Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights / Jan 20 / 2017-18 NBA Season

Final time in this regular season two best teams in the West the two highest-scoring terms of the squatters right.

Final time in this regular season two best teams in the West the two highest-scoring terms of the squatters right now Couple of bench players are out in one key player Trevor Ariza serving at the second game of the patrol all for the Rockets the Warriors 30 sep The first to give credit to Ingrate John Lucas who does a great job every single day spending time with these guys and proving their game and dip them green on them five to shoot Barney stops fires three-quarters of a clock expires to your own James Hardwick Crispo out of the pickle roll Martin catches fires minutes they harden two for two Warriors have won 14 straight road games Coming into today’s game Harden steps back and drills another he streets the prey to said he shot just 3 of 15 from the field Durant this jump, that’s go to three corner Luke Park muche back to capella Capella a euro Stephanie flex up up ahead pooches play Thompson’s jumper mrs. Luce releases down the other end do not detachment Thompson is on hard. That’s a fun matchup capella gets inside and fax it on you also went with Chris Paul Curry every point that’s good This six shots in a row before that early. I think Gareth Lord you mentioned great capela to be considered for all-star game I think Eric Gordon as harden finishes. I did Garrett forty subpoenas Golden State wanted Houston earlier in January Durant shot is good Durant fit not playing that game in new to dishearten so I’d love to tell you doc lock at seven Mayonnaise things against material layout is good without either Durant’s on the call kicks it out Nick Young is first shot a test That’s good, and there are five of nine who news also odds for the Rockets He’s part of that suspension with trevor reason from last week’s laws McCall knocks down the foot That’s getting blown out at home by Oklahoma City Rocket guys should have been suspended. I thought Blake Griffin should have been fine making contact with it And his son also a much as being intruded it at the time a couple years ago prior to the Clippers in Sacramento That’s what his career was done physically exist didn’t have it, but he has popped game Rockets who number one in the NBA His first tour two points. It’s in a part of their success as Paul tries another that’s another forty points if Here’s young in his first year with the Warriors Now his ends my first quarter wall gets it inside the capela counted out a foul beautiful pass Dick Young’s makes a contested shot controls that third quarter for the wheels which talk to the commissioner Nick Young nice little fake pull-up jumper young kid should I pair David West on the follow? What weapon Porter a trusted receiver? James all adults you got a truck your big man’s ability to catch his critics to make that fast Tucker attention finish Looking at hard trying to shake you across the moon gets it as I tried to draw the foul Gets it ago maker out there what I agree with you about coaching against his rocket team They’re gonna be times with Chris Paul and James Harden is so exceptional in the offense one points plus are in the leading scorer in the NBA Steph Curry’s The second they’re trying to bode guys, and I think they give them too much Rose Do you think well Steve javi of course works first now a TS camera? Hurry inside throws it away Paul steps up for three They take so much dose because the MBA would tell you that Technicals are down and ejections are down, but why do officials take so much? Fifties Monroe the all-time record the Lakers in 71 72 16 in a row shot blocked by draymond Green And as harden felt there was some contact Thompson catch and shoot Pemex the three quarter his first three quarter. I love that By the way the music on our whatever you call it when we came back Outstanding yes the DJ Durant from long distance count it and the foul Anderson’s trying to claim the Pachulia push them in Harden finds Paul Paul Julia granted that one was halfway down the rants to curry curry Three his third three-pointer Garden gets Pteranodons are at one of the NBA’s leading shot blockers this year inside cappella. What a pass but on the second opportunity But Julia Chris Paul has Amanda Julia able to take advantage Here comes The offensive board after they switch pass ahead Durant lost the seeker gets it in the green He’s fouled and one Draymond Green will the tree was talking about that today? he says they’ve got to start playing more like a real mask of apuk game as curry knocks down the three because as as curry City take such pride in say me never practice off the steel Always been the greats Corbett’s sole fishing one of the great scores in the history of the games All looting doesn’t bike baskets inside and Tucker counted on a Five-point game just over two and a half remaining third waters Chris Paul gets it aside a cappella They got a piece of that. They got a piece of his arms two minutes remaining Paul handed us a snail’s the three corners 26 for Chris Paul he’s the game’s leading scorer Nick Young. That’s a three Young steps back good fake again For her five taking a lot of shots here tonight again coming back just the second game back for the handstand bottom boat a switches to the look Green to west back to green green hoist up the three-pointer and nails it and the game is tied seven on the shot clock What’s inside cappella the left hand of a beautiful pass and great finish? We’re tied again draymond Green given the three tries it again tells it again back to back three West not hard Our Bulls backsons, just one knocks it down in place People eyes you are the biggies Thompson wide open plucks it in Go listen here comes Durant Durant Bulls back jump shot is good 20 foot yet Chris ball open three got it Oh, don’t get me started you tried to throw me a lot curry inside the grainy banks at home prema Harden to Gordon Gordon the fake Kicks it out Tucker for three. That’s good curry Durant has the height advantage shoots Oprah and scores Kevin Durant with 26 Arden bumps in the curry back to Tucker Tucker shut the paint To fall off or he switches off, Florida shooting hardened shake-and-bake steps back It’s with a little breathing room hurry block by Harden Fall in love with the three the bottom line is we need a couple of baskets where you set something up And you want to get a quick there ant firing up a contestant. We call a rebound Lori Chris Paul with 33 curry lady fake fires away misses rebound Mick young young a three-pointer from the corner that Funko Has to win for the Houston Rockets? in front of a pulsating Toyota Senate side Warriors at once seven in a row here in Houston And the Rockets do it as you guys pointed out with defense

