just can’t stop talking about folks blood and with that coaching staff That’s coming up so I have some Very underrated elbow tears. Well one is for sure. It’s very underrated straight pass by Katie Bell flips it up banana Steph Curry, but they got inbound this to somebody else here in the final seconds and then look at Yanis hustle to get play You from Madison right now, he’s trying to make me feel at home the cue is getting some love I like that There’s the first field goal Milwaukee shooting just 36% to the floor and 19% Rockin Oh can’t get in the walkie the lead on the other end Curry from Iguodala and Steph Curry and up at Thompson trying to defend Yanis on the low block Middleton It’s a big of mismatch and Middleton takes his time dogs not very easy three points up tip that second field goal for Middleton But not big enough Durant trying to shake the Greek freak and Katie 1 for 7 But an offensive rebound and look at that quick release by freed up. There is again Siobhan Lodi Next to pass Iguodala with This is a matchup that you like if you’re Chris Middleton Nice put pressure on the rim right there not selling for a three-point. No good on the three The Bucks are five for 25 They’re one of the best three-point shooting teams in the conference and they at night. He’s got three three pointers tonight Rocked in got a good one, finally Rocked him on the rebound Brockton and curry the only players in the league 50-40-90 militant blow away But there’s the break he which is left for all of 18 seconds tonight with a chance maybe to take the lead on this possession But they call for Ted. That’s a great look by Brock continue to struggle Dallas and jeans as well next week Luca Dodge has been spectacular for the map Something we rigged assuming a play making you Step comes right back thrills of three-pointers in shoes no good and Delius sulfur gets ahead the blood-soaked oniton Purring it’s a little air space knocks it down his fourth Antenna Kubo with a great spin and shows the spring It’s got a lot of Westbrook in that regard just terms of how hard he plays every possession where he goes Warriors and plant will having an impact 89 78 Golden State Lopez Hornet three goes Well, that’s a very disciplined coaching absolutely He’s got 20 points now a season averages 27 Which is sixth in the NBA to repco rattles down another off game there I saw he’s talking to step for a while and you know Madison Durant driving Good pass by KD and McKinney with a three it plays the Raptors on Sunday They beat Toronto here earlier this season Kady with his second the way to this box team looked last year they couldn’t make three but they fought hard and Duran drops it in Also the hill deal frees up Some money for the box to use in the offseason ice drive-in finished classics is never good that day was never good And that’s a bit turnover the quarter and that Durant comes back with a great pass underneath Logged in into the paint gets it back from the office the Bucks will fall the 16 and eight Nine and eight the last 17. How about you Alice? Shouldn’t be too much of a problem over coming around to another title. Yeah, we do. We know the guys will calm down I mean this the NBA a lot of competitive guys it just it happens But it’s a long season These guys looking look wondrous written awardees again Yes, they are after winning their third straight game and they hold Milwaukee to a season low 95 points and 39% shooting Go head home to take on Minnesota and then Toronto that game will be on ESPN next Wednesday the Warriors beat the Box 20 points apiece for klay Thompson and Steph Curry Yanis said 22 points and

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  1. So we going to ignore the fact this nigga just took two steps and dunked it from the three point line ok bet 😂😂

  2. This is for all the warriors haters 🖕😉
    Kd didn't even have a good night and klay and stay only had 20 a piece but iggy was balling!! We bout to go on a run now. We also just showed the bucks who's the better team. Gs all the way, 4peat 😂

  3. Damn Giannis just getting more and more angry I love ts he’s about to take the league over very soon, he has that mamba mentality no shaking hands no nothing, he just wants Ws

  4. What an epic comeback after golden state warriors loss to bucks on their last game. But we have a steph who step out and he made it.

  5. The Warriors under-rated championship caliber defense showed up. Nice statement win.

    Bucks were harassed all night, very few easy shots.

  6. I like the way my Warriors handled their biznis…now we gonna deal with KAT tonight. And DRAYMOND IS BACK !!!! AWWWWW SHEEIT !!! lol

  7. The Bucks got introduced to ELITE….CHAMPIONSHIP LEVEL DEFENSE….something Milwaukee knows NOTHING about. Just saying.

  8. Giannis' WEAKNESS was completely exposed in this game. HE – CAN'T – SHOOT…and that weakness is gonna kill Milwaukee down the road. Watch and see.

  9. Golden State and Milwaukee basketball game was good. So sad Giannis teammates couldn't make their shots in the 4th quarter. Milwaukee doesn't have any shooters.

  10. bad defense by bucks. especially during pick and rolls, bad communication. and curry is underrated, the dude is obviously very important to warriors team chemistry

  11. It's funny how so many LeFanboys still hate KD for joining the Warriors. But if Boogie did it for only $5.3M to get an easy ring, nobody bashes him for it. 🤣

  12. This proves again and again, Lebron has superior impact on a team than KD, when was the last time you seen Lebron struggling with 12 points , and 4 assists, 7 turns, and his team wins never in this life, proven KD only wins because of Curry and warriors.

  13. The Warriors CIRCLED this game here on their calendar that night after they got TRAASHED at home by this Milwaukee team.

  14. So this is the best line up of Bucks? Golden state dismantle them in thier home-court without Green now they have cousins so what they gonna do now?

  15. The bucks has beaten GSW by 23 points.. I watched it and GSW was a bit lame the defence for some reason- it looked to me GSW has underestimated the bucks — and this latest one game between the two — GSW sees the bucks as great competitor so the GSW has done what they do best and all defences has back up and they did not play lazy — the result is not shocking— but they managed to contained the bucks and give them the lowest scores they ever done .. for me the bucks has no chance if they managed to get into the final with GSW.. unless they will come up something especial.. just my opinion..

  16. Giannis will have a hard time against the warriors because he is the ONLY one on the team that can matchup with KD and with KD on the floor, he wont be able to leave him. Meaning the paint is wide open for the warriors. Brook Lopez?!?!? Hahahahah. What a joke, dude is slow and Boogie will get him into foul trouble so fast

  17. 2019 Milkwaukee is like 2017 Cavs team, except their 1st option player is not a stat-padding, not defending and coach-killing player.

    GSW-MIL in the finals would be lit.

  18. This is the team the warriors are supposed to be scared of?

    Experts said the rockets would beat them. Done.

    Portland was supposed to beat them.

    How many times do you need to see it??

  19. God of Abraham💒 had chosen Toronto Raptors this year. Have faith in God Our Lord Raptors!!Cried out to Him for He is Powerful❣️Roman Catholic Church support you Raptors 💒💗!
    Praise, Honour and Glory be to The Lord Our God💖💕!

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