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  1. Si Zaza Pachulia laking tao eh hindi gamitin ang height sa mga point guards hoy georgian kang Zaza ka Maging Zebra ka sana kamay mo di mo gamitin sa block pero feet mo ginagamit mo pang injure tarandmtado ka puki ng asawa mo gago ka anakan mo

  2. My Celtics lose to the Raptors and now Golden State losing to the Rockets. Interesting season this year! What a good game!!!

  3. Ok I get it that everyone is hype for the rockets to win a championship this year. Gsw is playing bad offense worse defense, while the cavs are just miserable. But do acknowledge that playoffs gsw is a whole new level. With a healthy warriors team that focuses well, Warriors will destroy them. Harden will keep on begging for foul calls, and Chris paul will keep on making dirty plays. But curry and the warriors will just sweep their swollen ass. Pretty sure the spurs last year with kawhi is better than this overrated rockets team. Houston doesn't stand a tiny bit of chance. Bunch of fuckin losers that has way too much ego.

  4. See, even in this game, I don't see the Rockets out playing the Warriors: I see the Warriors making multiple vital mistakes. As always, at this point in time, the Warrior's greatest adversary is themselves. If both teams are playing their best basketball in a 7 game series, the Warriors are taking it.

  5. Warriors NBA champions… Harden MVP… this game was a warm up
    …. play off will be a different story. 😉

  6. They will never shoot this well fo 4 games against the warriors. Cp3 and harden are known chokers!

  7. GS > Rockets
    tell me how rockets guard these?
    pg Curry
    sg Thompson
    sf Iggy
    pf Durant
    c Draymond
    plus Golden state is 1st in Passing in nba averaging 30 assists a game while Rockets rely on isolation plays tell me when Capela is chasing Draymond Green outside the 3 point territory how can rockets guard the Rim?

  8. This is the only game that actually counted. The game where warriors won and the season opener were just eh. Both teams had injuries

  9. i can't still fookin believe what i saw last night in my dreams.. steph curry burned james harden alive.. like stannis did to princess shireen..

  10. wtf?! "blocked by harden!!!" 😨😨 yeah need more of that, and lots of it! lmao, good ass game thou

  11. I don’t even watch basketball but this boy asked me to do a bet with him, if the rockets win I have to give him a shoutout on my instagram and if the warriors win he has to download musically and post one


  13. HOUSTON GAME PLAN :. To switch Harden to Curry so harden can take advantage of Curry's small body ( 6-3) when he shot his step back. ? GSW gonna make some adjustments about that but wait………even so Houston Lost anyway. Never mind

  14. No one on this whole fucking universe or in this planet could ever beat the GOLDEN GREAT WARRIORS !!! They were just giving their 60%. They just toying the prime rockets.. Their fate is sealed ! And curse on the every other team.!!

  15. You can't win against GS with James Harden playing one on one all the time and no cuts or little movement in the painted area.

  16. Houston we have a problem! Man the Warriors just have too much talent…..most years this Houston team could probably win a championship but right now they’re just overmatched. I feel bad for CP3 and Harden because they’re both great players but they got together 4 or 5 years too late.

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